Feel the Power: Blogging

Most of my F&F roll their eyes at blogging. Even those who spend hours each week on Facebook, commenting on sports message boards, all matter of ‘online’ activities – they still have little respect for the blogging arts.

Reach out and Connect

Now I make fun of blogging as much as the next person, know we are often just talking to our keyboards or each other if we’re lucky. But I do recognize its power, often point out to them that ‘this article’ they liked, ‘that site’ they always read is or was essentially, a blog.

Blogs – in their many forms like WP, Tumblr, even Facebook and Twitter’s micro version – have reach, the possibility to make connections.

Lightning in a Post

In the past few weeks, two stories kinda lit up the old blogospherenets.

  1. Jeremiah Owyang‘s Obit for the Golden Age of Tech Blogging spawned a lot of rebuttal, some in his comments but mostly via other blogs. Holy trackbacks, Batman I stopped counting at 3 dozen.
  2. Forbes‘ role playing, navel gazing as a Poor Black Kid, which sparked thousands of comments and feedback, so much they included a few rebuttal posts as an Editor’s Note to the end of the story.

I want that!

Not so much the negative feedback, but that kind of reach, that kind of connection. To hit on ‘something’ in a way no one else ever has before or even just stir up the kind of meaningful, substantive discussion.

I write primarily about public relations and social media, marketing ideas for small businesses. Unlikely I’d ever have the reach and impact of these posts, but in my own little corner of the Interwebs, why the hell not?!

I want to build the blog to help build my business. It’s one of my goals (resolution post pending – due any week now) for 2012, get more targeted eyeballs and feedback for the blog. The trick is how?

  • The Great Debate. I’ve got opinions and ain’t afraid to share them but disagreements and controversy, not my style or always right for my blog.
  • List posts.Β Yeah, these make the rounds. I’d have to do them in my own way so they weren’t as dry and sucky as much of the crap out there.
  • Blogging about blogging. Tech tips or echo chamber water cooler chat – this post would be the latter – writing for bloggers is an easier well to tap into, get myself some quick trackbacks and RTs. Except other bloggers aren’t always the eyeballs I’m after.
  • Better content that you can’t get elsewhere. It’s what I’ve been trying to do, what I’ll keep doing.. producing usable, valuable advice for SMBs trying to improve their marketing communications, build their businesses via public relations and social media. With a side order of humor and inspired blogging, I hope.
Blogging, Power Ups
Ever had a post that sparked a fire, good or bad? Is this something you want, to write something that resonates with others? Read a powerful blog post and thought, ‘I want that!’?Β C’mon, talk blogging to me.

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24 thoughts on “Feel the Power: Blogging

  1. I am a fan of blogging and i love it more than anything in my life nowadays..I feel comfortable in sharing my feelings,my knowledge with online world and i do that.I like your blog,bookmarked it for future πŸ™‚

    1. Justin, always thoughts there’s a big difference in blogging for business and when the blog IS the business. I too need to change what I do, to use the blog to better represent the biz. Best of luck for 2012.

  2. I also agree with Mark H. You are trapped in a loop. You long for more comments and dialogue but don’t want to take a strong stand or spark a controversy. That is impossible to resolve, Davina.

    When I was in my 20s, I had a revelation. In a performance review, my boss told me that it seemed like it was important for me to be “liked.” At that time, I just assumed everybody had this same need to be liked but over time, learned that innovation, change, and progress never occurs if you are preoccupied with being liked. I’m not saying anybody should be rude or disrespectful. What I learned is that a focus on being liked as a goal will get in the way of being respected.

    I think if people know you that you are honest, fair, and honorable in your intent you will earn respect that will lead to a deeper form of “like.”

    FWIW : )

    1. Do people hire people they don’t like, or see as ‘unpopular’ and not liked? If they’re good enough perhaps, if they like the input and ideas they’re sharing but often IME, people would rather work with some ‘good enough easy-going’ people, than ‘very smart/good but difficult’ ones.

      When I was in my 20s I wore very nice, business pants suits to interviews. I was more comfortable/confident in them and if someone didn’t want to hire me b/c I wasn’t in a skirt, I didn’t want to work for them anyway. Problem was .. they were the only ones hiring. Or so it felt then, seems now.

