Blogging: Planned or Canned?


Reading a post on the State of Blogging, got me thinking.

How I Blog

I consider this a blog. Why? There’s comments. Sometimes. There are no ads (though not always a deal breaker). I’m not blogging for or as my business; it’s always been more about my business, and now my evolving career. Anyhoodle.

This is my brain, this is my brain on a keyboard – so it’s fair to call it personally branded, thought leadershipped blogging. Three ways I blog:

  1. Log into WordPress, type, edit, waste too much time finding perfect graphic, blah blah, links and publish/schedule after a few rounds of edits.
  2. Log into Evernote, type, edit, waste too much time finding perfect graphic, blah blah, links. Content often languishes in Digital Purgatory well past its freshness date before it sees the business end of the publish/schedule button.
  3. Don’t. I rant on my secret Twitter or some other place where my WORDS will get me in less trouble.
Didn’t see much new in the image search for blogging, then Google’s suggestions NAILED it.

Planning vs Canning

It’s like when I plan on something – say I’ve been too much on a Public Relations kick, need to branch out my content if I’m gonna get a dream job in travel – it makes it that much harder.

When the mood to start typing hits, I can easily crank out my 300-500 words, have a blog post in the can in a few hours. It’s not always, but some of my ‘best’ posts have been written on the fly sans my old ‘if it’s Thursday, there must be blog’ plan.

The catch is that without being more ‘on content’ that gets the ‘right’ (aka hiring) eyeballs —  it’s me enjoying the sound of my own typing.

Planning makes perfect, but done > perfect. While I’m inspired by those who keep blogging week after week, year after year – not sure if it really serves my goals.

Blogging: are you still at it, is it working for you?

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2 thoughts on “Blogging: Planned or Canned?

  1. It certainly has for me. My blog — which is run more like a niche news site than a journal — has become a business and a living breathing example of what I do for clients. It’s a labor of love, for sure.

    1. The labor part is true, lots of work I’d like to see payoff someday. The love part is true, as yes it’s a great example of who I am as a professional, another portfolio. Thanks.

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