Follow Friday: Can’t we all just disagree? Edition

These are people who make me THINK, ask questions, reconsider topics and recognize other possibilities. How? By having opinions different – dare I say – contrary to my own. When it’s smart and well-done, me likey!

The theme of this week’s picks: Different opinions FTW! - Let's agree to arrange another meeting to disagree at next week.

Ari Herzog is not only a social media guy, he’s an educator and a City Councilor too. Insert [silly politician joke] here. I’ve seen him around the blogs, not one to shy away from sharing his opinions in the comments, almost always worth a read. He will say “you’re doing it wrong” and stand by that, which I gotta respect that. His post and the comments on tweet ownership still has me thinking, seeing the various sides of the argument.

Mitch Joel. I don’t read all his posts but get a lot from them when I do. He makes some convincing arguments for his case so I cannot say he’s ‘wrong’ .. just there are times his style is not the ‘right’ one for me. Whether it’s his approach to comments and community, or his podcast debate with Mark W. Schaefer on Twitter strategies, I usually tend to agree with him in theory, but how I use it in practice will vary. Plus I just think his blog design is pretty.

Judy Gombita. We’ve lurked each other’s blogs a few times, yet this is almost strictly a Twitter connection which totally rocks. She really engages and uses Twitter to its fullest, talking about public relations and social media; she’s active in a number of chats (I know her from #soloPR). What’s great about Judy is that so good to share things with me, will send me tweets and DMs on posts that might be of interest. To me! I read, comment and share almost all of them, she finds such good stuff. Even better? She’ll disagree with me, call me on my crap in the nicest, most professional ways; she’ll point out things I hadn’t considered.. not afraid to debate. LOVE. Just bloody love that when it’s so smart, done so well.

Who keeps you honest?

Not talking about the contrarians who are just pushing buttons and being trolls, I’m not a confrontational person. Who helps you find brains you never knew you had? Who shares blogs and stories you’d have never found otherwise? This is about who walks that talk, makes you think and rethink your positions, see the other side.

To me the people who keep you honest are worth following just as much as those who love everything you write, tweet every post. FWIW.

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28 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Can’t we all just disagree? Edition

  1. God, I just love these kind of posts Davina! It’s incredibly exciting to meet new bloggers with features like these!

    I’ve taken a much more flexible approach to blog commenting these days; I have 5 ‘definite blogs’ where I comment on every post, and then any other blogs will be found as and when, by either following their own comments back to their own blogs, or replying back to comments they left on my site, or I might remember a blog which I haven’t visited for a while and then head over, or features like these.

    It’s very loose and enables me to meet new bloggers whilst maintaining the old relationships. And it’s a lot of fun 🙂
    Stuart recently posted..Value 101- Part 7

    1. I’m trying for some winning formula Stuart, some way to better manage my blog reading and commenting but as my blog isn’t my core business … just isn’t time. That’s why it’s good (and fun) to mix things up, find differing and creative points of view. Thanks.

    1. All good follows Marcus.. think you’ll like Judy. As I wrote, she’s mostly a Twitter connection – someone who I think makes the absolute most of it. FWIW.

  2. Interesting because when I snuck in the back door w/ my blog I really was trying to stay under the radar big time in case it really sucked. I don’t even know if I could write something ‘controversial’ that would spur divided debate. Maybe I should try that sometime to see what kind of response it illicits.

    That Billy, he’s such a nice guy………….

    Ari I know, he gave me my 15 minutes of fame and the others I will check out. Good to see you (finally), hope your weekend is going well and thanks for sharing.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Slow down- sharp curve ahead

    1. I don’t ‘try’ for controversy Bill, it’s just my own voice and opinions which may differ from others, get a little peppered with some salty language. I got a rant on ‘personal brand’ that shall get me into hot water someday I’m sure. The idea is to share ideas, different ones and see what happens. Figured I should celebrate it a little.

      1. Davina (and Bill) if it’s an informed opinion, do me a favour and NEVER pose it as “playing devil’s advocate.”

        I noticed that trick (amongst The Borg): when going against the group think/conventional wisdom, the trick is to write, “Let me play devil’s advocate here….”

        Why not just say, “Most of you are full of hooey, and here’s the reasons why:…)

        (OK, you might want to be a bit more diplomatic about it.)

        That is one of the things I like about you, Davina. You don’t always automatically agree.

        1. I don’t always agree Judy, and when I disagree not sure if I ‘play DA’ or if I just try to be as open minded but clear as to why I disagree. Typically I’ll point out what I do agree with, then ease into the “ya’ll are full of crap” diplomacy. 😉

  3. Davina,

    I disagree with everything that you have said in this post because….it had disagree in the title and I think that word is cool.

