Too Many Choices: A WordPress Production

Hey if the CEO can chronicle a month of Yahoo! logo redesigns, then I can wax geeky my website’s blog makeover. Choices. Too many choices. Think I’ve referenced it before, one of the biggest challenges in business isn’t necessarily making a bad […]

Warning: I’m still blogging.


Warning: The blog you are reading is currently in progress. The long overdue Extreme Website Makeover has begun. Let the blogging begin! COMING SOON:  Simple, easy to use website! And pretty! Less corporate drivel, more business smarts! All WordPress all […]

ICYMI: My Content, Elsewhere

This blog is my home base, the hub of the social empire of made up of me, my Mickey Mouse pen holder and those of rare few of exceptional taste (i.e. you). Truth be typed I spend much more of […]

Blogging: Fortune Cookie Wisdom Style

“Do not wait for others to open the right doors for you.” Not much of a fortune – don’t ya hate that?! – but certainty good advice, even if from a cookie. Stop Waiting Yes there are nice, courteous people […]