Share to Get. I demand a refund.

This may get me in trouble. I’m sure to offend more than a few folks by not liking this thing but I got to go with my first reaction.

Share to Get” is a service you can add to your website to share PDFs and stuff. Readers click the button, tweet about whatever it is they’re getting, and then they get your e-goodie. There’s also a Tweet2Download WordPress plugin, same thing which not only requires a tweet but also a follow. Oh joy.

I get it. The concept, the idea, give to get. Someone is giving something to you for FREE, so repay them with a Facebook or Twitter share. - I'm going to regift something special for you

NOT a fan.

Believe me I repay followers and commenters with kindness and tweets and comments and link backs. Not just because they comment but because they contribute, they add value. It’s a win for me that I can share their good stuff with my followers.

Kellye Crane and Jenny Schmitt shared the Consults Guide to Contracts PDF, hoop jumping NOT required. You better believe that – if I find it helpful – I’ll share the shit out of it.

But I am not a fan of the quid pro quo, savors a little too much of the DoFollow or FollowBack crap.

Mandatory Gratuity added.

Opening myself to a host of hate comments as people have strong views on tipping but this ‘Share to Get’ the FREE whatever is just like adding a tip. You hurt yourself.

  • It assumes the service or gift is worth the tip or the tweet. Can’t cancel or short that tip without making a huge stink with the manager. What do I do if I don’t like my present, delete my tweet?
  • It stops me from leaving a BIGGER tip. If you add 18% I stop there, unless you did go way above the call. So you short yourself out of an extra 2% I’d have left. I possibly would have tweeted anyway, maybe even reblogged it and/or commented. Now, not so much.

Don’t go visiting my intentions.” – Joss Whedon, Firefly

Like I said I would normally have commented or tweeted anyway, but taking that choice away from me with the mandatory tip tweet just hits me as wrong.

It’s presumptuous and for that matter, I haven’t read your PDF or e-book YET. So I’m retweeting blind, making an ass of myself with the fake RT.

Understand I KNOW that you worked your ass off to produce your content. - I hope you like the gift you told me to buy for you. I respect your decision to ask for a share.

But if the ONLY way I can get your gift is to give you a tweet, then it’s not a gift. It’s not even a ‘free gift with purchase.” (BTW I love those, always visit the Clinique counter those weeks.. when I know what I am buying and getting for free.)

Forcing my hand, requiring me to comment or tweet; it’s not like giving you my email. My tweets are public, represent me and the work I do to curate a following. I’m not going to spam them just to get something for ‘free.’

Okay let me have it. Disagree, think I’m just ungrateful?

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57 thoughts on “Share to Get. I demand a refund.

  1. Hello Davina,

    an aspect that has not been mentioned (or maybe I missed it):

    This “quid pro quo” system suggests that there is a correlation of “the gift” being interesting for you and so it has to be interesting for all the folks you have to spam to get it in the first place.

    So, in the end it doesn’t really matter how much it is worth (to you) as long as it may not be worth for your followers.

    What if there are several things on a website you might be interested in? Will you tweet for each and every little thing? Wouldn’t one tweet (or maybe one like on FB) suffice?

    Oh, and also: what about the folks who don’t even use twitter?

    I for instance don’t use twitter and came across something I was interested in and googled for a way to bypass this Tweet2Download. I landed on the post by Kristi and then came here.

    Thanks for the great post.


    1. You know Antonio.. I didn’t think about those who don’t have Twitter but might want it.. great point!! ITA it doesn’t matter what I think, it’s about the followers – so if I can’t check it out before I tweet or share, it’s worthless. Glad you read Kristi’s post and let us know if you find a better bypass.

    1. I saw it Kristi and my gut reaction was .. not a pleasant feeling. I get people work hard for their e-stuff and want credit, but I can’t tweet or post it blindly. BTW we’re also in similar camps on commenting, being a good guest blogger that replies to others, a few things I’ve noticed here and there. Appreciate you reading, sharing your thoughts.

  2. Hey Davina!

    This post is perfect timing! I agree with you 100%! I don’t like those things either. This stuff has been on my mind for quite some time. I addressed a little bit of it in my recent post. The concept of bribing/forcing a person to join your network or to share your content is ridiculous and you’re right it does hurt you more than it helps.

