Slogans, Taglines and the 3 Word Rule

My “3 Hats” has always been more – so how do I succinctly tell people – and WordPress – what this site is about?

The Rule of Three

It’s a staple of advertising, marketing, writing and speeches – the tagline or slogan and the three word rule.

People read headlines, captions, bullets and bold. So it evolved that under the business name or logo, there shalt be three meaningless, impressive-sounding words – sometimes punctuation! – to encapsulate a brand.

  • Real. Comfortable. Jeans. (At least this one says something about the brand!) Wrangler.
  • Credible. Compelling. Complete. AJC.
  • Buy it, sell it, love it. eBay.

(Flip side: long slogans are more better. Or maybe just four words. Some are hall of fame, blah blah.)

Yeah.. I clicked and laughed at a lot of these Honest Slogan memes.
Yeah.. I clicked and laughed at a lot of these Honest Slogan memes.

What are my 3 words?

UOAT my slogan was Creativity, Strategy, Results. LAMEzzzzz. The old blog’s tagline was ‘I blog.. you’ve been warned.’ Crickets. One version of my business cards reads the too long tagline: “If you’re business isn’t communicating, then you’re not doing business.” Or you know, doing it badly.

As I plan a career change, this site is changing too. I don’t want limit myself – because I am more than three, more than ‘what I do.’

I’ll keep writing about all things business and PR and social media. I plan to include more to HR and Employee Relations as I’d welcome a shift to internal corporate communications. It also love to watch movies and TV, and travel and go and experience, live a life. If I can find a way to work that in here, I’m gonna go for it.

Are you summed up in 3 Words? 

Had an exercise in grad school: list 50 things you are using only nouns, no adjectives. After ‘daughter, sister, friend, Pisces, traveler, TV watcher, wine drinker, card player.. ‘ it can be a struggle.

One of the best things about writing for Twitter is that it teaches you to edit, less is more. But when does ‘less’ take away more that it gives?

What’s your tagline and what does it do for you?

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