What makes the difference?

Thinking soon almost any restaurant that wants to compete will have to offer WiFi. It’s so often my deal breaker, especially for lunch. In fact I’m more surprised when someone doesn’t have it.

Of course you’d want to be careful and do it right when you offer Wifi at your business. Take a look at the expense, do the math, think of luncheons you can host, the iPad, smartphone wielding users wanting to use their toys.

Places I go, often because I know they have WiFi:

  • Wine store and cafe, in a hilariously risky combo of booze and Internets.
  • Two of my local mechanics, oil changers. Tweet will you wait.
  • Many of my favorite lunch and dinner places, local and chain. Around Atlanta, any Chick-fil-A, McDonalds.
  • Hell my sports bar has wireless; friends making me sit through a four-hour blowout game? No prob, that’s what the handy, dandy iPad (and beer) is for.

Difference Makers. 

Lagniappe, Cajun for that ‘little something extra.’ Something as simple as offering Wifi can make a difference.

Olive Garden doesn’t that extra service? Then your restaurant should.

It’s how to market yourself vs. the competition: listen to customers, offer value, convenience, differentiate by providing extra service like Wifi that others don’t.

If you want business you have to want the business, you have to compete, you have to fight for it. And find what will make a difference. Not offering what customers expect could cost more in the long run.

Products and services are becoming more readily replaceable, being local may not make you marketing proof anymore. If the chaps across the pond or three counties over can print pretty much the same glossy post cards, or serviceable window cling, FEDex it to my client in days for less – sometimes considerably – what kind of small business advisor would I be if I suggested otherwise?

You have to find what will make a difference, make it worth my while. That’s why premium brands like Apple, Disney, Chick-fil-A are premium; design, quality, experience, service set them apart. Lot of theme parks have cool rides and fun shows; but those little intangible touches that are just so Disney, it makes a difference.

What about you, what are your difference makers? What can your small business do better, faster, smarter, cheaper, extra that will make a difference?


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