Social Sharing: Tweeting Is The New Blog Comment

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Social Sharing is the new blog comment. Or at least when I share something online – typically Twitter though sometimes Google+ and/or LinkedIn – that share includes my two cents, nee comment. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That When blogging […]

I can’t find the words. So I’m blogging.

Not ‘blogging’ blogging today. This won’t be keyword loaded or SEO optimized (sorry Yoast), no career advancing ambitions business blather. This is Hard Blogging is an outlet. But it’s hard – to wrap my head around what’s happening, to find […]

Blogging: Planned or Canned?


Reading a post on the State of Blogging, got me thinking. How I Blog I consider this a blog. Why? There’s comments. Sometimes. There are no ads (though not always a deal breaker). I’m not blogging for or as my […]

Updating Categories: New Names, Same Blog

Just in time for the new year, updating blog categories is next up on my extreme site makeover to-do list. OUAT I had cute little titles for my blog’s categories, like “what were they thinking?!” or “the good, the bad, the galactically […]