Follow Friday, Fearless Edition

Some people tell it like it is, at least in their own words, their own ways. They’re the ones with whom I sometimes disagree but love having around – to keep me honest.

If you’re not already, here are four fearless bloggers to follow this alliteration-happy Friday: - I will follow you on Twitter as far as my wi-fi will allow me to.
Danny Brown, marketing and social media type who’s got his way and ain’t afraid to say so.

Margie Clayman, who’s got a great, hopeful perspective on this social experiment and is NOT down with sharing and co-signing on crap.

Olivier Blanchard. I like that he touts ‘common sense’ truths about marketing and social media as much as anything else, and his blunt, direct style keeps me reading.

Nancy Davis. “Life” blogger sharing some deeply personal experiences, making them relatable and isn’t afraid to disagree with anyone on any ‘list.’

I picked samples of some frank posts, and yet there’s more. I see them mixing it up in blog comments, challenging others to change their thinking. They take the time to write compelling, interesting remarks – full of bite, humor, intellect, insight – that rival some posts.

I’d write more except it’s their words that are worth reading and following. FWIW.

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8 thoughts on “Follow Friday, Fearless Edition

  1. Oh, thanks Davina. I cut my hair back in September, but it was REALLY short so I waited about a month before getting new pics. I even changed the pic of me on the blog too. I figured change is good.

    I love to get out and comment, mix it up a bit, and see if I can support my friends. 🙂
    Nancy Davis recently posted..Daddy’s Little Girl

  2. I am a week late, but I wanted to come by and thank you. I don’t know how I did not see this. Anyway, I respect all of the others that you mentioned, and one of the traits they all share is that they make me think. I may not always agree, but I do always think and that is always a good thing.

    Danny Brown was the first one that taught me that challenging the status quo around here is how we learn grow and change. Margie Clayman is like the conscience of social media, reminding us to use our power for good and Oliver is just brilliant. Nice company for me to be in.

    I hope you had a nice cruise and that you have a good weekend. :0
    Nancy Davis recently posted..Daddy’s Little Girl

    1. Before I forget, that’s a nice, new picture Nancy. Did you cut your hair?

      Wrote this a little while ago, there was this run that just kept me reading your posts.. and seeing all of you weighing in during some pretty big discussions. I notice when others step outside their own blogs, to support others and/or offer alternative ideas and opinions.. and all of you do so w/ some kick ass comments. Enjoy your weekend too. 🙂

  3. Hi Davina,

    Danny is one of the most talented and generous guys out there. And the comments I’m often glued to the comments.

    Love Margie’s content. Like I’ve told her. A treasure trove of information.

    I really like Olivier’s blog, but don’t always have time to read it. His posts are very well written and detailed though. Tons of great info and he sure knows his stuff.

    Nancy is a very skilled writer and a good person. Plus she posts every single day. Amazing!
    Craig McBreen recently posted..You can’t argue with Seth Godin

    1. Thanks Craig – and I’m going do a mini-argument to your blog post (ok, the title) right here, before I jump there and actually read it: You are right, you cannot argue w/ Seth b/c his comments are closed. Meaning it’s not a true blog in my purist opinion. 😉

      These are good folks, write good stuff. It’s when I see their names, faces elsewhere, on other sites and blogs, that’s when I really notice. Almost always they add something worth reading to a conversation or debate, a true gift indeed. FWIW.

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