Lions, Clouds, Glitz: Follow Friday Edition

Trying to do it right, how Follow Friday is supposed to work. The Twitter ceiling I keep bumping into that 2,000 cap making it harder to add new people to my stream. I’ve picked me, unfollowed a lot of news feeds, people I […]

Unfollow Friday: I choose me.

We know how Follow Friday is supposed to work. I’m doing something a little different. I’ve hit that 2,000 following wall so I’ve had some Sophie’s Choices to make: Whom do I UNfollow? (Hat tip to Scott Stratten.) How do I […]

For Love of the Blogroll: Follow Friday edition

Yesterday Hubspot suggested deleting the blogroll from a blog’s sidebar. Sidebars can get junky with too many widgets, but I look to blogrolls to find new bloggers and likes me a good, current blogroll. So I’ve updated mine. Expose the […]