Social Sharing: Tweeting Is The New Blog Comment

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Social Sharing is the new blog comment. Or at least when I share something online – typically Twitter though sometimes Google+ and/or LinkedIn – that share includes my two cents, nee comment.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

When blogging blogger who blogs Mark Shaeffer suggested that the secret reason blog comments were down was (SYAC) commenting on a phone sucked, I commented. By phone.

He’s right: Technical mojo is a factor. I remember when my (desktop) comments would get eaten Arik Hanson’s blog (now fixed). People consume more content on mobile than ever (and I should really test that here), so it needs to work.

But the space between consuming content vs. engaging with it is huge, and it’s more than technology – it’s about the work and time it takes to comment.

blog comments
Been saving this awesome Bluntcard for a rainy day!

I see comments on news outlets and Facebook all day and think, “who has time for that?!” Never mind who is so safe in their jobs and lives they can type what they do, it’s a lot of work to read, comment, reply. I know. I did it – and it got me nowhere.

OUAT I commented a lot. I thought networking online would help me develop the connections and contacts that would steer my towards a shiny new career. Almost none of that happened save for a few relationships I cherish dearly.

Bitterness of Wasted of ROI.

Sure there’s a post that shares my bitterness at the hypocrisy of social, everything from the “good content, cream rises” drivel to the idea that “if you’re social and helpful, you’ll earn that from others” (espoused from those who don’t). Not finding .. ahem.

I spent WASTED years being social and commenting. I read, I wrote thoughtful blog comments; I read others’ comments and commented on them; and then shared goods posts on social media. But there was almost zero return on that investment, so I stopped.

Today my time is focused on working and living my life. I write and/or share what I hope is valuable content, and let it go. My social share, my retweet is my comment.

Do you still comment? Or is your RT the new blog comment?

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