    People want to share because they want to not because you are asked you too. The other day I came across this e-book that I was really interested but I had to subscribe and follow just get gain access. Who wants to do all that? If its free then why were all those requirements there in order to get the e-book? Or is it really free?

    Well great post, I really enjoyed it and fully support your point of view!
    Chelsea Thomas recently posted..The Numbers Game

    1. Read a little ’email list curation’ debate over on one of Marcus’ posts. For some it is all about the ‘marketing’ Chelsea.. but it looks likes that’s just not our approach. I know a lot of people put tremendous time and talent into their ebooks and shares, and I totally respect and applaud them for it. I just don’t know about some of the hoops we’re forced through to get these ‘free gifts.’ Appreciate you stopping by, thanks.

  3. I definitely agree here Gini, and your analogy to a “tip” is exactly right. I hold the unpopular opinion that a tip is earned and not something I automatically owe my server just because I walked into a restaurant. If you want more RT’s and shares of your stuff…create better content. Or, trick Shonali Burke into letting you become a guest poster on her blog. I took the latter option. If I’m forced to RT something or follow to get an ebook or whatever, I’m just not going to get your book. What’s the real value in a forced follow or RT anyway? Nothing. Because if I’m forced to follow I’ll either not get the book/product or I’ll follow you then as soon as I have the book in hand, go in and unfollow you. I’m just that kind of guy.
    Matt LaCasse recently posted..MattLaCasse- You know that MLK quote that was floating around Sunday night and yesterday Probably a fake- http-isgd-7desU6 OBL

    1. Same Matt. Glad you liked the tip analogy – I’ve been waiting for the troll haters to come out and argue the whole tipping culture ;-). I agree it’s earned via service; better the service, better the tip. I too have tricked Shonali, think it’ll be sometime this week. I’m with you on not seeing the value of the forced share; when people read that tweet they almost know to ignore it anyway.. IMO makes me look a little worse for sending it, like I’m spamming.

      I get the need to market. I know that it’s not all campfire songs and smores and the marshmallows do fall into the flames sometimes; this is business, people aren’t blogging and sharing and doing all this WORK b/c they’re bored and there’s nothing good on TV. It’s about doing a job and making money. My approach is more soft-sell (possibly what’s part of my problem) so I don’t auto-DM, I don’t like popup ads to subscribe to your newsletter, etc. Just how I roll. FWIW.

  4. So funny! I actually agree with you, but I say it’s funny because we’re kind of doing this. On Spin Sucks Pro, you have to register to get the free content. Just your name and email address, but I really fought everyone on that and lost. The statistics on engaging people with a simple register are staggering. So we’re going to try it. But it’s definitely uncomfortable. Not really the same as a share in exchange for, but some people really get upset by having to register. We’ll see how it goes!
    Gini Dietrich recently posted..The Launch of Spin Sucks Pro

    1. Now see, I mind that less Gini. It’s not like someone can’t unsub if they want and it’s not an endorsement for the world to see. In theory, no one would know about that unless one of us chose to disclose it. IDK.. I’ve signed up for newsletters, I tweet and share things all the time.. when I can check it out and decide for myself that’s what I want to do. FWIW.

  5. I have mixed feelings on this, but I hear what you’re saying. One of my favorite business models is the music website . The idea is that you get to download music for free. Originally, you were required to either pay what you want or give them the email addresses of 3 friends who might like the music you were downloading. But then they realized that that version of “share to get” wasn’t the best model. So now, you get to download the music, no strings attached. Just enter YOUR email address and zip code. You get the download. But, once you’ve downloaded, again with no strings attached, you then get the option of sharingon Facebook, Twitter, or via email, and also the option of putting money in the tip jar. And it seems to be working. A great way for musicians to get their music out there.

    I think the key is to make your content shareable, and you can encourage sharing, but stop shorting of making it a condition of getting the free content.
    Ken Mueller recently posted..Small Business Tip Tuesday- How to Connect with Your Customers on a More Personal Level

    1. It’s an interesting idea for sure, and under specific circumstances ‘tweet to download’ might work. I’ve never seen that music model Ken, I will have to check it out and see what types of artists/music it has. (Makes more sense for new groups rather than established artists, to develop a fan base.) The other thing there is 1) you sample before you ‘buy’ or donate and 2) the share is optional. I think that’s why it’s working better. Do you know what they’re doing w/ the emails? Kind of a follow-up on Gini’s comment, just wondering how they’re using that data for future marketing. Anyway, I’ll check out the site sometime and see what happens. Thanks.

