Thank you for your comment. Now shut up. WTH?

My love of blog comments is well documented. Find my comments almost anywhere, you’ll see some love for comments: how they build networks, inspire new posts, make you laugh, learn and think.

One nice benefit of commenting, you win shit. How cool is that? Working my way up to a free iPad. (Spam bait!) - Thank you for leaving that extremely short yet vaguely positive comment on my blog.Thank You for your support.

I will tweet a thank you, certainly include my ‘thanks for commenting’ in my reply to your comment. And YES I will reply to each and every comment, even if to copy & paste “TY.”

So when Brankica and Tia Peterson had this little Twitter chat about the post-comment thank you page on Brankica’s Live Your Love blog, it made me think. It’s only for 1st time commenters, so go check it out. IDK about you, but it’s much nicer than a spammy popup ad.

It’s got me wanting to do more to thank those who take the time to comment. I’ve got the CommentLuv mojo working, I try to visit other people’s blogs and repay their kindness with a helpful or fun comment and/or a RT of my own when I can.

So here I am wondering what else I can do to show my gratitude to my guests, then there’s this:

Now Shut The Hell Up.

Not gonna name the blogger, who is a smart one from what I can tell. But the other day I think for the first time EVER, I read this message when hitting publish on my carefully crafted message:

“Please limit comment length to 1,000 characters.”

I think Ingrid Abboud’s head just exploded.

WTH?! Seriously, I don’t get it. I am all TEHO and we’ll all do things our own way and some of you will even FollowBack and send spammy auto-DMs. I’ll unfollow your asses, but you’re free to do it. But limiting comment length?

This is approaching code red DAMNIT! Rant levels and I gotta ask, what IS this bullshit?

I have left monsterously long comments. Usually apologizing to Gini or Danny or Marcus who let me get away with it. Hell Jayme Soulati even turned one of my comments into a blog post on defining PR.

Telling me to shut it, after I’ve taken the time to read your post, read the other comments, then type a carefully and meticulously crafted reply full of profound wisdom and droll wit, only to see “shorten it, buddy” does NOT send me to my “I want to come back and comment here” again place.

Anyone? Bueller? Anyone want to give me an explanation? I. Got. Nothing.

Photo credit: BTW ‘facepalm’ has become one of my top search terms. Heh. These things are all over, this time Funny Motivational Pictures. And of course a user Someecard.

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81 thoughts on “Thank you for your comment. Now shut up. WTH?

  1. Davina, I’m impressed that you took the time to edit your comment down to 1,000 characters and then submitted it. I’m sure I would have given up and moved on, never to return. Have you considered contacting the blog author to find out what in the world he was thinking?

    I have to agree with you and the others here. Comments are the lifeblood of a blog and I would love to FedEx cupcakes, money, iPads and cash to anyone who is kind enough to comment on my fledgling blog. But as I write the blog without profit motives (for now), I settle for a hearty “thank you” to show my appreciation. I just can’t imagine restricting comment goodness.
    Carolyn@The Wonder of Tech recently posted..Locavore- Your Tech Tip for Farm Fresh Food!

    1. I have thought of that Carolyn .. except I know I’m not wild about folks telling me how I should blog, so not sure I should do that to others. It’s also why I’ve been on a kick about what I read, how I comment and why, the method and madness to my tweeting. Anyone who doesn’t care for it is free to unfollow or block me, just as I’ll take a pass on reading or commenting on their site, ya know?

      I may hit a point when I have to break up a debate, or as folks to carry it to their own blogs if it goes ‘too’ far. And since you offered, I may just have to drop by your blog someday.. open to iPads, cash, cupcakes or whatever you care to ship. 😉

      1. Hi Davina, just to be more clear than I was in my earlier comment, I meant to suggest that you email the blogger to discover why he was limiting his comments, more out of curiosity than instruction. His restriction of 1000 seems so conflicted with what most bloggers desire (I find most long comments to be insightful and thought-provoking) that I am curious as to why he placed that restriction on his comments.

        Then again, maybe the answer is obvious, he doesn’t want to spend too much time reading and replying to them?

        You are welcome to stop by The Wonder of Tech any time, though no promises of lovely door prizes yet. 😉
        Carolyn@The Wonder of Tech recently posted..Show of Hands- A Poll Lot of Fun!

