New Year, Old Me. Yet Another New Year’s Resolutions Post.

Old me, new resolutions. Again. ICYMI 2018 is another new year, and the same old middle-aged me makes the same old New Year’s resolutions. (See also: old linked posts.)

For The Record:

Pretty much still a badass as reported in another resolutions post, though it’s doing me zero kinds of good. I speak up for myself, blow my own horn and yet my life feels very “why can’t you do more and not advance, not get paid more and be happy about it?!” Sigh.

My goal is a career change, something new that excites, challenges and rewards. I gravitate to healthcare and employee relations (silo’ed as the HR side of PR) for the idea that it’s work that never sleeps. That creates opportunity for a balanced work-life, that’s not fixed to dead-end 9-to-5 schedule.

This Despair mini-poster is right on my desk. Because yeah.

Most importantly, I still chose me. My wants are the same. HOW to get them, the ‘just’ part of the ‘do it’, that’s very hard.

For 2018 my old me, new resolutions are:
  • Less complaining. It’s counter-productive and pointless. Things outside my control, I don’t want to let get to me so I have to draw the line and let the b.s. go. That’s for work, play, life.
  • Less complacency. Tricky as this is the part when fighting for what you want, standing up for yourself picks up a little of that ‘complaining’ vibe. But it’s also here that the fight becomes worth it, that you advance, evolve, move forward. Yes please.
  • More appreciation. I am so blessed in many ways, I will always try to show my appreciation and pay it forward if I can. If nothing else, smile more as it’ll distract from my evil plans and my RBF.
  • More focus. I know what I DO NOT WANT. That’s a TL;DR list with the Big Two being: 1) nothing even in the same time zone of Sales; and 2) no 9-to-5, commuting, cubicle-dwelling, soul-killing endless meeting whilst getting nothing done pointlessness. Defining what I DO WANT, that’s what I have to bring into focus.
Old Me, New Career. 

My fantasy job of watching TV and movies, going to WDW and taking cruises, drinking good wines and sleeping late aside *wink wink.. my career aspirations have stayed the same:

  • To write, to be social, to create. Make plans, tackle challenges and get things done.
  • I want to work with and for smart, engaging, fun people.
  • Doing what I do to help others to work smarter and live better, that’s me.
  • I need to do what I’ve always done – communicate.

People come to me for a little of everything – planning and strategy, shopping and fashion, budget-friendly travel, writing and design, tech support, food wine pairings, life advance, TV recommendations. You name it, I’m “Let Me Davina That For You.”

My resolution for 2018 – turn that not just into a good job, but a good career and even better life. I resolve to figure out HOW.

You: goals, personal or professional? 

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