Too Many Choices: A WordPress Production

Hey if the CEO can chronicle a month of Yahoo! logo redesigns, then I can wax geeky my website’s blog makeover.

Choices. Too many choices.

Think I’ve referenced it before, one of the biggest challenges in business isn’t necessarily making a bad choice – it’s indecision, making no choice at all.

Credit: Memes be funny.
Credit: Memes be funny.

The reasons for a ‘no decision’ decision: no deal breaker, no obvious winner, no clear benefit to the buyer and so many more. One that gets me, so many of us – too many choices. It can be overwhelming to the point it actually limits our options.

See also: You go to Cheesecake Factory and start reading the novella that is the menu, swearing you’ll try something new and then the server comes and flip flip PANIC .. and you order what you always get. AHEM.

So true is WordPress. It’s wonderful, make no mistakes – WordPress is a fabulous tool for creating amazing blogs and websites. As I google for plugins and themes, I’m struck by seeing so many choices I think WOW awesome.

But then I can barely decide on what I don’t want from my WP theme, much less what I do other than ‘simple.’ (Cobbler’s shoes thing – it’s so clear to me when doing this for someone else. Sigh.)

Part of that is unrealistic expectations, thinking there’s a more ‘perfect’ choice out there. And I know better!! Perfect is good, DONE is better.


Many probably hand over the keys to IT or a webmaster; I’m my own geek and designer and writer. I’m going to test different themes. I’ll be reordering and reorganizing content and categories.

You’ll be seeing the changes and choices as well as the probably never ‘finished’ product as I’m gonna go with what works.

When it’s time to make a decision – do too many options help or hurt? Thoughts welcome: 



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