        1. The part of me that thinks it was a tech glitch fail makes me want to email this person, but the part that thinks it was intentional agrees with you Carolyn.. it’s obvious. IDK.. I am not sure how I’d react to someone emailing me “why is your blog like this?” I sat on it for a day or two, then decided to put the rant out there and let that be my take on the matter. Don’t worry.. I don’t expect any prizes. 🙂

      2. I second that Davina !

        As if so many new blogs telling people how to blog was not enough , people come up and take the pain to personally tell you that you need to correct something in your blog and that to a professional in blog marketing and social media , sounds crazy !

        I have had such ‘expert opinions’ delivered to me on how to tweak my premium Thesis theme by someone who was using the free blogspot platform to blog !
        Rohan recently posted..How To Generate Income By Giving Away Your Knowledge And Products

        1. Hard for me to resist the urge to say “you’re doing it wrong” Rohan b/c clearly I DO feel strongly on some subjects. I remind myself it’s opt-in, I brought myself there and if I don’t like it, I can unfollow, block, unsub, and not read/comment.. as others can do w/ me if they don’t like what I have to share. FWIW.

  2. Ha ha, I read a comment policy that made me laugh and irked me at the same time recently.
    I’d thought I’d share it with you. (blog withheld of course)

    1.This is a blog, not a forum. Comments must be on the subject of the blog post in question and whether you respond to the author or you respond to the commenter, make sure that what you post is on topic.

    2. No hijacking. Off topic comments will not be approved. For clarification, off topic means that your comment doesn’t directly relate to the post. This also covers personal conversations between yourself and another reader which distract from the thread and potentially may make it difficult for someone to feel that they can comment.

    3. You do not have to post your real name. Please check your comment *before* you publish to ensure that you are not including information that you do not wish to be published.

    4. Don’t post comments that you are not prepared to hear an opposing opinion – this is not a vacuum. However I’d avoid judgemental, critical tones.

    5. I don’t mind comments that disagree with the subject of the post or a comment from a reader, but don’t flame and make sure that whatever you have to say contributes to the thread.

    6. Be aware of your tone.

    so what do you think..full on..or totally understandable? I’m figuring she must have had some crazy stuff going on in her comments, to be so through. However it was “this is not a forum”, that I found hilarious, and quite possibly a little misguided

    1. Wow. I’ll take your excuse, Stacey, but wow. I think she said at least thrice in two points not to go off topic, and every single one of the six is screaming, “Quiet time, class! Who’s gonna show me the quiet-time sign? I don’t see your hands folded on your desks yet, girls and boys!”

      Or maybe she meant to say, “This is a blog, not a frat house.” Okay, let me stop now before I attempt to rewrite every one of those. Wow.
      Shakirah Dawud recently posted..A Public DM- Can I Talk To You In Private

      1. Yeah Shakirah it’s a wee bit on the extreme side. My comment policy is basically “Don’t spam or crappy linkbait; keep it professional; criticize the hell out of the POST if you want, but going after ME or another guest PERSONALLY is a big no. Have fun.” I’m sure I’ll rethink that when some post gets away from me and I dig myself a ginormous hole. 😉

    2. Wow. I was on Mashable today Stacey, and they asked for ‘constructive’ comments and I LOL. It’s like .. well all of these, who decides what is too far off the topic, what is judgmental or how offensive a tone is? This is just wacky.

      I do get the forum part as some Livefyre blogs have been a BLAST with folks cracking jokes and having a good time. It can get carried away and I am as guilty as the next. I can sorta see how that could intimidate someone else, make them feel like an outsider or something. This person has some stuff going on.. and is a little too much of a control freak I think.

        1. I totally get if she doesn’t want a ‘chat room’, but it seams to me, that the comment sections on our blog,are totally a forum. A forum for ‘discussion’, albeit one very closely, if not totally related to the topic at hand. I found this comment policy as I was actually going to leave a comment, it popped up as soon as you started to write. I read it, and I bounced. I get the feeling it may have that effect on a few people..but hey maybe not
          Stacey Herbert recently posted..Silence- The Breakfast Of Champions

          1. True Stacey, I was just thinking of entertainment kinds of forums where mods have to keep the crazy kids in line. *guilty* 😉

            Oh wow, My bad! Did NOT catch that it was a POPUP policy, have not seen that. Yet. I’ve seen mini-ones under the comment box which basically link to it; I keep a link to mine in the sidebar but a popup, that’s.. yeah, you gotta REALLY want to post after reading something like that. Makes me wonder if – for the post that started this one – had I seen the 1,000 character limit upfront would I have bothered or been so flummoxed by it afterwards? Huh.