      1. It’s mostly newer artist, but some established. Some bigger names like Sixpence None the Richer, Martin Sexton, etc. Not HUGE names, but bigger on the indie side of things.

        The emails allow the artists to build an email database for their own music, which is the real draw: getting your music out there and building a fan base.

        I download a lot there, and I really don’t get spammed, so I’m ok with it.
        Ken Mueller recently posted..Small Business Tip Tuesday- How to Connect with Your Customers on a More Personal Level

  6. I like that social media is about engaging and interacting. I like helping others. I like giving back but I like to do it on my terms. Some of these offers don’t feel like “offers” to me so I tend to ignore them.

    They remind me of review blogs that get a 100 comments or more on every post but only because people hope to win a prize not because they like the content.
    Jack @ TheJackB recently posted..Ideas for Fiction

    1. Know what you mean Jack, the ‘rigged game’ thing… and about helping others on your own terms. That’s part of social is that we do things because we really want to, because we really like and support and believe in something, not b/c we have to or are trying to win a contest. FWIW.

  7. This runs in a long line of ‘scams’ run on social. I was shown a company that ran Facebook Promotions. To be entered you had to Like then Share with your whole network or you don’t get entered. I don’t like games. If your content is good it will be shared anyway. If you can’t stand on the quality of your content then your content needs work not gimmicks. Our community shares a lot of quality content that earned its way on to Twitter or Facebook network or even sent via email.
    Howie at Sky Pulse Media recently posted..skypulsemedia- Great discussion! RT @spinsucks- Share to Get Do you agree or disagree with @3HatsComm http-owly-1sJY2G

    1. You get the prize today for using one of my favorite words Howie, “Earned.”

      I am sure many of these freebies ARE quality, but like said many aren’t or are scams. I am all for earning and deserving what we get via hard work, networking, delivering the quality goods that earn those shares and tweets; and since they’re organically earned, I’d value them all the more. FWIW.

  8. I agree with you. I would not retweet anything I have not read. I feel like those that do follow me expect me to actually have read the stuff that I retweet as good (or at least interesting) content.

    I even do not ask my friends to tweet about my blog unless the really like it or know someone who may benefit from it. Otherwise, it makes me feel all kinds of cheap and sleazy. If that is the case, I could wear a sign around my neck saying “will blog for comments and retweets” It just seems fake to me – like a spray tan, but without the funny smell.
    Nancy Davis recently posted..Victim of Love

    1. Nancy, I’m of the same ilk. I don’t always mind if someone asks me to RT something.. if I have a chance to read before RT. AND if I know them, like them so that I have an out and can say no – “I commented and read but not retweeting b/c the post just doesn’t fit my audience.” That’s rare though.

      I do ask for comments as part of a CTA b/c I want discussion, not numbers. I like to think I don’t go fishing for tweets or comments. I don’t ask for RTs, I rarely tweet my own posts more than once, I seldom email or DM my posts to folks unless it’s something specific and relevant to them. No fake spray tan for me. 🙂

  9. As usual, I love your humorous take, Davina! Thanks for including a link to the ebook post.

    For me, it feels very awkward when people ask me to share a link to something I haven’t seen yet. What am I supposed to say? “Checkout this mystery thing I know nothing about!” That doesn’t seem very powerful or helpful. And those who setup an automated tweet that says, “I just downloaded X” might get more traffic, but in my opinion this unleashes spammy-ness into the world.

    There are a lot of people I respect greatly asking for pre-launch promotions of their stuff, so I don’t judge, but I also don’t participate in it. Like you, I will share widely once I see something and find it useful.
    Kellye Crane recently posted..Time-Keeping- Media Connections- &amp Small Biz Publicity

    1. Let me tell you my secret Kellye. I don’t think I go for controversy, not really for the rants. But when I do step out and choose a particular side … however strongly or harshly, I try to temper it with humor. Like my Auto-DM rant, IDK.. softens the blow. 😉

      I’m w/ you on 1) what am I supposed to tweet? and 2) not unleashing spammy-ness into the world. And you’re welcome for the linkback; the PDF is on the desktop and I may share it when I ever get around to reading it. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. You said shit…………just sayin’…………….

