2011: A PR and Social Media Odyssey

In this infinite din of crap polluting the Internets, I’ve read more junk than I care to admit. Even on my less-is-more diet, I’ve still left hundreds of comments everywhere and don’t get it when good posts get “ignored,” my crap attempts at SEO notwithstanding.

Horn, consider thyself tooted

Blessed be a New Year that gives me license to pimp my own posts, gotta milk this opportunity for all it’s worth. Kidding, I sometimes look back on old posts to see how dumb I was.
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Current readers, lurkers, silent supporters, Thank You!

New readers who’ve stumbled upon my blog by accident, thinking you’d learn how to make money with Twitter or secret mysteries of Facebook.. sorry, can’t help. What I can offer is a ‘different’ look at public relations, social media and marketing communications for small business.

In lieu of a “best post” list, my popular posts based on what got the most comments or most retweets I picked these:

5 posts that should have been read, commented upon and/or tweeted the hell out of. But weren’t?! (Again with the joshing.)

Why? Because I think I’m funny. Because I thought I was onto something with these. Because they ARE better than many of the factoid, list of definitions, random infographic posts that I need to stop clicking.

Because these will give any small business manager an idea of what public relations, social media and marketing communications should really be about, how they can help a company do business.

  1. Numerical Blindness. My take on some of the “eye-popping” social media stats.
  2. Crisis PR twofer, with rants on Prior Planning and the CYA approach to communications management. I will never understand company execs and brand managers who stick their heads in the sand, thinking trouble will not find them.
  3. The Gerber Baby Syndrome, a look at our relentlessly absurd expectations of marketing and service perfection.
  4. How to Get Free Publicity for Your Business. Grabby, SEO friendly title and some long-tail juju, with a straight-talkin’ twist.
  5. A Day in Customer Service Hell, kinda a personal fave because I thought I nailed being smart, funny and ‘different’ in a constructive rant.
  6. Because I couldn’t stop at 5, I’m still stumped by the idea of marketing-proof businesses. There are rare instances when negative feedback and bad PR really don’t hurt the bottom line that much, thanks to good locations or cornered markets.
 Happy clicking. What’s the ‘best’ post you wrote that ‘no one’ read? Go ahead, brag a little.

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4 thoughts on “2011: A PR and Social Media Odyssey

  1. You are funny and consider yourself tooted.

    Most small businesses have no idea how to get their hands around all of it and make it work for them; there are real opportunities out there because many need help.

    I look forward to your direction and I always enjoy you.

    The countdown is on for you-know-what……..geaux Tigers.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..What am I, chopped liver?

    1. I’m really going to make a consulting push this year, I just gotta figure out a few things. Like what’s working, what’s not to see what I need to do. I know I need to toot more, heh.. be clearer about my experience, what I can do. A little bragging and shameless self promotion might not be a bad thing.

      Here’s hoping for a better 2012 Bill, nice clients with fat wallets and of course, an LSU national championship. 🙂

    1. I think I’m funny. 😉 I’ve been trying to do a few ‘comments’ posts and really, don’t think I’ve scaled back that much. Fewer maybe, but in a greater variety of places. Something else I’m thinking about for 2012. At my current rate, my obligatory resolutions post might be ready by June. FWIW.

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