  3. Definitely short sighted on their part and communicates a very obvious lack of hearing what you truly have to say. Makes you think they may be more interested in the quantity of comments rather than the quality of comments! If you’re going to ask someone to share their opinion, have the common courtesy to listen to the entire opinion!

    1. Exactly Kevin. I’ve read quality comments that were two lines; others that were epic and better than blog posts themselves. I really don’t get what happened; don’t think I was in a 1st timer box or some other technical fail, but whatever it was.. it’s big on my DON’T ever do list. Thanks.

  4. I, for one, love when you participate on Spin Sucks. Limiting people’s thinking is just asinine. I don’t know. Maybe said blogger is extremely busy and this is a way to limit his/her time reading the comments. But, if that’s the case, why don’t you just turn them off?
    Gini Dietrich recently posted..Gin and Topics- Liars- Doubt- and Trouble

    1. Thanks Gini. Sorta still on my ‘technical glitch’ theory but not sure I’ll ever try again or go back to find out for sure. If I got 40 odd 400-word comments per post I’d be grateful and do what I needed to do in order to engage and reply. Just lameness, glad no one else I read has such a silly policy.

  5. Ah, so this was the rant you warned us about! This hasn’t happened to me yet, but I can see it happening. I’m like, if I’m not on Twitter, let me tell you everything! I’m one of those people who takes nearly 15 minutes to write a comment because I’m always editing and tweaking, and going, “on the other hand” and trying to take it all into account. I don’t get quite as long as SOME commenters (wink!) but I love them. They make blogging and discussing and commenting some more worth my while. I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around the “why” someone would limit the good stuff yet, either. At least make it 1,000 WORDS, not characters. We regularly blow by that within 5 tweets or so!
    Shakirah Dawud recently posted..How to Get a Great Business Name &amp Own It

    1. Yes, this is the rant I so warned you about Shakirah. Still surprised how quickly it was done once I got going on commenting, thanks vs. comments, shut up. I too read and reread and edit my comments; I’ll cut and paste, move stuff. I’ll add, reply to other comments, hoping to add something good. All with the goal, the intention of helping YOU, the blogger and YOUR audience.

      So telling me to keep a lid on it? 500 or 1K words, maybe. But characters? My last look at the post, there have to be longer comments, so I have no idea.. seriously. But just in case there was a segment of the Wide World of Web Bloggers out there thinking of implementing such as heinous and mind-boggling practice, thought I’d give them an ‘implied facepalm’ and a chance to reconsider. 😉

    1. Now see, what didn’t I think of that?! On a site of a different flavor, I just might have. IDK Riley I keep wanting to give the blogger a ‘tech fail’ pass or something, but it’s still one of the most fubar things I’ve ever seen in the blogosphere. Hopefully some noob stumbles by this post, sees what NOT to do. Much appreciated.

    1. They are for me Jack, if the goal is to get me to be part of their community, read and comment and share their stuff.. then yeah, they’re blowing it. For other goals, I’ll respect them well enough I guess, be glad when they do share something worth reading. But they don’t make my ‘must read’ list and if I need the space in the follows (Twitter’s 2K cap) then they’re the first to go when I want to add someone who does appreciate community. I’ll get more out of connecting, they will; win-win. Thanks!

  6. Did you drop the F bomb and retard in the same post?

    I thought you might like this:
    Hey Bill,

    I tell you, I may be a minority (well, duh) in terms of reading and commenting on blogs. I read them and enjoy them. If I read through a blog and don’t like – it, I won’t continue and won’t comment.

    My problem is that reading the post usually triggers some form of relation to me, so my comment heavily angles towards my own experience, which may be somewhat different from the main subject. This can make it seem as if I didn’t read the article completely, because I go off on rants. Honestly, I think that’s part of the forum – being able to bring in new angles to the conversation.

