Follow Friday, Fearless Edition

Some people tell it like it is, at least in their own words, their own ways. They’re the ones with whom I sometimes disagree but love having around – to keep me honest. If you’re not already, here are four […]

Unfollow Friday, Redux

Seems to be going around. It’s your Twitter, do whatever the hell you want. Promise you, that be my plan. Unfollow Friday, Part Three, Act LDXV, Version 4.7 Whenever I do this I nix mostly news, bots, RSS feeds – […]

Follow Friday: Happy to Share Edition

I really try to follow a mix of people and don’t expect everyone to do things my way, according to my Twitter rules. (Though of course they should.) I’m lucky to be building a diverse group of friends who read, […]

Follow Friday: Can’t we all just disagree? Edition

These are people who make me THINK, ask questions, reconsider topics and recognize other possibilities. How? By having opinions different – dare I say – contrary to my own. When it’s smart and well-done, me likey! The theme of this […]

Follow Friday: Welcome Anytime Edition

My general approach to Follow Friday goes something like this: Don’t suck at it. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. Skip the usual suspects from the likes of public relations, social media and marketing. NTTAWWT, but there’s something to […]