2020, #ThisIsUs and another New Year’s Resolutions blog post

Resolutions, meet 2020. Closing out a decade, setting the stage for big changes and so much more on the horizon a new year brings new resolutions. This year, I’m working more on myself.

What’s that about hindsight?

I’m sure many worked some kind of 20/20 reference into their New Year’s Resolutions posts. Alas my vision seems to be failing, and I don’t just mean always needing new glasses.

Things are what they are, and either 1) I’m seeing stuff that isn’t there or 2) I am missing out all together. Instead of learning from my experiences, I over think everything and hot damn, I resolve to stop that.

Resolution one: look back with a learning, less critical eye.

Really #ThisIsUs, really?!
These are on Etsy.

As soapy melodrama goes, This Is Us is still one of the better shows on TV. And while it’s feeling less organic and more like Lady Contrivance came over to drink all the good liquor – ahem – that’s life.

Life is always evolving, progressing. There are relationships old and new; changes and routines, big moments and tiny events that keep coming. Trying to force things into what we think we want them to be, well that’s how people (and TV shows – looking at you, Game of Thrones blech) lose their way.

Case in point, Kevin Pearson’s Thanksgiving Resolution to force the Universe to his will and check off ALL the boxes like NOW. May be foolish but damn, when he crashes through a wall he takes it all down with him. Sigh.

Resolution two: Figure out how to help, not force, the Universe in a positive direction.

What the bleeping hell do I want?

Last year I put myself in therapy. Why? Because I’m almost 49 years old and I honestly don’t have a good answer to that question. The anxiety over not having checked off life’s boxes, the sleepless and restless nights – it was time.

Personal Box. I’m shy and introverted and private, so hard to type that I want more out of my social life and yet, I do. Read more, watch less. Quality time with F&F. One box getting checked this year: with BFF’s help, I’ll be a first time home owner. Which is wonderful and scary and WOW.

Approaching my 5th year as a breast cancer survivor, so health is always on the list. I want to cook healthy and eat in, exercise better and cut down on the chocolate.

^^^^^ Co-signed!! So much THIS.

Career Box. I’ve got a job with flexible hours and benefits that I’d like to make a little more. Nothing 9-to-5 or rat race, just something that I can use more of my communications skills and work towards retirement. Whether that’s a new job, an additional one or just restarting my solo consulting practice we’ll see.

Resolution Three: find IT. My theory on resolutions is there’s a lynchpin to making them stick. It’s that piece, the domino that gets the rest of them to fall into place. Find that, and make it work from there.

You: what’s your trick to turning your resolutions to lasting change?

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