    On my site – I’m open to all comments. If you want to read the title and headers; then comment away. because a lot of the time you get the flow by doing just that. Some folks don’t have time to read the entire article and I get that – so I don’t look down at anyone for scanning my content. And, I think success is relative to what you put it. If you put in half-effort, expect to get the same right back.

    I actually move around the blogosphere rather slow. Each comment I leave takes a little time, and I don’t rush it. Plus – blogging is not on top of my priority list…with kids, wife, work, life, it can only get so much of my time. I’m mostly a graveyard shift blogger – because the days just don’t give me the opportunity to get out and network.

    I don’t think faster is better. For me, it’s all about quality. I would rather be last and have the best product, than be first and look like a fool!

    …let me add one more thing…

    I get it – there’s a pressure that comes with blogging. A pressure of competition (good competition); to keep up with your peers, to grow as much and as quickly as possible and it requires a lot of time. The quicker you can make your rounds, the quicker you can work on the next phase of growth.

    I used to fall in that category – and when I did, for the short time – blogging was a chore, not a pleasurable activity. But now, I just do it at my own speed. Spend 10-20 minutes thoroughly reading to learn, not reading to comment. Relationships I’m forging are for the long haul – not for comment reciprocation.

    If you never commented on my site again Bill – I’d still keep in touch with you.
    That’s what I’m about.

    I purposely did something here – but still meant every word said. I wanted to prove how easily I start up my rants (that I spoke about). I read your entire post, but it trigger something in me, so I got to writing and didn’t even touch on “listening” once!

    See, I’m literally crazy!

    PS – Let’s get this place off of and on your own hosted

    Or this:
    Excuse me, I think you left off a name………..

    My blog will be here for the rest of my life? I thought this was the internet and only a select few could see it.

    There have been some bloggers that came highly recommended I tried to engage with but got little or no response. Excuse me; I don’t care how big you might think you are, I certainly hope it’s making you enough money it doesn’t matter who you neglect…………….I just don’t get it, what would be the point…… is ‘social’ media, right?

    Everybody has a different motive, but the whole social media thing did not come into focus for me until I started engaging and getting feedback. Personally, I think this is what it’s all about.

    Even as anonymous as this can be, there is a certain percentage that is just not comfortable putting their name or comments out there.

    It feels like you walked out the front door without your pants on at times, but isn’t that breeze invigorating?

    Good to see you Mark; good one today.

    Ok, I couldn’t resist; you challenged me. It still might be less than 1000 words….:).

    If someone has a limit then maybe they are just a knucklehead like me and didn’t know how to change it.

    I hope you see the humor in this response…….geaux tigers, right?
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Excuse me- I’m talking here…

    1. This comment is EPIC. LOVE. (Gonna break your heart a little at the end of my reply.)

      “I think success is relative to what you put it. If you put in half-effort, expect to get the same right back.” THIS. It’s work, give to get, all that.

      “Relationships I’m forging are for the long haul – not for comment reciprocation.” Seriously, I get that. It may take me a while to find an appropriate post on which to leave a thoughtful comment, or fitting tweet. But I will look for that, not some “dofollow” crap, but courtesy that helps develop relationships and professional community.

      ” isn’t that breeze invigorating?” Okay, now you’re just copying and pasting your own comments, slacker. I agree there is something liberating about that anonymity (and the breeze is nice) that lets you share whatever you want. I have secret Twitter, to rant about this and that, let fly the profanity I don’t use in my own stream. And yes, I DID use retard, the F-bomb and bullshit in a post.. you’re lucky I stopped there. Had I published my initial draft, every 8th word would have been [blank]ery! 😉

      Now for the heartbreak: not to rub salt in the wound, but you do realize it was a 1,000 character limit, not words? Promise my comment was short, NO way… the limit was 1K characters, hence the implied facepalm. Sorry Bill but THANK YOU for the thought and effort you put into your comment!

      You can thank the Lion guy – but do lions swim in pools? I don’t get it – for prompting this: I hereby award you this month’s honorary “Ingrid Abboud ‘Does she ever get tired of typing?’ Longest Comment” trophy. Your prize can be either a mix-CD of alt rock crap or all the insider secrets about WDW I know (but you probably don’t need that, being so close) or Geaux Tigers tee-shirt, you can pick, purple or gold.

