Facebook for Work: Not All Business

When it comes to building my career, I don’t ‘get’ as much from social media as others, or at least, that’s how it feels.

Times Change. Maybe I should too.

One network to rule them all. Dumb idea I had OUAT.

More than ever, each social network has its own personality, its own vibe. See also: why I don’t Snapchat, Reddit or Tumblrr.

More than I care for, each social network has been gamed, programmed, hashtagged and automated to the point it’s broadcast noise. See also: why I seldom use Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. And for that matter, I only glance at Google+. Twitter is the one exception, as I glance more often – vis a vis a heavily filtered TweetDeck.

I’ve always wanted a healthy separation between the Professional and the Personal. While I’m very WYSIWYG I’m also transparent enough to admit that What You’re Seeing is:

  • Real, me. Not manufactured, but it IS filtered, the tip of the iceberg. In this age of one tweet or Facebook comment getting you fired or not hired or trolled, when it doubt… I don’t post.
  • More for professional than personal gain, curated and lightly scheduled, though I like to think I have a balanced and human style.

Rethinking Facebook. For Work, Not Business? 

I don’t care about any of the umpteen ways to use FB to market your business, or turning Facebook into a Professional Network. I was talking with some others – on Twitter – about how ‘the conversation’ has moved.

Thinking there’s the relative ‘safety’ of a ‘private’ group on Facebook for work-related matters, I started looking at joining a couple work-related FB groups.

FB groups are plentiful with some closed via a buy in or some association requirement; others seem to skew more LinkedIn or G+, which is to type members mostly link dump and run; others are all business self-promotion, little professional networking.

I’ll keep looking for the kind of conversation that suits me. If I can participate in a few communications/business groups – without spamming my F&F with boring business blather – that might be a way to ‘give more, get more’ using social media. Suggestions welcome.

How do you use Facebook groups for your work? Is it business promotion, is it professional networking, career development, talking shop with colleagues – or a mix?

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3 thoughts on “Facebook for Work: Not All Business

  1. Good morning Davina from rural Australia.

    I find myself here because I followed this link to your page from Marcus Sheridan https://www.thesaleslion.com/how-to-network-online-superstar-grow-big/.

    I run a worldwide business from my remote rural property in the Central Tablelands NSW. In rural Australia. And find face to face networking difficult. Not only is the tyranny of distance daunting to get to events. But the drive back to my property, on two lane winding country roads, at night, with no street lights. And sharing the dark twisting roads with blind bends with wildlife like kangaroos, foxes, wombats, escaped livestock like sheep and cattle. Unappealing.

    Been there.

    Done that.

    Have no appetite for road carnage.

    Try to avoid it.

    But know, like all business owners, that it takes a small community of like minded souls to get together. Exchange ideas. And help each other grow.

    Hence my reading Marcus’s article on how to network online. Rather than face to face.

    Like you, I’m not an avid lover of social media.

    I don’t get LinkedIn. Have never been able to make a friend out of a connection. Because I’m not looking for a job. Or hiring others. I send emails to my connections saying G’day. What do you do? How can I help you? No one replies.

    Facebook is purely social. And have noticed if someone wants to know someone who cleans carpets. Is a virtual assistant. Lays floorboards. Best washing machine – ever. Website designers. They ask their friends for recommendations.

    I’m a member of two Facebook business groups.

    The focus of one is not to help each other. But for members to broadcast news about themselves. So I don’t bother to drop in anymore.

    The other started out promising. I was hand picked to join the task force for this group because of my extensive business experience. Especially in customer service. It was a forum whereby people in business asked questions. And those of us in the task force. With the knowledge to answer. And help. Jumped in.

    After 6 months of answering questions. Which I enjoyed. Because I like being of help. I noticed that no one said thank you. Or engaged in any form of two way interaction. Not just with me. But with any of the members of the select group known as the task force.

    I’m still looking for that space online. Within what’s called social media. Where I can learn from others. Share my knowledge of 33 years in business. Have a two way conversation. Share information back and forth. And feel that I’ve met kindred souls.

    I hope you, too, find your equivalent of social media nirvana, Davina.

    ~Carol Jones, Ironing Diva❤
    Carol Jones recently posted..Ironing Diva. The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover. Essential Ingredients. Number Seven.

    1. So glad you stopped by Carol. I’m trying to find “MY” FB groups and therein is the problem. Plenty of like minded pros out there, alas most just venting about the day or frankly, looking to sell me their services. Or asking tons of questions w/ no feedback and sorry, my blog is the brain pickings. It’s not the networking I want (see also why LI is only so so).

      I need those useful FB groups of the business pros that HIRE people like me, only TPTB aren’t on FB for that – they’re running their biz. Honestly ‘my’ type of social is this, this ‘dying’ trend of blogging and commenting and taking the time. Someday we’ll get there, thanks!

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