    Aw hell no you aren’t ungrateful. Personally, I’m leaving comments, replies because I want to. I don’t expect anything in return but it’s nice when it happens. If I think all this is just going down a black hole I might quit commenting, but I’m not keeping a tally of who is doing what.

    Yes, some automation is required to keep up with all this stuff but I loathe mandatory give backs, etc, etc, etc.

    As far as forwarding unopened RT’s I plead the fifth; I thought I was doing the ‘poster’ a favor. Unfortunately I see these tweets in my stream when I’m in my car (stopped of course….) so I can’t open them. After being scolded twice I think I’ve learned my lesson.

    You didn’t piss me off, I’m behind you 100% on this one.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Well- that was awkward…

    1. Yes Bill, I use the bad words. I’m for the kind of automation that simplifies rote tasks but haven’t found them – an SEO plugin that I don’t configure manually or a free time/task tracker. The rest, not for me. I don’t blind RT, etc.

      Like you I am not big on the mandatory give backs and yet, I will take the time to repay kindness elsewhere. For example Patricia @ Lavender Uses has been kind enough to comment and RT a few of my posts. Took me a while to do the same.. b/c I didn’t have anything worthwhile to add to her blog on lavendar, wasn’t going to go off topic for my readers either. I waited until she blogged on a topic to which I could add -hopefully – intelligent thought and then, something worth my followers’ time; that’s when I comment and/or RT.

      Like you it may be throwing effort down a black hole, but I’m all for professional courtesy. FWIW.

      1. And wow have you just added valuable input to my latest post Davina. Thanks for the valuable input over amongst the lovely lavenders.

        I for one, don’t expect every blog I go comment on to reciprocate. It’s good when it happens but I don’t do the whole blind follow and RT.

        I understand your stance on this one with the “FREE” product after RT though. I have participated in that twice. Knew the writers and the information was what I was looking for at the time.

        Definitely wouldn’t do it just to get a free anything and I usually don’t bother if I don’t know the blog owner and their writings. Definitely food for thought Davina.

        Thanks for sharing this topic cos it is so easy to action something without also thinking about who else it will impact such as followers and also readers on our blogs.

        Patricia Perth Australia
        Patricia recently posted..There’s No Accounting for Taste!

        1. That’s just it Patricia.. it impacts ME and my followers and readers, those who hopefully trust me to share useful, interesting information. Of course there are times I may share a dud of a post or blow it on a comment, happens. But at least I’ve attempted to screen, do some quality control. In this case I can’t.. and like a blind follow or RT, won’t. FWIW.

  11. Kudos for taking a stand, Davina!

    I refuse to tweet about an offer or download BEFORE I have had the opportunity to actually see that download. Did that once, the download sucked, I’ll never do it again!


    1. Kelley, It does make me fear a scam.. not always as I’ve seen this done on some sites I know and trust but then, also .. elsewhere. This is just not for me.

  12. Hmm Davina, this one really got me thinking. First off, major, major props to you for having the guts to talk about a product your friends have used before– and to stand on the other side of the aisle. This is one thing I absolutely love about you and it’s why I never want to piss you off 😉

    Griddy recently did this with her incredible post guide. I can see why too. She spent so, so many hours on it and sadly, I don’t think enough will appreciate the blood (almost), sweat(yes), and tears (from lack of sleep) she put into that thing. It was such a big-hearted labor of love on her part….

    The thing is Davina most people aren’t like you. Most don’t ‘overtip’. Most don’t go the extra mile to promote. Sadly, most just snatch their free candy and run to the next house to do it all over again. Sad? Yes. Honest? Yes again (of course, none of these qualities are suffered from anyone that EVER reads TSL 😉 )

    So the question is do you make the minority over-tippers suffer because of the majority under-tippers???? Ahhhh, a good question, and one I don’t have an answer to. I’d love to see Griddy’s opinion though, and Brankica’s as well.

    Again, VERY well done Davina, loved this.

    Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion recently posted..The Sheer Power of a Blogging Community- It Ain’t Just About the Numbers

    1. And even though you didn’t want MY opinion you are going to get it pal……………

      I can assure you, you DON’T want to piss Ms D off; there will be all ‘heck’ to pay.

      I have to say however, I concur w/ her 100%.
      Bill Dorman recently posted..Well- that was awkward…

    2. Marcus my friend, you are a class act. The friends you name aren’t the only ones who’ve done this, yet they did get me rethinking it. I really kinda want that share, am pretty sure it won’t be crap. But I won’t click to know and that’s just how it goes.