      I know you’ve got a point Mark, you’re right.. and I know you’re all about being courteous, respectful, professional. I do rank respect above being liked and yet, want to be liked too. While I know better, I realize a lot of others don’t look for the deeper forms of like. They see the superficial RTs and other easily gamed numbers, see the ‘appearance’ of success.. and don’t take the time to look any further.

      I’m caught in a loop for sure, and I’m going to have to step out of it in order to move forward. Thanks.

    1. Debate the issues, not the debater. Think that’s part of my comment policy. And confrontation has to have a purpose, an objective. Yes there are times I must speak out, just to get my voice on record. But often, I see no positive end-result to the windmill tilting, linkbaiting, other actions… and therefore, it’s not worth my time and energy. FWIW.

  3. I think we’re all coming to the same conclusion. I hit my blogging birthday next month; I will be two. Very young, but old enough to get many accolades. So what?

    Is it time to monetize, and how as a service business with an actual product for sale shall I? Write that blasted book; will anyone care? Do webinars differently than someone else? Can’t figure out who’d buy. Lecture for money? Gotta get on the A-list or form our own D-List and then sit next to Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve after 10 years of trying.

    So, good luck; when I see you with the answers, I’m gonna piggyback and copycat like hell.
    Jayme Soulati recently posted..Should Health Of Blog Community Align To ROI?

    1. We’ll get jackets made when we figure it all out. πŸ™‚

      It’s not that I begrudge anyone their book deals and speaking gigs, really. I just don’t think I want that. I’m smart and could give a panel discussion a nice kick in the ass, up the snark quotient … if I weren’t shy in person. (Yes I really am an introvert and hide behind my keyboard, until I know you, feel comfortable being ‘me’ around you.) Plus, that’s more work creating slideshares and videos and ebooks, still with no payday at the end??!

      IDK I’m on this kick now that in a typical email, I write some 50-100 words of actionable, valuable advice. My blog posts give away IMO a ton of really good information that would help any SMB figure out more of their marketing communications, PR and social media strategy. I know I can do more with my blog. But damnit I want more in return, I do want the blog to ‘work’ for me. /end ramble

  4. Hey Davina,

    I think you have to work out the conflicting goals. To me, if you want interaction on the non-tech side of the blogosphere, you can stick with 1) blogging about blogging, 2) social media or 3) personal development. The good news for you is that I would put marketing/PR as #4. But the first two, in our world, are the comment and link magnets.

    When I switched to Customer Service and quit doing Paper.Li and Google+ posts, my comments definitely went down. However, overall, my SEO type traffic has gone up.

    The latter is more targeted and appropriate to my site goals. FWIW πŸ˜‰
    Adam Toporek recently posted..5 Examples of Customer Service Skills You Can’t Ignore

    1. I think my goals are closer aligned Adam but you just made a big reminder, thanks. Google+, which I’ve used in the past for more of the ‘blogging about blogging’ and tech stuff; I need to move more of these type posts there, since that audience is a lot of bloggers.

      What needs to be here are things that potential clients (audience I want) are wanting, needing, SEARCHING to read. I think I CAN hit that while still honoring the readers I already have, but realize I can’t with every post. Some will be SEO-driven, others community-oriented, some my attempts at humor or rants. Then there’s the website as a whole, not just the blog. Another post for another day.

  5. Can I get an Amen; or a hell yeah, huh? I would say that in all the blogs I’ve read and I read good ones all the time; there have been 2-3 that just blew me away. Yes, I would love to be able to duplicate that impact.

    Good luck with your direction and your efforts; I look forward to watching your journey.

    Sorry about your Tigers; it was a shame they even had to play Bama again.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..What am I, chopped liver?

    1. Not ready to talk about the game Bill. Curse, yell, swear some more, raise my fists in furious anger, break out the voodoo dolls, that I can do.

