Career Change: It’s Time

I am looking for a new career. It’s Time.

I am stepping away from my independent practice. I want to focus on doing great work, not running a business. More than that, I want more than PR and social, more than marketing sales – something different.

I want back in – inside a company, be part of an organization, find another way to use my expertise and experience to contribute.

Wanted to use this one for so long. Classic Despair Demotivator.
Wanted to use this one for so long. Classic Despair Demotivator.

Look at practically every job posting – they require critical thinking and strong communications skills. Got those in spades, multitasking mojo too; all the potential for a smart career change.

To what? So many possibilities. This is what’s really speaking to me these days:

  • Healthcare. Both professionally and personally, this is a career I can see myself growing into. (FTR I’ve been ‘moonlighting’ for years.)
  • Internal Communications. Human Resources and Employee Relations. Business is about more than spreadsheets and data, HR is more than hiring and benefits – it’s about people.
  • Travel, Tourism, Hospitality. This would be that dream job that I get to be good at doing something I love to do.

Wait.. WHAT?!

3Hats Communications – The Blog – is going nowhere. When I get an itch to write about SM, Public Relations, HR and corporate communications, I will. My writing is an extension of my resume, my professional persona – and it makes me a better communicator.

3Hats Communications – The Business – will be available for consulting and side projects only. This will be my ‘moonlighting’ gig, when I find that great new career.

FWIW I’ve always thought, said, tweeted, typed and blogged that Communications = Business. I’ll hold to that down any career path.

Ever thought of doing something completely different? Any tips to share for someone making a career change?

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2 thoughts on “Career Change: It’s Time

  1. Thank you Davina for your bravery for putting your career shifts dreams out there. I have been a Doctor for 21 years. I enjoyed my education, the mental health journeys with families, and mentoring employees and students. When I began, I never imagined myself doing any other career than mental health. Lately, I have enjoyed medical billing, financial trading and animal rescue/volunteering. My advice to you as you search for your “next” career is follow in the path you love to do/dream about doing. Many of us start in a career for the wrong reasons or different reasons and find ourselves in a second career. The second career shows our growth, interests and most of all our passion! … I hope you will be blessed with the first job on your new career search that leads to one that pays you what you are worth! Good luck.

    1. Funny thing is I still like the ‘work’, it’s everything else that’s lost the appeal. Thinking about the ‘dream’ there’s that Venn Diagram.. circles of what we like doing, what we’re actually good at doing, then what we can get paid for doing. Since watching TV, drinking wine, going on trips isn’t a JOB.. yeah, I’m gonna keep looking for the next best thing. Thanks for commenting my friend. 🙂

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