Over the 40 Hill: Less Sucky Than I Expected

A more personal post today and since I’m a private introvert this 1) will be short 2) as exciting as watching grass grow. In January.

I turn 40 today. (Disclosure: the gravatar picture is way old, working on an update.)
someecards.com - If this is the wrong side of 40, I don't want to be right.

Blogging about the turning 40 milestone, I have no smart list of what I’ve learned so far. Except floss, you should really floss.

IF I knew then what I still haven’t figured out now…

I so would have taken that engineering scholarship. Maybe. Probably. NOT that I don’t like this but you know road not taken, all that crap.

I’ve been winging it, should have had a plan. But what 25-year old really plans their lives? Not this one.

I would have worked harder on my career, not just my jobs. I’d have paid more attention to so much, done more for my career than just doing really good work. I should have networked more. I have worked hard, when I should have worked smarter.

Over the hill? Not the middle of nowhere but it’s got a nice view

I work to live and am working on loving my work. I’m still a kid at heart with my WDW workcations and sunny cruises; card, food and wine all-nighters; and of course quality time with family, friends and the DVR once in a while.

Am I freaking out? Not really just enjoying a little reflective whine. Big plans? A celebratory trip this fall but nothing tonight. Maybe dinner, some wine, covering my gray and probably getting a head start on a longish weekend. Later.

Photo credit: had a hard time picking the user Someecard, so many good choices.

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18 thoughts on “Over the 40 Hill: Less Sucky Than I Expected

  1. Hey Davina,
    I’m a bit late to the party but since it’s the weekend I’m hoping you’re still celebrating the big and beautiful 4-0 :)!

    Wishing you a wonderful bday ma dear. Hope it’s a great year for you – one that’s filled with love, health, happiness and success.

    All the best
    Cheers to being one year younger 😉
    Ingrid Abboud recently posted..Bring IT! What Has Blogging Done for You

  2. Happy Birthday Davina!

    I hope you have a wonderful day — and you look absolutely stunning at 40!

    You’re just getting started, now it’s time to kick some butt — put all of that wisdom and experience to work changing lives and the world if you desire 🙂

    Cheers to you on your special day 🙂
    Mark Harai recently posted..Social Media Tire Kickers – Dead on Arrival

    1. Ok, I just emailed a photographer as I’ve got to get this picture (taken at 30) updated! I’m actually celebrating all year.. relaxing this weekend (just had a pedicure) then a cruise this fall. Thanks for the well wishes Mark, hoping 40 will be a good year. 😉

  3. No way am I flossing ever again, screw the hygienist who kills me once a year (and now I’ve scheduled every 9 months to die), because I just knocked a temporary cap off and then crunched it. Wonder how long I have to wait for the crown? Cuz, the ’40s are all about teeth, so welcome to the party is right!

    Happy, happy, celebrate good times, c’mon! P.S. I tried to pull those dang gray hairs and then they started showing up around my hairline before the rest of my head and then another would boing up with a mind of it’s own and be straight for dang sake in the middle of curls.

    So, yeah, you know I just marked a biggie myself so I’m whining more than you, so get a grip, Girl. And, thanks for the link; you rock that hot.
    Jayme Soulati recently posted..A PR Recap With Thanks

    1. I try.. not saying I always succeed but I do try to floss on a quasi-regular basis. Been hiding the gray for years.. but now they’re fighting back with a vengeance so it’s a never ending battle. So actually Friday it’ll be hair, a pedicure.. and as much slacking as I can squeeze into a weekend. Thanks for the b-day wishes. 😉

  4. I came over here to comment on a blog simply to wish you a happy birthday so I’m pleasantly surprised to find your birthday post! Is 40 really the grown-up girls club?! Do you feel a day over 25? I know you don’t look it.

    Happy, happy, happy birthday!!

    P.S. I LOVE to floss my teeth!

    1. The picture is OLD.. like 10 years, I keep meaning to get a new one made. Plus covering the gray helps. I still feel like a kid, act like a kid – though my knees would disagree. 😉 Thanks for the birthday wishes, Gini.

  5. Happy Birthday Davina!

    (Thanks for the pingback…)

    You know, it’s not THAT bad. The woulda, shoulda, coulda game is a pain – having the nice round number works for me, and I think it’ll work for you, too.

    I’m in THIS (whatever it is) for the long haul. So, yeah, I feel so much better now that I’m 40: and from what I see of your work, you should feel pretty darn good about where you are now, too.

    Dave Van de Walle recently posted..Startup Hospice And When Your Company Needs It

  6. I knew it was your birthday, but I didn’t know it was the 4-0. Welcome to the “grown up girls” club, Davina!

    I don’t know if I’m going to have a mid-40s meltdown or what, but lemme tell ya – with the grey and everything, I love where I am (as you know). I sure as heck didn’t have a plan when I was younger, and even now, some of the best things that happen to me happen by accident (or should I call it serendipity?). I suspect those of us who wing it just a bit have more fun than those who plan each and every moment.

    I’ll raise a glass to you tonight, my dear. Happy birthday!

    PS – I hate flossing. But I know it’s good for you. Ugh.
    Shonali Burke recently posted..The Music Of Communications

    1. Yup, new decade Shonali. I’m still take things as they come.. but know that a little plan will help me get where I want to go, maybe a little easier or smarter. I’ll be raising a few glasses this weekend (not to mention my “official” b-day trip this fall) along with doing the hair and a relaxing pedicure. 😉 Thanks.

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