I can’t find the words. So I’m blogging.

Not ‘blogging’ blogging today. This won’t be keyword loaded or SEO optimized (sorry Yoast), no career advancing ambitions business blather. This is Hard Blogging is an outlet. But it’s hard – to wrap my head around what’s happening, to find […]

I hate when people say that. (aka Words Matter.)

Words matter. In world where “humblebrag” is in the dictionary and alternative facts are a thing, words matter. A familiar cliche, idiom, or figure of speech may be the quickest, easiest way to make a point. Like shorthand or emojis […]

What happened to the News? We did.

WE happened to the news. WE happened to journalism. This rant may cost me a career changing dream job, my daring to have thoughts and type them on the Internet. Whatever. Ahem. A recent conversation about where is a ‘safe’ source for […]

Shiny New Year, Same Old Resolutions

Every shiny, happy new year, it’s the same old – or middle-aged – story of making then failing at NY resolutions. I turn the page to the new year (now 2017), flip my middle fingers to the old (nee 2016) and […]

You’re Fired (Up)! Keep It Going

Let’s get going. Good choice, bad choice, no choice – things about to change. FTR: I don’t support violence or destruction, ever. Unless you’re trashing Bieber CDs. I don’t usually politics or any ‘one bad tweet’ hooey that blocks my […]