Staying Apart, Coming Together

Staying apart, keeping safe. YES it’s another Coronavirus post. Enjoy your eyeroll.

The World.. as we knew it.

IDK what to type here, or what I’m really in the mood to say. I know that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt by everyone, in many different ways, for a very long time.

Work. FTR I’m blessed to have some work at home, and have the mixed blessing of also working in the healthcare community. I know many aren’t so fortunate, and have lost their jobs.

The systems surrounding work have been profoundly shaken – with potentially some lasting, good changes coming from all of this. Everyone needs healthcare. EVERYONE. All employees should have sick leave, and the security to actually use it. Working from home, outside the 9-to-5 can be better for both employee and employer.

Life. There is such tragedy, pain and frustration right now. I am so sorry for all of those who’ve lost friends, family and loved ones. The fear, the anger, the despair .. it is too much.

All the things we do, places we go, everything we take for granted feel I guess, less than essential.

Of course, like many of us instead of using my ‘free’ time productively, I’m glued to my screens in a perpetual ball of stress. That typed I’ve cooked food. AT HOME. There’s been cleaning, books, TV binging and working out outside.

The World… as it will be

Fingers crossed this renewed appreciation for teachers and nurses, for front line retail workers, for our public health system and for everything we have … damn, I hope this will open eyes and minds, spark real change.

Almost everyone I know is doing what they can – sheltering in place, washing hands, social distancing. They’re reconnecting with friends, family, coworkers just a FaceTime or Zoom away. We’re coming together by staying apart, and that’s how we’ll get through this.

Stay safe, take care.

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