      I. GET. IT. I spent many a year as a server and bartender and let me tell you, I have gotten some horrible tips.. genuinely left for my ‘great service’ by those who were just cheap or didn’t know better. When I go out to dinner I know why the server adds the tip to the big party check, believe me. Like I said, if the service is still WOW impressive, I will add a little extra because I know how hard a job that is.. and don’t consider it overtipping.

      I know most people put a tremendous amount of time and talent into creating their shares and I understand they are protecting themselves. I’m sick of this ‘free expectation’ thing… if someone can create and offer something of value, damn right they should be paid or compensated. And yes it’s crappy that those just take, take and never give back.

      Yet this kind of thing.. it’s mandatory prepaying and pretipping before service, it’s why I didn’t join Tribrr – even w/ changes – I just refuse to blind tweet, feel forced or obligated to tweet and don’t want that for MY stuff either. We follow some good people but as you can tell, I don’t read and/or comment and/or tweet every post.. not even close; I try to be selective and thoughtful and hopefully helpful to the blogger and my audience. My reaction is really about ME not them and this just ain’t me. FWIW.

  13. Just saw this recently for the first time. I passed on the opportunity. I consider myself a curator, and I’m not going to compromise the quality of my curation by tweeting something I haven’t even read. I completely agree with you, Davina.
    Neicole Crepeau recently posted..The Development Phase of Building a Website

    1. What Neicole said.

      I remember one time, for one whitepaper or some such, I had to enter my email address. Fine. But it wouldn’t accept a gmail address…it HAD to be my “company” email address. That made me mad enough that I gave up on it. How do you know I’m not using gmail for work darnit?! Also, I don’t WANT to give you my company email address because you’re just going to spam me with your newsletter! Not In My Work Inbox (NIMWI) thank you.
      Jenn Whinnem recently posted..jennwhinnem- @lauraclick voted!

      1. See I just think people do more harm than good with all these hoops Jenn. You may have liked the whitepaper so much you’d share it and write about it and tweet it… but they’ll never know. FORCING the tweet to get, I think more often than not many of those folks who people want to RT the ‘gift’ the most – those with followers and influence – are the ones more protective of their Twitter streams and therefore that more likely to NOT tweet to share.

        You know me, I don’t tweet everything I read and/or comment, that I put time and thought into my tweets, all that. Like Neicole I’m trying to curate and do some quality control (because “Geaux Tigers” tweets are of the highest calibre 🙂 ) for my stream and respect my followers.

    2. You know Neicole that was my second reaction. My first was just, ‘how rude, what if it sucks’ and the temptation to TWEET that.. ‘I just clicked this button, let’s see what shitty booby prize awaits me.’ And it knew from the blogger it’d be a GOOD prize but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

    1. Yeah, that was pretty much my initial reaction Riley .. I had to stop myself from tweeting the thing and then was like, EW. I made myself think on it a few days before I edited/published this. Still not a fan, still wouldn’t do it or recommend it. I could maybe see myself tweeting an AMAZING post, then getting the ‘gift’ per Danny’s example but.. this is just not for me to matter how much I try to see the other side.

      Looking forward to seeing what your interesting headline is all about. 🙂

  14. Hey Davina, you’ve definitely got a point, but I think the system can be applied differently. The way we’ve done it at Firepole Marketing (a couple of times, now) is that we write what we hope is an awesome post, and then there’s a PDF bonus that people can get by tweeting *about the post* – the idea being that if they want the PDF, it’s because the post was good enough to be worth sharing.

    It’s a different spin, and I agree that asking people to tweet about a bonus that they haven’t seen yet isn’t fair. But if it’s to get a bonus – does that seem reasonable to you?
    Danny @ Firepole Marketing recently posted..Let’s Get Viral- 5 1 Strategies for Viral Exposure and Growth

    1. Wow do I like smart comments, thanks Danny. Sight unseen is more than just unfair, IDK.. just a big turn off.

      Your approach is a lot more reasonable to me. I’d still have to know and trust the blogger, really think the post was awesome then yes.. click to share the POST itself to get the bonus, I could see myself doing that: “This post was pretty darn good, and there’s a free gift if you tweet it” sort of thing, always w/ disclosure. In that scenario, the PDF is a bonus not a purchase if you will.

