Shiny New Year, Same Old Resolutions

Every shiny, happy new year, it’s the same old – or middle-aged – story of making then failing at NY resolutions.

I turn the page to the new year (now 2017), flip my middle fingers to the old (nee 2016) and think THIS will be the year I will get it DONE.

  • I want to get happier and healthier. Working on it, a challenge these last couple years.
  • I want to get more involved, branch out and shake things up for the better.
  • I am looking for a new job. More than that, a career change that fits my talents, skills, interests that lets me live a balanced lifestyle. (Not asking for much, am I?)
new years resolutions
Most Bluntcards are funny, NSFW. Close enough.

The goal: a better, new me. The trick is tackling these same old problems in ways that don’t make the same old mistakes in new ways. This year I resolve to:

  • Blog more, work on better SEO, building a broader audience and more engagement. I will get this website makeover in the DONE column dammit!
  • Continue my professional development, so this middle aged chick can learn new tricks. I already know quite a few, it’s how to show that on paper (next).
  • Rethink my resume, each and every career opportunity. The goal is to FIND and CRACK that elusive, hidden job market and apply to for at least, one or two positions a month. May sound low but it’s about being selective, strategic and smart. When I first started I wasn’t. It was later I learned to say NO to jobs and projects that weren’t a good fit, that didn’t match my time and talent.
  • Network – like a boss. Real time, online and off, and expanding beyond traditional business to more community involvement. More personal networking, whether it’s social or email and what the hell, I may pick up the phone once in a while. Networking is THE silver bullet; this more than anything I have to find other, better ways to build my network. (Don’t worry, I still won’t send that crappy generic LinkedIn invite.)

More than a checklist of one and done goals, I’m wanting real change. I’ve done it before, can do again. YOU: How do succeed with your New Year’s Resolutions? 

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