Warning: I’m still blogging.


Warning: The blog you are reading is currently in progress. The long overdue Extreme Website Makeover has begun. Let the blogging begin!


  • Simple, easy to use website! And pretty!
  • Less corporate drivel, more business smarts!
  • All WordPress all the time for better SEO and all that jazz!
  • Bigger better content! More bloggier posts!
Credit: Blaugh.com
Credit: Blaugh.com

I went with the nuclear option: start from scratch, less is more, aka keeping it simple stupid. Someday soonish you’ll see a homepage, an ‘about me’ that’s not all business babble buzzword yet makes you want to hire me like now, and the obligatory contact, social media juju.

The blog will be the focus, the discussions and ideas about Business and Communications, about Public Relations and Social Media, making connections – that’s why we blog, that’s what matters.

I’m changing things up, exploring and rethinking, tinkering with the site, playing with plugins. And still blogging. FWIW You’ve Been Warned.

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