      1. Yeeeikessss; in my effort to be cute I violated the rule of my latest post and not reading for understanding………characters (I know of one..) and not words. BIG difference……I never said I was the sharpest tack in the box….

        I’m guessing whoever would limit responses to 1000 characters might be a little anal retentive………..I used anal in a reply……….:)

        Sorry I’m a doof………
        Bill Dorman recently posted..Excuse me- I’m talking here…

  7. Davina,

    As someone who has just started a blog for our nonprofit, I’m still in the phase of wanting to send everyone who comments on our blog a box of really delicious cupcakes. (Unfortunately, my boss won’t put that in the budget, so feel free to stampede over to our blog, just don’t expect us to FedEx you chocolate.) There’s a tangent for you – am I over my word limit yet?

    It just astounds me that some bloggers want to limit the length of comments or openly say they don’t want comments or admit that they will never respond to your comment unless you happen to be a “guru” or a paying client. Holy hell, it’s just arrogant as all get-out. And I’ve stopped reading one blogger because he said he’s only writing so people can see what HE thinks. Translation: There’s no possible way comments could add any value to his already brilliant blog, so go away. I used to respect him, but now I can’t stop thinking that he’s a jerk. Nobody should treat readers that way. If you don’t want comments, shut off your comment section like Seth Godin, but don’t leave a comment section up and then act like it’s a total burden to you.

    Comments are helpful – even when they’re negative. Comments spark new ideas. Comments, in my humble opinion, are a big part of what a blog is all about. And the blog you’re referring to that limits the length of comments? If I knew where it was, I would go there, write until the limit, say “continued” at the end and keep my point going in new comments until I was good and finished with what I wanted to say. That blogger is a fool, no matter how “brilliant” he or she is.

    Thanks for calling this out, Davina! @kamkansas

    1. Thanks Kathy. Hmm… chocolate, you are welcome anytime.

      WOW, you’re 2nd paragraph says it ALL. I totally get it, I totally agree and respect it. And yet.. if that blogger has brilliant insights that DO offer value to my work, then I still read. I read to know the OTHER side of arguments, maybe expand my thinking a bit. Yes I’ll think that person an arrogant prat or even a total douche, but I don’t ALWAYS unfollow or stop reading. I mean, I don’t follow Godin but if one of his posts crosses my path, I don’t NOT read it just because, if that makes sense.

      I agree that comments, real one with constructive criticism are helpful. I’m with you, a blog is about comments, the feedback. If you don’t want them then turn them off. If there is not enough time, blog less often and make the time. I keep thinking about a tech glitch or plugin fail or whatever, is what it is. IMO Ridiculous.

      1. Davina,

        I don’t follow Seth Godin on Twitter, but I do read his books and some of his blogs, and I learn a LOT from him. And for the jerk blogger that I’ve stopped reading for a while, the fact is that I’ve probably just put him in a digital “time-out” for a while. I’ve learned a few things from him too. I agree that hearing the other side of arguments is good and it expands your thinking. And as you know, that’s one very helpful outcome from comments too. I’d like to tell the blogger with the comment character limit that he is not Twitter 2.0. He should not dictate the number of characters that his readers (whom he should value) can leave on his precious little blog. As you say, it’s ridiculous. Thanks for your reply. I get your point and I think we’re on the same page, just maybe using a little different language. @kamkansas
        Kathy Manweiler recently posted..Bridging the Dental Gap

        1. Totally on same page.. love the ‘digital time out’ will now use DTO for the acronym. 😉 As for following a mix of people, it’s the “West Wing Jed Bartlet” approach of listening to smart people who disagree. Even if it doesn’t expand my thinking, I still learn what others are thinking and selling, ya know? Thanks again for sharing.

