Got Plan? 10 posts on Social Media Strategy, Tools and Tactics

Do you suppose they have an app for strategy? Terrific and funny question, posed by Valeria Maltoni on her blog last week.

Many small businesses struggle with ideas for social media strategy, knowing the tools–Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs–but not how to use them, measure success or where to start.

The Pros Know

As a PR pro, I can tell you that social media can make your professional life better.

Social media experts have learned to share. Tips on social media, how to advice on setting up Facebook pages or Twitter accounts, the Ins and Outs of blogging for inbound marketing. You name it, it’s out here.

From the blogroll and beyond: I’ve got 10 posts (counting Valeria’s) this week on social media marketing strategy.

Got Game Plan?

Think Global, Shop Local

If your social media reach doesn’t need to go viral–just around the corner–to get you ahead, there are plenty of strategies for using social media for local businesses. Four posts for marketing local, retail business:

BTW: Shout out to PRWeb inspiring this post with this article on blogger relations strategy. Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Got Plan? 10 posts on Social Media Strategy, Tools and Tactics

  1. Glad to see you’re referencing 99% of the peeps already in my stream. There’s some intensive information on Twitter and Facebook, to name two, and my Google Reader is 1000+ already and can’t get to it all.

    For me, it’s discerning the lackluster and the excellence, and even that takes work to ensure all the bases are covered.

    At the end of the day, what works is what has always worked. Solid strategy aligned with business goals and dotted with tactics (adorned now with social media).
    Jayme Soulati recently posted..Cystic Fibrosis in the Workplace

    1. Agreed Jayme, it’s the combination of the pieces. And that formula of marketing, social media, business goals and tactics will always vary. Needs to be fluid, adaptable to maintain and sustain IMO.

      My reading lists are the same, wish I could add more.. both “inside” the biz and not. #neverenoughtime

      Thanks for the comment.

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