The Beauty in Blogging: There’s Always Another Great Blog Idea. Right?

The next Great Blog Idea. Every time I think I’ve got it, it seems all the big blog ideas are already taken.

While I don’t publish that often, FTR I still enjoy writing, blogging. AKA typing on a keyboard, as my fingers connect to my brain to my Evernote stash of whatever I’m thinking.

  • Business and Communications and being smart about it. See this blog, my failures as a blogger, but I know there’s still some there there.
  • I like watching TV, going to movies and would love to write about it. But it’s a “constant need new content every hour” that’s not for me.
  • Travel. Always up for my next vacation whether it’s a cruise or Disney or a new city. I have all kinds of content ideas that seem stuck on arrival.

The problem: the Interwebs are already overrun with such content and unlike Mark Schaefer, I haven’t found my place in a crowded blog space. Yet.

For every beauty, there’s a blog.
Someday I’ll do a winged liner without looking like an extra from Cats. Side note: Just noticed her natural brows were better. 

Confession: I’m hooked on beauty tips sites, which are a great example of all things blogging. All the ways it can be done – text, video, different social media networks, different styles and goals. Some are side gigs, some use affiliate links, some have turned a great blog idea into a full time job:

GWP Addict. If you’re looking for what’s on sale where, it’s a one stop list. Super helpful.

ImABeautyGeek. Nail polish swatches!! Otherwise I end up trying the same colors.

HotnFlashy. Don’t look at me; menopause is a PITA and blogger Angie has helped me figure out what makeup will survive one of my hot flashes for more than 10 minutes.

GlamLifeGuru. Major props as Tati Westbrook does five YouTube videos a week, SnapChat and has turned beauty blogging into a great career.

Beauty is a BIG blog category. The more options there are, the more room there is to create a blog that’s unique enough be successful.

There are SEO benefits of the drill down (h/t Jenn Whinnem), the idea that for every beginner blog topic, more specific content works. The more refined the expertise, the better your blog is placed to that niche.

If People Search For It, You Can Blog It

Sports, politics, movies and TV, fashion and style, toys and grocery shopping. Living on air miles, there’s a guy who’s done it. Photography, bird watching, basket weaving. I’m quite sure there are blogs for actuarial science, that’d I’d struggle to understand.

What to blog about? Ideas are endless. The catch: find that angle, the focus that sets it apart so that it creates its own blog space. When I find my next great blog idea, you’ll be the first to know.

How’d make your great blog idea a reality? Do tell. 

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