Lions, Clouds, Glitz: Follow Friday Edition

Trying to do it right, how Follow Friday is supposed to work.

The Twitter ceiling

I keep bumping into that 2,000 cap making it harder to add new people to my stream. I’ve picked me, unfollowed a lot of news feeds, people I duplicate via secret accounts, those that don’t follow me. Kidding, I have a good mix of following/followers, keeps it fresh.

I always try to mix it up, find folks that are both social but not JUST about social and marketing and PR, if that makes sense. One thing I’ve found, some of the best follows are those that mix it up for real anyway.

What’s in a handle?

One thing I’ve debated is the Twitter handle, a name or user name; Erika Napoletano tweets as RedheadWriting which totally rocks BTW, she’s already been a #FF.

I tweet as 3HatsComm to help brand my business, let folks know my solo PR practice also does design social media, some events and many things marketing. And to be upfront about my being on Twitter for networking, relationship building, BUSINESS.

Friday Follow picks, unmasking the secret identities.

Antonia Harler thinks you should be frakin’ social and I quite agree. She successfully used social media to find a job, unmasked herself changing her Twitter handle to her name.

Marcus Sheridan. He’s a Sales Lion but still gets a nod from this LSU Tiger. Kick ass blogger, commenter and tweeter (now with his smiling face as avatar), I like the way he does social.

Jenny Schmitt is an Atlanta PR pro like myself, can be seen in the twitter chats tweeting as cloudspark. I will spare the punny sky cloud jokes. Until I come up with something actually funny.

Ingrid Abboud. Met her via some kick ass guest blog posts, Ingrid gets down to the nitty GRIDDY with her blog. Plus she may be the only one who leaves crazy long comments than I .. so we gotta to stick together.

Check out these folks, YWRI – (© GiniDietrich).


Photo credit: May have used this Pink Sheep comic before but it’s 1) cute and 2) fits the theme.

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8 thoughts on “Lions, Clouds, Glitz: Follow Friday Edition

  1. LMAO! You gave me the copyright. HAHAHAHA!! Great list of people to follow! I not only follow all four, but talk to each daily. We’re one mind, Davina.

  2. My what an honor to be included here Davina – thank you very much :).

    I’m actually quite the avid reader of Redhead Writing. I think Erika’s style is just fantastic – needless to mention the laughs I get from reading her B*** Slaps. She’s a riot – and a smart gal.

    As for Marcus – well, there’s a heck of a lot that I can say about that wonderful Lion. But after reading his comment here and seeing what he said about me – there’s even more lol. Seriously though – Marcus just knows what he’s doing and he does it extremely well. He’s an excellent blogger – not to mention sales and marketing man, and a friendly and genuine one at that. He takes the time to get to know you. I think he’s left a smile on my face after each of his comments that I’ve had the pleasure to read. And he’s done it again here. Thank you Marcus! Truly flattered that you think so highly of me. And you’re right my friend – I’m getting to know Davina a little more every day and I’m liking her and her style more and more :).

    Antonia Harler is great as well. I call Ms. Social Glitz my sista from anotha motha. Actually she started it when she read my “17 Things About Me Post” – it seems we differed on only 2 points haha. She’s an excellent writer and she’s taking the Social Media world by storm. She actually shared her social media story about how she got a job on Mark Schaefer’s blog as well. Good for her!

    I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Jenny yet – but I will make sure to take the time and check her out. If you recommend her then she must be all that and more!

    Alright – so I’ve left you with a couple chapters here but these folks are all very deserving much like you Davina. I’m enjoying getting to know you and your kick-ass wits and acronyms. Oh, and actually – I think we first met (not sure though) on Gini’s blog where I had my guest post about writing long posts. You rocked the comments over there :).

    Yeah, I think it’s time for me to go now haha.

    Thanks again for including my GP over at Danny’s house here. Much appreciated indeed!

    Have a great weekend.
    PS – I think I just lived up to your description of my comment lengths 😉
    Ingrid Abboud recently posted..Bring IT! Do You Want More Comments or Retweets on Your Blog Posts

    1. Long or short, it’s a great comment Ingrid. I remember Antonia’s post over at Mark’s, when she found her job as well as many others.. seen her comments a few places and hope to see more of her, have some of her posts on my to-read list.

      I remember the LONG post you wrote over on Gini’s blog- surprised I hadn’t met you before then, I’ve linked to that once or twice and just read your post on courtesy over at Danny’s. I’m recognizing your name more and more on different sites and blogs.. not that I’m stalking you or anything. 😉

      Marcus.. also surprised it took us this long to connect, we seem to share a lot of the same readers, comment on some of the same blogs. Just a great guy and ITA, he takes the time to really be social.

      Jenny I know from the independent, solo PR group here in ATL. I see her mixing it up in the Twitterz, having some good discussions… and sometimes she tweets funny little “Dear Client” missives which make me laugh. Plus she uses her business name for her Twitter handle like me, so extra cool points.

      Enjoy your weekend too! Davina

      PS I’ll get to your post later but FTR I want comments AND RTs… along with shiny new Apple toys, an offshore bank account, global domination… so much more. 😉

  3. Hi Davina

    I am a regular on Marcus’ site and also Ingrid’s. Need to check out the others. Always great to find some more blogs to visit and get to know the blog owners. Thanks for sharing with us Davina. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavender oil recently posted..Comments Do Not Equal Sales!

    1. It’s a good list. Jenny @Cloudspark doesn’t blog as often but she’s active in some tweet chats, good follow. Antonia is another who I think is truly social. I wish I’d met Marcus and Ingrid sooner, thanks for the comment. And I gotta check out your latest post on sales, tomorrow. 😉

  4. So you’re a Tiger, ehhh?? Very nice Davina, us Lions love Tigers 😉

    Great list here. You already know how much I like Ingrid over there at Nitty, she’s sick good. You two have similar personalities and it’s no surprise you like her style. In fact, I bet within the next year she’s an A-lister…simply too good to keep that gal fenced in.

    Always appreciate your style, as well as your support to me as a blogger Davina.

    And glad you like my new smiley face 🙂 I really want to properly use Twitter (it has come slow for me) and want it to be personal, so that’s why I’ve made the change.

    Keep rockin

    Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion recently posted..Is Your Narrow Niche Killing You- Your Blog- and Your Happiness

    1. Ah but your Gravatar is still a Lion.. so your comment is purrrfect for this post Marcus. Yeah, I got silly with a pun there. Sue me. I am surprised it took me so long to connect with you and Ingrid, so glad and I did. And I think our styles are similar in that we write .. the way we write. It’s just our own personalities which makes it easier and more fun to relate. Geaux Tigers!

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