Weekend Reading List: Recap Round-Up

It’s the weekend. You’re tired, you’re over it, you’re looking forward to much needed sleep, family time and plentiful adult beverages. Not necessarily in that order.

You’ve missed many of the latest blogging hits and interesting news. Meanwhile your scheduled Monday blog looms like an anvil dangling by a lonely string of dental floss, precariously over head. Where to turn?

Content curation to the rescue

someecards.com - If you had a blog, I'd read the hell out of it.

I subscribe to Sarah Evans Commentz and Jay Baer’s 3-2-1 Connect. A lot of good bloggers review and curate other good blogs and articles for you and I’ve shared other curation lists before like Shonali Burke’s Weekly Roundup of PR and social media posts.

Working for the weekend, here are a few more good “week in review” lists.

Thank the Reader, it’s Friday

Kristi Hines (aka @kikolani) does a Fetching Friday list and this week picks many articles including tips on commenting before a RT, not to mention Stephen Colbert crooning with The Roots.

Gini Dietrich has dubbed her Friday weekly Gin and Topics, and includes a post on the Mythical Work-Life Balance. And IIRC twas she who introducte me to Lisa Barone’s very topical Weekend Coffee links. Hmm.. wonder if I’m following any wine or Disney bots?

The ‘Savvy Sisters‘ have a B2B slant to their Friday Weekly Wrap Up, so it’s on my “I should really read more often” list.

Saturday Blog Fever

Sweet Sunny Saturdays is another great blog round up. Like many of these lists, Brankica sometimes introduces me to new people and reminds me to visit some blogs more often like MarianLibrarian.

I kinda liked that Beth Harte was late (makes me feel less a slacker), ran this week’s Saturday Morning Reads on Sunday with a closer look at the social side of CRM.

Bloggers feast for Sunday dinner

Ingrid Abboud has the SuperPost Sunday sampler with tons of links including posts by Mark Harai and Paul Wolfe. Hell this week’s list I there may be only 13 bloggers that didn’t make it. 😉 Which is to say it’s a thorough look at social media, introducing me to the notion that ‘spammers are people too.’ Had to read that one.

New to me, Jason Sokol does a Sunday Shout Out post even giving me some love a couple weeks ago. Nice.

Do you publish or know about a great  marketing, PR, social media weekly recap? Add it to the comments, I’ll read the hell out of it.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Reading List: Recap Round-Up

  1. Now I’m disappointed.

    I came here looking for a good feast of acronyms and I bareful found a handful! Wassup with that? (just kidding btw).

    I used to scour the Link Posts for two things: to find new bloggers I’d not heard of, and to see if I’d made the list! (Ha ha ha – true story though). Now I find that Twitter brings me more new blogs than I can shake a stick at – now I need to find a way to filter them. Plus INgrid’s list is coming too….it gets very hard to keep up with my regular writing with all these great blogs to read. Not to mention the PILE of books by my bed that I’m supposed to be reading.

    Keep doing your thang….it’s always refreshing, enjoyable and authentic.

    Paul Wolfe recently posted..The War Of Art – 3 Lessons For Blogging Beginners

    1. Too much good content to read is a GREAT problem to have. That’s what I tell myself Paul.. all these great bloggers and tweeters. And yet, there’s always room for more.. every time I meet a Marcus Sheridan or Brian Meeks or a cast of others I am like, where have you been? Then can’t forget Shakirah or Jayme and the list goes on. I’ll never read it all, so it’s a treat to follow others who keep an eye on the good stuff. Not enough acronyms, MMHA2U. 😉

  2. I know Danny Brown does a round up on Sundays, but I think it comes out on Mondays. What I just want to share, however, is your practice of taking so much time to pull these links which make your posts so powerful.

    I just mentioned that about you and Jenn Whinnem in my comments today; both of you have that skill and it’s impressive.

    I need to be better; much better. It’s called being tired; blogging in a pinch and pushing content too frequently. So, thanks for all these reccos; no way can I read them, but thanks.
    Jayme Soulati recently posted..Klout- The Influence of Influence

    1. Thanks Jayme. I read a lot and therefore can link a lot. When I get busy, I have less time for these punchy link-heavy posts. No way I can or do read them all either, but it’s good to know they are out there. And yes, maybe Danny or Beth or someone can introduce me to a cool story or a different blogger, that’s one of my big wins w/ these kinds of posts.

      On the subject of pushing content too frequently, I blogged about that last week. Ingrid did a call for everyone to list their blog, its focus and publishing schedule on her blog, so she can make a list. I’ve settled on [hopefully] 2 posts a week here, then maybe a guest post elsewhere from time to time. I don’t want to get in the bind I have to force content – and now am thinking I gots to do something for tomorrow but quick, so later. And thanks for answering my nudge.

  3. Great, even more lists to follow………I’m drowning over here………….

    Seriously, you really do have to pick and choose at times. There are times I’m so deep into commenting and reading I don’t even get near twitter.

    Good thing I like to read, it just seems lately all my reading is blog reading.

    Thanks for sharing and it’s always good to see you. Now about those adult beverages……….
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Fork in the road

    1. This list is supposed to be a lifesaver Bill… save you time hunting for good stuff, by listing it one place. I’m trying to make more time for Twitter during the day and yet, a lot of the blog conversations get rolling good then as well .. esp. one of those Livefyre jobs. Certainly have to pick, choose .. then get work done too. As to the adult beverages, my answer is yes. 😉

  4. Hi Davina, I’m with you… lot’s to keep up with and feeling like a slacker!

    You and Ingrid are so freakin smart – you guys make it real tough for us average people 🙂

    You 2 are awesome ladies who are going to accomplish amazing things in the blogosphere. Your work is important. I can’t finish this without thanking and including that other super smart PR chick, Gini Dietrich (did I just call here chick???? Yikes!)

    I still can’t get over the fact that three of three of the most capable beautiful woman on the planet talk to me… Go figure :p

    Seriously, you 3 rock and roll and its exciting to see you guys do your thang. Cheers to you ladies!

    P.S. That Waxing UnLyrical gal is pretty awesome too! Cheers Shonali!
    Mark Harai recently posted..Breaking Free From Mediocrity and Familiarity

    1. Wow, Mark such flattery, you better watch yourself. In the interest of truthy transparent disclosure, my profile picture is badly in need of refresh. It’s like dated.. no, make that ‘carbon dated’ to quote Buffy.

      As for the reading and networking, I know I’ll never be able to keep up w/ even some of it – unless I win the lottery and make blog commenting my full time job, when not traveling and drinking wine all day. Thankfully smart folks like Brankica, Gini, Ingrid put these lists together for me. Or us, as I’m happy to share. Glad you stopped by.

  5. Aw, thank you! I can’t keep up with it all either. 🙁 Recently I have barely been able to comment, share, etc., and I don’t like that feeling. I know, I’m the only one who can “fix” that, but I’m whining anyway.
    Shonali Burke recently posted..In Memory of Hank

    1. Whine away Shonali, that’s what I do. Then go watch TV. Ahem. Anyway it’s nice so many smart people I like and trust curate such good lists of news stories and blog posts, figure I could make a ‘list of lists’ to help us all out.

    1. I can’t keep up with it all Gini. Have to figure out a way to divide the news posts from blogs from the must read stuff, though THAT is the list that keeps growing. It’s a nice problem to have, but still.. feel slack. So if I can’t curate my own lists, I’ll curate the curators and see what happens.

      Hee.. see you’re glad she was late b/c you were busy, I’m just comforted knowing I ain’t the only one who falls behind once in a while. 😉

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