      I’ve read stories and posts that really reached out and stirred up a few things, perhaps even got the ball rolling on actual change. I’ve read about how ‘this post got that connection bringing in that client’ – and really want that too. Not sure if I can do both, rock the boat a little whilst trying to lure scared fish through muddy, crazy waters. Never you mind, abusing water metaphors. We’ll see. πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Davina,

    I’ll echo what Mark said. This is indeed a work-in-progress (said blogging) and if there is anything I’ve learned in four months of blogging … it is way, way more work than expected. So what do I do? Go and make more ambitious plans. πŸ™‚ Looks like you’re doing the same. Here’s to being industrious. πŸ™‚

    I also like what Mark said about stepping out of your comfort zone (I don’t see you having a problem with that one!) This is a big one with me, embracing uncertainty and discomfort has always been the best way for me to grow, plus you are constantly being exposed to so many new, great people and opportunities. You never know what might spring up if you keep getting uncomfortable!

    I’d say you’re smarter than the average bear too and you’ll be rocking it soon!
    Craig McBreen recently posted..I need some advice, now!

    1. Video is out of my comfort zone, but it’s a necessary evil.. I’ll get around to it some day this year. πŸ™‚ And boy howdy are you right Craig. I am always meeting new people, that’s part of what ‘distracts’ me from working on my blog (and getting my blog to work for me, my biz). I still see so much potential here, just waiting for us to figure it all out. Thanks.

  7. Well, I am getting more serious from a business perspective with my social efforts.

    At this point, I’ve just connected with great people I can learn from and be inspired by… You fit that bill πŸ™‚

    I can do the social thing pretty well – although I haven’t even considered writing something that would rock the social web into a frenzy. Just the fact that it’s on your mind and your capable of doing it puts you way ahead of the game miss.
    Mark Harai recently posted..Lead For Crying Out Loud!

    1. All of that – except it’s not so much, not just the ‘social’ world I want to rock. I’m after the business world, small is ok. I (reminding myself this) am smart, capable, hard-working and can help companies do great things, just need the chance .. and a decent paycheck. πŸ˜‰

  8. A lot of people don’t really understand blogging. It is easy to paint it as being something that a bunch of nerds who live in mom’s basement do but that is just indicative of their ignorance of the medium.

    I have written a bunch of posts that have blown up but most of them have been centered around hot button issues. It is not always the best way to get attention. You find yourself being swarmed by trolls and all sorts of other degenerates.

    But if things go your way you can find good people who decide that they can’t get enough of your writing and they come hang out with you.
    Jack@TheJackB recently posted..Cheaper Than A $5 Whore With Less Risk of Infection

    1. You’re right Jack, I’d rather be lessor known than deal with all sorts of the wrong attention. That kind of writing won’t help me. I know this is ‘me’ this writing and talking with others; I know I’m better at marketing communications and PR because I blog and engage with others. But a better businesswoman, I’m not. Yet anyway. I think I can do this better, bring it to the next level that honors the relationships I have with my audience AND builds a blog that attracts business. Still figuring out the ‘how’ but one part is definitely the “can’t get enough of MY writing.” Thanks.

  9. Hi Davina – all of this stuff is work in progress – slower at times than we would like!

    I’m sure you have many ideas, inspirations, strategies and more to get you where you want to go; sometimes its just about changing some things up, whether look, feel, design or perhaps video, podcasting, guest posting?

    All you need to do is step outside your comfort zone and start doing those things you’ve been telling yourself you need to do.

    Everyday our social footprint broadens. The hard a__s work we passionately crank out daily are building blocks. Each day holds light-bulb moments that make us more capable of understanding how all these things work together and how to best leverage them to get the desired results.

    I love your vision, goals and desires – who wouldn’t want those things?

    That’s where all of this is leading. You have a great head on your shoulders and are smarter than the average bear. The things you desire are yours to be had with just a bit more hard a__s work and little more time… You’re so close to breakthrough.

    Keep plugging away and rockin’ the social web miss…

    And Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Mark Harai recently posted..Lead For Crying Out Loud!

    1. But how smart is the average bear, really? πŸ˜‰ I’m kidding Mark.. and thank you. Thanks to all this writing and navel-gazing, I do know I’m on the verge of ‘something’ but just not sure what exactly. I’ll get out of my zones this year I’m sure, certainly at least one video lurks in my future, a timely guest post (if I can not buckle under the pressure!). Really though, I want to make this work work. I know it’s not about numbers, but when I see how connections and blogs really CAN make things happen, generate results it does make want to do the same. Who knows, 2012 could be our year? FWIW.

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