Updating Categories: New Names, Same Blog

Just in time for the new year, updating blog categories is next up on my extreme site makeover to-do list.

OUAT I had cute little titles for my blog’s categories, like “what were they thinking?!” or “the good, the bad, the galactically stupid.” The idea was to talk business with some personality, make this content useful and fun. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Everything I know about blogging and SEO, tells me it’s long past time to rename the categories. So Goodbye “how dumb was I?” and hello, “Career” and “Internal Communications.” I’ve simplified the categories into keywords, and I’ll probably restructure to streamline broader topics.

Spent too much time laughing at Google search.. finally picked a meme.

Change is Good

Backing off of marketing, I’ll focus more on big picture Business and Project Management. I’ll write more on Human Resources, Internal Comms (and post that ‘someday’ company newsletter article?!). I’ll include more on my professional and career development.

And because I believe, I know that effective communications are vital to successful business, Public Relations and Social Media will remain the biggest categories.

This change will be good – for me, to better focus on what I want to share on this blog; and of course, for you the reader, to better find what YOU want on this blog.

Always a Catch

Plenty of content on choosing the perfect blog categories, Google and ye shall find.

The catch when restructuring any blog is not breaking any SEO juju. (I checked for a WordPress plugin to help, didn’t find one.)

Dear blogging bloggers who blog: Category vs. Tag, does it matter?

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