    2. I’m with you. If I could send virtual cupcakes, you know, like the nonsense they let you do on fb to all my commenters, they would all be 10 pounds heavier already. Only today, I deleted a few bloggers from my reader, who I notice never interact with their readers. They’re not just your readers or commenters, they’re PEOPLE. Sometimes I think people get a bit to big for their boots, because 16 people say “yay that was great”. Calm down, keep up the good work, and show the people who love you, some love. That way when you do drop the ball in a post or 3..which you will..the rose coloured glasses will come on, rather than a swift click on the delete button.
      Stacey Herbert recently posted..Silence- The Breakfast Of Champions

      1. “Calm down, keep up the good work, and show the people who love you, some love. That way when you do drop the ball in a post or 3..which you will..the rose coloured glasses will come on, rather than a swift click on the delete button.” That was golden. Better to put the rosy glasses on in the rain than in the sunshine.
        Shakirah Dawud recently posted..A Public DM- Can I Talk To You In Private

  8. Davina,

    This only happened to me once, but this is THE ONE most annoying thing I’ve ever come across while commenting on another blog – so I definitely feel your pain (in that instance, I was actually poring my heart out into a comment, only to get that message – I ended up not commenting at all). And it doesn’t make sense to me either.

    I mean, shouldn’t you want your readers to be active in the discussion? More than that, shouldn’t you want valuable comments – and not just the occasional, “Awesome read! Love your stuff. Good bye now!”

    It’s really sad to see (and utterly ridiculous if you ask me), and I’m glad that you mention it Davina. Good read.

    Christina Crowe recently posted..How 4 Top Bloggers Used Networking to Accelerate Traffic and Kick Ass

    1. YES! Someone else has seen this. It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen in out here in this social world, Christina.

      So if blogging has a plan, or strategy, what IS the goal here? If it’s focused comments or to police the crazies, then say so BEFORE someone tries to add more. IDK explain the plan to the audience…

      OMG, I need to look and see if there is a comment policy on the site. Hmm.. don’t see one, but I do see longer comments. Huh? Maybe it was a technical fail or a first-time things (though I have commented before).. just had to speak my peace on this, let my thoughts be known. Appreciate your thoughts, as always.

  9. Hello QOTA Ferris B. here 😉

    Oh my, I’m just reattaching the little pieces to my head after it did in fact explode lol!

    Okay, I realize a 1,000 word comment is long – but much like a blog post itself – if it’s good and the author has something to say – then for F’s sake, let them say IT!!! Unless it’s a GP – then fine!

    I’ve never come across that on a blog yet – but believe you me, the day I do is the day I will write a similar rant – I mean post – to this, and never go back.

    Man it must have felt like someone shutting the phone in your face haha.

    A blogger should be jumping up and down when they get a 1000 word comment – either from wanting to kill themselves for having to answer it or from excitement and pride that their words have to touched someone enough that they would rather leave a comment than publish the comment as a post on their own blog. Either way – they should be honored that someone took the time to write a thorough reply to what they said. And they should be glad to add value to their community. So let them speak or pull a Godin and just turn your damn comments off!

    Any 2 day old blogger should know by now that the comments are where the gold are and it’s the comments that are the life of the blog.

    One thing is for sure though – if you want to feel the wrath of Griddy – then tell her to shut up and see what happens. I tell ya, that Lebanese temper of hers isn’t pertttty lol. Kidding of course – I try to go with diplomacy as often as I can.

    Anyhow – I think it’s obviously how I feel about the slightly pompous (to use Mark’s expression here) act.

    Thanks for sharing this Davina. Sorry you had to go through that. Feel free to write a trilogy on my blog anytime my dear – I’ll take it and then some!

    Ingrid Abboud recently posted..Bring IT! I Brought IT with a Guide for Blog Post Schedules!

    1. Not to give you an aneurysm my dear Ingrid, it was 1,000 characters, not words, CHARACTERS. Like 7 tweets. Deep breaths, deep breaths.. want a cocktail? Oxygen? 🙂

      I really could not believe my eyes. So when I edited and shortened and hit ‘send’ or publish again, only to get the same warning, I was hella pissed. Deleted a huge chunk, sent it and walked away. But of course made a mental note of the egregious FAIL and knew I’d blog it someday when I could limit myself to a respectable, professional post that was only 20% profanity and teeth-gnashing. [bleep]ery!

      Comments are the shiz. Comments are the Real Dread Pirate Roberts. Hell I’ve stolen many a blog post right out of Gini, Danny, Mark Schaefer’s comments… don’t think they’ve noticed. (Marcus may be on to me, don’t say anything.) Comments – and what they bring (ideas, wisdom, debate, humor, community, etc. etc. etc.) – are what it’s all about, at least to this blogger. Trilogies and all. FWIW.

      1. WHAT???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Give me their number! Seriously I want their phone number! I have a few things to say to them. This will be the best and most fulfilling international call ever!

