Blogging: Planned or Canned?


Reading a post on the State of Blogging, got me thinking. How I Blog I consider this a blog. Why? There’s comments. Sometimes. There are no ads (though not always a deal breaker). I’m not blogging for or as my […]

Updating Categories: New Names, Same Blog

Just in time for the new year, updating blog categories is next up on my extreme site makeover to-do list. OUAT I had cute little titles for my blog’s categories, like “what were they thinking?!” or “the good, the bad, the galactically […]

Is Twitter Worth It?

Salesforce has passed. Disney, other businesses have bowed out of the ‘who wants to buy Twitter?’ lottery. I once dated an apostrophe. Too possessive. — Aparna Nancherla (@aparnapkin) November 12, 2015 Saving Twitter in 140 Characters I’ve written it’s obituary, opined […]

Facebook for Work: Not All Business

When it comes to building my career, I don’t ‘get’ as much from social media as others, or at least, that’s how it feels. Times Change. Maybe I should too. One network to rule them all. Dumb idea I had OUAT. […]

What Twitter Doesn’t Need

For all its hype and status as media darling – turn on any news and you’ll see something about ‘tweeted today’ – Twitter is really struggling to become. More. Better. To reach. To fulfill the promise that maybe never existed in […]