The Social Me. What You Don’t See: Everything Else.


What you see is what you get: the social me. What you don’t see: EVERYTHING else.

Social Me: What You See

It’s what I post online. Pictures, my travel love, doing my nails. Food and wine, my TV shows, and generally typing, a little interesting news. When it comes to content and my professional self, that’s almost all business.

I work to live and would like to have more days that I ‘love’ what I do. (Will settle for ‘like.’) Right now, that’s changing careers – something internal communications or employee advocacy; think PR minus the ‘sales, sales, marketing, sales!’

Because of my job search (OK, hoping a dream job finds me), I have to be careful what I post online.

What You Don’t: Everything.

As of this typing, there’s 250+blog posts here. Scattered about the webs, countless comments, tweets, likes, etc. That’s barely the tip of my brain ramblings.

Always loved this Despair classic. 

In the Digital Purgatory that is my Evernote are (could-be brilliant?) posts on: racism and marketing; employee advocacy; the charity business; mental health and healthcare; communications and social media; economy and politics, life and family, work and play. Oh and I have a few ideas to fix the world.

I want to speak my mind, try to stand up for myself – yet avoid confrontation as a general rule. Ergo most of these missives will never see the light of the publish button.

Tweeting or blogging controversial content to get a few more clicks, RTs?  There’s too much risk, not enough reward.

I’m Not Done. Yet.

I used to think I didn’t go after big adult milestones – marriage, kids, high-powered, upwardly-mobile career – was because I wasn’t done yet. Still figuring out who, what I am – until I did, it wasn’t the time. Now I see those things weren’t ever me.

I’m learning who I am and what I want. The more I write, the more I know my mind. I have all the thoughts and feels, so many experiences and opinions.

But in that battle of personal vs. professional, I’m not ready to share everything. Yet.

Do you share more or less online? Dish hot button topics or play it safe?

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