        As for trilogies – I take royalty fees for that word when it’s addressed with comments in mind – thank you ;)! My last name is with 2 B’s – and please send the check via DHL or FedEx. Gracias lol

        But again WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!???
        Characters?!!!!! Is this for real? They can’t possibly be serious. Forget pompous – I”m calling it the Pompeii (comment) complex (PCC) – do they have meds for that?
        Ingrid Abboud recently posted..Bring IT! I Brought IT with a Guide for Blog Post Schedules!

        1. It’s wrong but I’m LMAO… it’s insanity, no rhyme or reason to it, just made of fail. And given the craptacular TV I watch, THAT is saying something. I’ll get that check in the mail to ya. 😉

    1. You’re not the first to ask which blog. I cannot decide.. it’s a battle of my better angels (professionalism) and inner demons (the snarky little shit, you know – the REAL me). My professionalism is winning out, but mostly because even when I’m wrong, I know I still don’t like to be called on my bullshit.

      I’m not sure it was vanity or pride. Maybe the thought was .. like Twitter.. forcing strategic, focused comments. Maybe it’s a tech thing and approved commenters can type more. IDK. But if left as is I can’t imagine much community being developed, other commenters liking it. Reminds self: maybe not the goal, but then.. there’s always that “please comment CTA” and I want to growl again. 😉

      What’s a treat for me Marcus is all this conversation (though admittedly, I gotta send Livefyre a cookie for some of it). I took two half-backed ideas: the idea of do I need a “TY oh kind commenter” page or plugin and then tacked on the “Zip it, wordy commenter” issue. Reading it now, they related perfectly and it made a decent post everyone’s enjoyed discussing. FTW!

  10. As Mark W. Schaefer knows, if you limited my comments for length I’d have very little places left to comment. I try to keep them short, but if you have inspired me to write something a little longer than 1,000 characters isn’t that a compliment to you as the author?
    Shane Rhyne recently posted..The Measure of Success

    1. I too have been know to fall in love with the sound of my own typing, leave long comments.. sometimes on point, sometimes just silliness for fun to drive and build conversation. 1K characters is barely 7 tweets, I just don’t see the point.

      It’s more than a compliment Shane, it’s a gift. At least to me, even if you’re disagreeing. If you’re writing something smart and challenging that makes me think, bravo! And thank you.

  11. A Mark Harai tweet sent me over here. Since I’m relatively new at blogging, I don’t expect many folks to comment on my blog. I need to get that SEO/Content Marketing/ voodoo workin’ for me. But I have made a concerted effort to comment on blog posts I like. Mainly because I like conversation and I know the agony of not having your blog work commented on. You feel like you are alone on the stage with the mic off and the waiters are putting up the chairs.

    To purposely annoy someone who has taken the time to craft a response to an article seems a bit “velvet rope” to me. I suppose if you have a ton of traffic and dozens of commenters some may feel that you can tell the kids to get off your virtual lawn.

    I write for several sites and one limits articles to 2400 characters….the lameness of that limitation warps space-time in my view.

    P.S. I that implied facepalm pictures is fantastic.

    1. I’m a fan of the facepalm pics Mike, and that one is just made of win. Been waiting for the right post to use it, thought this fit perfectly. The ‘velvet rope’ makes me think of a member only, registration required scenario (an older rant of mine). This felt more like the ‘kids off the lawn’ thing… you’re welcome to my house but take off your shoes, no you can’t sit there.. thinking about SATC and only drinking clear, non-staining beverages. I now have eyeroll strain.

      Articles at 2,400 characters? That’s what 350 words give or take, not much of a post. I mean I try for brevity, but even w/ all my acronyms and abbreviations still close in on 500 words per post. IDK as a writing exercise maybe but I’m w/ you, it’s asking for lame, ‘where’s the beef?’ posts. FWIW.

      1. I’m very guilty of going over 700 words for my blog posts. I have made an effort to cut back, but most times 500 words seems really short.

