Following from the Fringe: My 5 to Follow Friday Challenge

This week Mack Collier tossed out the idea to clear his Twitter follower lists and start all over. For someone like make with thousands of followers, it’s not a hollow or meaningless threat.

I have been pruning my followers list all along, trying to weed out the riff raff of spammers and trolls or random lookie loos.

More cautiously I picked my to follow folks, but of late have tried to throw open the gates a little more.

Always looking for different, new, a fresh approach to tweeting.

Dare to be different and find five different people to follow on Twitter this FollowFriday:

  1. Beny Schonfeld Just discovered him via Mack’s #SMMackChat.  He claims to be a real person, not a bot which is always good in my book.
  2. Kellye Crane a fellow Solo PR here in Atlanta. She’s real, smart and gets it and isn’t at all smarmy.
  3. Jeremiah Staes made a smart comment on Scott Stratten’s blog. I liked it, replied and because his clever profile has just “a tablespoon of awesome,” I followed him as @digitalvision on Twitter. Simple as that.
  4. Pick a brand you like, use. I’m a Cokeaholic so I follow @CocaCola, which reminds me to have a smile along with one of their beverages. It’s fun plus you get to see how they do social media.
  5. @TVWithoutPity because I’m a TV fan, the tweets are usually funny and I’ve become more comfortable showing some of my personality and personal side.

Whom do you follow and why?

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