      Curious as to the application and then, which is better? I schedule my tweets so they don’t go through the RT buttons anyway. Would I still get my gift? I also wonder if the bonus gift would sometimes work better as a surprise TY, like – you just RT this post, as a thank you get a PDF chart to use or a set of steak knives. IDK, just thinking… and really appreciate you making me think. FWIW.

      1. Well, we use a system to dispense the bonus after they tweet or share, so if you do your tweets outside of that system, you wouldn’t automatically get it – but if you emailed us, we’d be happy to give you access.

        I don’t like the idea of leaving it as a hidden surprise – shouldn’t all of the readers know that they could get the same bonus? I could see someone complaining that nobody told them… 😉
        Danny @ Firepole Marketing recently posted..Let’s Get Viral- 5 1 Strategies for Viral Exposure and Growth

        1. Hadn’t thought of that Danny, one the surprise.. I was just thinking that it might help nix the back scratching ‘quid pro quo’ that sorta I find off putting. On the bonus to tweet, IDK.. a lot of us time shift our commenting and tweeting (late at night, early in the am) and then schedule things later.. still thinking, so thanks for sharing your ideas.

            1. Hmm.. I’ve looked into Buffer briefly but still haven’t quite figured out if it’ll save me more time that TweetDeck. I’m fine with new technologies.. but they gotta do the work to make it easier for me, otherwise it’s adding more work. Thanks for that, may have to give it a test run and see if it does improve my work and tweetflow.

  15. Hi Davina,

    I’ve done the “Share to Get” thing twice, and both times the PDF I received was definitely worth the Tweet. But you’re right, what if it had been crap and I had tweeted my implied recommendation of the product? That wouldn’t sit well with me. I’d much rather give up my email address to join a newsletter subscription. If I don’t like the content, I can easily unsubscribe. You can’t take a tweet back. I’m going to be more careful about this kind of stuff now. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Marianne Worley recently posted..Why You Should Eat More Burgers- Two Companies That Do Customer Service Right

    1. Marianne, Glad you liked what you got. I probably would like some of the stuff I’ve seen but then I’m sure there are plenty of times I would not. I am not a purist who objects to monetization, to getting your payday, to earning a living, etc.; I don’t expect everything for free. It’s the force, the entitlement that b/c it’s a free share it’s worth whatever compensation, in advance.

      I’m for being careful but IDK… even those I trust to share something good: the link could go bad, or the content may be good and yet I get something different from it and would want to amend the tweet (as is my wont anyway) to really showcase what’s being sent. Anyway, this was just a ‘food for thought’ kind of post, curious to see what others think. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Such a good point Bill. Context. I’d probably be a lot more cautious about much of what I write here and elsewhere if I didn’t think my audience knew me well enough to get the context, to understand my humor or at least follow up and no assume my keyboard went to crazytown.

  16. Come to think of it you got a point and I won’t disagree completely. The problem is that you are right about people trying to use these tools, that are initially intended for the good, to abuse them and offer crap in exchange for a Tweet. Then again there are those that provide legitimate value and think that a Tweet is just a form of being rewarded. Just like anything else some will be happy and some won’t. I guess they are there for you to use. If they are clear about what they giving and not just a “plot” to increase followers or get the message across, I think it is worth the small risk. And yes, you can delete a Tweet 🙂 Anyway, The good thing about the internet today is that if you are not satisfied with something you can always do something about it. Interesting point of view
    DiTesco recently posted..Free eMail Marketing For Small Businesses With Posterous- BackLinks Included

    1. DiTesco, Nice to see you here. I get what you’re saying but it’s still forcing my hand. Before I can delete that tweet, I have to take the time to read what you shared. I may not have a moment right then to read your e-newsletter right there and then … so when I’ve caught up a week later, how many of my followers took my tweet as an endorsement of something I’d now like to take back? Probably ZERO as no one pays any attention to me anyway. 😉

      If asked AFTER the download for my email, I probably would give it. If emailed, ‘what did you think, would you mind tweeting?’ I would consider it. Truthfully if a ‘hey, thanks for downloading.. would you mind tweeting?’ appeared I might go ahead and scan that 12-page PDF and tweet it on my own terms. IDK.. not saying this is evil or a scam, just that for me and those I counsel, I’d advise against using this.

      ITA with you that one of the best things about the Internet today is to do or write something different, present another side to the story. FWIW.

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