        Regarding the “you’re welcome to my house but take off your shoes, no you can’t sit there” types. Sounds like their blog is sorta like those all-white Christmas trees with the white lights, “it’s for display only” 🙂
        Mike Meikle recently posted..Hyperdigitization- A Race to the Virtual

        1. White trees.. HA! I love that as 1) I have colorful trees and 2) many of my friends and family have beautiful all white and crystal trees.. the non snobby kinds, of course. 😉

          One writing tip from college that I am still trying to master, “warm up on your own time.” Short posts get read, get comments, get RTs. If that’s the goal, then it’s a reasonable strategy. I joke that my wit is wordy, but usually I can make a point in fewer words. It’s the ‘witty’ and ‘clever’ that bloat a post… but also the fun.

    2. Hi Mike – it’s great to see you sir. In fact I don’t see enough of you. I’m with Marcus, there are some great folks in this community. If you click on their blogs, you’ll recognize many of the faces in each of these communities 🙂 It would be great if you joined us in the conversation 😉

      Cheers bro!
      Mark Harai recently posted..Not Commenting or Answering Comments on Blogs Is Lame

    1. Does Tommy Lee Jones’ face LOOK like I’m fooling? 😉

      You should have seen my face Jenn, as I edited and deleted.. and my comment STILL was not short enough. Yes I fought to cut it. DAMN. This was a few days ago and I am still just gobsmacked by the fail.

        1. I was so stunned, I just edited it and yes, got it through when finally short enough. IDK I think the shock of it all just short-circuited the neurons on my brain or something, I did post anyway.

          I’ve been back, mostly to see if there was a comment policy to explain but could not see one. There is a reply and other, longer comments. IDK.. maybe I did do a different login or whatever but it’s just so.. even the concept of some plugin or login requirements that limit comment length, that’s crap. In my flabbergasted opinion.

    1. For the longest time Mark, I thought that was the “I’m too good for comments” mindset with various levels of asshattery along the spectrum: not having comments at all; never lowering oneself to reply; only replying to a select few; never commenting on other blogs, etc.

      But then people have different reasons to blog and it ain’t always about comments. Fine. Not my brand of high fructose, full caffeine carbonated beverage but fine. This post ASKED for feedback. Then put a CAP on that? Like seriously? Speculated that maybe a technical fail, but don’t care. If you want discussion, then you do. Period. Grrr….

  12. Hmm, we are not all that far off on our blog topics today Davina 🙂

    I’ve said it before, the comments are where the gold is at… Thoughtful contributions of others in the community always enhances a topic or thought and benefits the community as a whole.

    I’ve never seen a limit on comments before. First of all, most folks don’t leave 1,000 word comments and those who do have put some serious thought and effort into contributing value on your blog topic, as you’ve pointed out.

    It just doesn’t make good blogging sense to have such a limit and they’ve probably lost someone who could have added tremendous value to the conversation.

    Other than that – I.Got. Nothing.
    Mark Harai recently posted..Not Commenting or Answering Comments on Blogs Is Lame

    1. Your post is next on my reading list Mark. Curious to see if it mirrors one of my own, older “No Comment” rants.

      Putting ideas out there is great, if folks can get something from it. But then why go to the effort of all that SEO and networking and twittering? IDK. I say that I ‘get’ the different motivations for blogging and it’s not ALWAYS about getting comments. True enough. But if really, you’re not gonna reply or engage, just want others to discuss – briefly – among themselves, or not have comments at all.. then don’t call it a blog. Or maybe I will just decide not to call it a blog b/c like you IMO blog = comments and discussion.

  13. I agree. It would irk me to get that message. It’s like cutting someone off in a conversation. “Excuse me, please limit your reply to my statement to no more than 1 minute.” (Though, there are a few people that it would be nice to be able to put a limit on.)

    I do try to keep my comments shorter, just because it makes it more likely people will read it. If I do a long comment, I try to actually use some formatting (indents, numbers, etc.) to make it more readable, too. But, sometimes a post or the discussion warrants a long response. Why limit the conversation, for goodness sake?
    Neicole Crepeau recently posted..Building a Website- the Design Phase

    1. Like you, if I have something longer to add then yes, indents or bullets or something to break it up. And I try to write GOOD quality comments that add to a discussion, replying not only to the original post, but other comments sometimes.

      I was frankly stunned. I mean, I play around on some BBS boards for fun stuff that have 5K or 10K limits, but it’s about not overloading servers. Maybe it was a plugin glitch or something but this was just asinine.. and craptacular way to piss off the community. FWIW.

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