My Evil Blogging Plan: Keep it Short and Sweet

Inspired … okay, guilt tripped by last week’s #SoloPR twitter chat, I am writing a short, sweet blog post.

Seth Godin has tons of readers and followers because he writes well, intelligently, and more often than not, concisely. But I am no Seth Godin and that’s fine.

Brevity is the soul of wit, right? It’s okay to have something quick to say, and I will add that to my small business marketing plan: shorter blog posts.

My evil plan is working!

I’ve been actively networking via social media for more than a year now. The key word in that sentence: Actively, an adverb describing the action word, networking.

I have connected with so many smart people in the social media, public relations, marketing game via Twitter, LinkedIn and my blog. Shameless self-promotion alert: I had one post make the front page of Social Media Today. For a week! And will be speaking at the 2010 Southern Public Relations Federation Conference this fall, based on this post.

My evil plan is failing!


I write what I know, what will give my audience something they can use, so my posts tend to be about PR, marketing and social media, geared for small business.

Yes I’ve brought value to this space, my readers.. but I haven’t signed new clients as a result of my plan. Yet! That’s a problem, that pesky ROI, one I plan to correct by stepping up my networking and blogging game.

Making the time

My new goal is make my blog a marketing and PR resource for Atlanta small business. I’ll do so by blogging more often, mixing it up and writing shorter, “easier” posts that speak to my target audience of potential clients.

Stay tuned to see if my plan is good, evil, or just dumb. 😉

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