    I see a disagreement as an opportunity to confidently state your position in a way that is tactful and persausive. I don’t see it as a good way to get comments. If you have an opinion that is worthy of sharing please share it but base it off of facts and not feelings. Emotions will get you destroyed in a debate. (learned that one the hard way) I like the clashing of minds in a debate amongst adults. The challenge is there are alot of people who have the age of an adult but they behave like children. Write a post on that! You can title it GROW UP. lol!

    1. Emotions can certainly get us carried away in a debate Frank, make us behave like petulant children. But they can also spark passion, motivate us to try harder, do more. Disagreements are also opportunities to learn and to teach, maybe open some minds. I think it keeps it interesting. FWIW.

  4. Thanks, Davina. It’s very kind of you to write such nice things about me, considering I once knocked off ones of your hats (@2hatscomm). 🙂

    Seriously, I am much more interested in critical think, rather than group think (or conventional wisdom). The best thing about “debating” an issue is that a person has to quickly review all of the reasons why she feels (or better yet, thinks) that way…and then serve it up in a persuasive manner. Equally important, though (as per the #kaizenblog chat that just finished), is to *really* listen to (or at least read) and process the counter-arguments from the other person in the conversation.

    I actually think that *you* are incredibly skilled at debating these things, and being extremely gracious about it. I also like that you never automatically agree with everything, and will summarize at the end of our “conversations”

    1. What you have modified.
    2. What you still believe to be true.
    3. What areas bear further thinking (“possible blog post”).

    Regardless, I’m delighted we have “met” via social media and, better yet, extended the kindred communication spirits into private discussions beyond the public chats.

    Keep up the great work, pretending to be an introvert. 🙂

    1. I am SO busted with that, Judy… except it’s true. When I 1st meet people – online or in person – I AM shy, reserved, cautious.. until I get a read on the person, the situation. Once I get to know you, or you get me on a subject I know well enough to debate, or it’s an open bar reception, then look out. 😉

      The more that people like Gini, Danny, Jayme and others have responded to my posts, laughed at my quips.. the more confident and daring I am to make them. Per the chat today, it’s b/c I’ve gotten to know my audience and am more comfortable thinking they’ll get the jokes. Even when unfunny.

      The private chats.. whole other part of this I like.. it’s ‘introverted’ in a way, reminds me that there are those who just watch, read, listen but don’t comment.. that observant, lurking side. Fodder for yet another ‘someday’ post.

  5. Damn you Brewer- I have little enough time and you give me more good people to read. We need to start a Follow Friday for people who will send us money for reading their work. That might sound like a radical idea and I am not sure that anyone is doing it, but my mama always taught me that it never hurts to ask.

    So here I am asking- anyone want to pay me for reading their blog? Damn crickets are drowning out the shouts of those who will do it. Rats.
    Jack @ TheJackB recently posted..This Post Requires 50 Comments…Ready…Go…

    1. Dude, like seriously that needs to be part of the plan. Pay to read, some sort of bonus system for smart comments, clever RTs. I could do that job, if there was one.

      I keep threatening retirement or cutbacks in the commenting – need to – but it’s hard Jack. Maybe it’s because I’m a little isolated as a solo PR.. I like it, I enjoy reading, chatting and discussing like this. Next time I’ll do better, recommend some terrible writers and tweeters? 😉

        1. So it’s safe to blow my diet then – you know, if I had one? (And I see you’re luring me to your blog w/ your tempting headline temptations. I’m onto you.)

    1. Absotively Mitch! I read your blog, agree with and totally respect your positions .. then just kinda do my own thing, differently. Hair splitting with a chainsaw or whatever, just how I roll sometimes.

  6. Wow, all kinds of Follow Friday action going on between you and Gini! I’ve been to Ari’s site a few times and really like it. Haven’t crossed the comment line yet. I make it over to Mitch Joel’s periodically. I like his content because it really makes you think.

    Judy Gombita is new to me, and I look forward to checking out her blog on your recommendation.

    Thanks for the unique spin on FF!
    Adam Toporek recently posted..One of My Guiding Principles

    1. Thinking is sometimes highly underrated Adam, I get something from following and reading smart people like Ari and Mitch. Think you’ll enjoy reading and following Judy, glad you stopped by today.

    2. Come on over, Adam! Please note that PR Conversations is actually an international, collaborative blog, first launched in April 2007.

      We shook things up about a year ago, with a redesign and somewhat change in format. Here’s the introductory post from June 2010:

      (I don’t think Davina has actually commented on PRC as yet. Hmmm.)

      Judy Gombita recently posted..jgombita- @mikesgene its quite good- but I think its too long

    1. Appreciate that Ari and I’ve forgotten to include a WHOLE list of people who influence thought. Talk of cliques and ‘echo chambers’ or as Judy calls it The Borg 😉 – there are a lot of smart voices out here who think differently, have a certain writing style and/or just do things a different way. When it’s done ‘right’ as I see it, it’s worth a follow. Thanks.

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