Unfollow Friday, Redux

Seems to be going around. It’s your Twitter, do whatever the hell you want. Promise you, that be my plan.

Unfollow Friday, Part Three, Act LDXV, Version 4.7

Whenever I do this I nix mostly news, bots, RSS feeds – anything that’s push only. (Fare thee well Social Media Today; you’re still in the Reader). I also look at people, what value I get from what they tweet, very WIIFM per my Twitter rules.

My follow/unfollow strategy of the moment includes:
someecards.com - Your repeated attempts to follow and unfollow me on Twitter will continue to be ignored.

  • Not giving two wits about your Klout score, though I’ve been tempted to peak at what influence PeerIndex says I don’t have, just to see.
  • Automation overload. Tools are nice, scheduling works but too much of a good thing – that’s getting some more unfollows, especially since I can now Circle you on Google+. Until you figure out how to program and noise that up too.
  • Platitudinal randomness. I like quotes, I get quotes but random tweets of “time is like an ocean, make your bed” aren’t moving my furniture these days.
  • My streams a little organizationally challenged, so seeing if following lists makes things any easier.
  • Profile pictures of bacon or kittens, that’s just cheating. Dancing, animated avatars, please say no.
  • Content, engagement, fun, interest. Winner, winner, winner… that’s what I want, from a funny feed like OHnewsroom or a clever blogger who gets it, whether they tweet 10 or 50 times a day.

Insert whiny chorus of [whah whah ‘need to get more from Twitter‘ whah] here. Think I’ve zapped a few dozen this week, moved a few people to Lists or Google+ instead. This is of course requires looking at the streams to see what’s what, which has another benefit: I’m noticing people again and actually taking the time to be social. Whataya know.

What moves you to break out the unfollow button? Besides posts like this.

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6 thoughts on “Unfollow Friday, Redux

    1. Shakirah I have moved some reporters, a few fun feeds to a personal play account to save room. I really need to do better at following good lists and topic searches, put those columns I tweetdeck. Plus keep doing these periodic purges Manual, my own way.

      Thing is it’s not forever, no one is entitled to a follow – except me of course 😉 – I could reconnect with someone down the road, or they with me. That’s part of what I am doing, thinking a little less about links and posts, more what I can do to make it better for me.

  1. This subject gets me on a rant. I hate mass follows. I do try to follow those who follow me. I need to add more lists, that may make life easier. I hate the whole “I screwed up my Twitter so now i am going to fix it by unfollowing everyone” It makes you look like a whiny little attention whore.

    I follow those who may be interesting, or relevant to sales/marketing/PR – or both. Sometimes I follow people just because they have a cool profile. My point is, I manage my Twitter account. No one else, and CERTAINLY NOT A PLUG IN!

    Okay, I am done ranting – see what happens when I have too much coffee? 🙂
    Nancy Davis recently posted..It Was14 Years Ago Today

    1. I loves me a good rant, don’t let that stop you Nancy – and next cup of coffee is on me. 🙂

      I know what you mean about the ‘mass’ follow/unfollow and using a tool; kinda blaming others for one’s own choices. Now I don’t have the draw as others, don’t pick up 100s of people a day but then, were I that successful, I’d suspect I could probably afford an intern to cull the spammers, quacks, trolls and then take a look myself. It can be done. For the longest time, Gary V stuck with his comments, replied to emails, etc.

      When I have time and really look at the stream, see things not relevant or push-only feeds, I’ll start unfollowing. For most of us, if we do that once in a while, it’ll do the job. FWIW.

    1. I have some follows that don’t engage much, but have good shares so I keep them around Jack. Other than that.. yeah, I look for @replies, cool stuff, the follow/follower ratio as well as the shares. Think I have a good mix of reciprical follows and not, decent balance. TEHO right?

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