Beware the Pink: October is Breast Cancer BUSINESS Month

Breast Cancer Awareness. As every October goes Pink in the name of charity (cough*greed*cough), I am aware that it’s Breast Cancer BUSINESS month. Spoiler Alert: Breast Cancer is a Terrible Disease. Statistically speaking, one out of every eight women will […]

Everyone Hurts. Together, Maybe We Can Heal.

Hurt. Everyone Hurts. Everyone has a THING. Yes, This is THAT Kind of Post This is me, typing out loud. A post almost no one will read. Hearing both R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts and Pearl Jam’s The End in my head. This […]

Spoiler Alert: There Are No Shortcuts in Good Writing


There are no shortcuts in good writing. “Warm up on your own time,” taught one of my college professors and I’ve appreciated efficiency in story telling (and good writing) ever since. Turning Game of Thrones into a Business Blog Post. […]