My Top 5 PR and Social Media Posts

Here it is, my first blog post of 2011 as I commit to better blogging. Drumroll, it’s a total cheat. Muwhahaha! You can blame Gini Dietrich and Mark Schaefer.

Don't Drink and Blog My Top 5 Posts on Public Relations and Social Media

Why five? Because 10 is too many. And because I don’t have the proponderous volume of wisdom on public relations and insights on social media.. at least, not yet (pesky resolutions).

Twitter is Work, Damnit! This post, about my take on the work that is required to “get” Twitter, was quick and easy to write, seemed popular via comments and retweets. Social Media Today picked it up, which was a nice boost to my blogging ego.

A Naughty or Nice Checklist. On a whim I did a Christmas-themed post, just took a creative angle and ran with it. The comments are loaded with more tips for PR and a ton for social media. Plus it was fun.

A few posts I slipped past you

@OldSpice, Why does women’s advertising suck? This was a name-drop post, trying to cash in on the conversation but it’s really about creativity and advertising aimed at women. I think I am funny and clever and at times, feel women are slighted when it comes to creative marketing. See also, my Douche for Raise post.

Crisis PR in a Social Media World. This was my response to the Sea World tragedy and food for thought: Here are a few posts highlighting the PR blunders and Social Media FAILS of 2010 and Sea World’s name isn’t on them.

Your Website is Ugly and Your SEO Sucks. This was my love letter to search optimization and I still need to learn more about it, the analytics and tools and tactics which is why a website update is one of my resolutions. Think the Peter Shankman quote says it all, and I kinda liked my headline.

Do you have favorite posts of mine? Feel free to heap unwarranted praise upon me in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “My Top 5 PR and Social Media Posts

    1. Re: my “wit and wisdom.” Do I thank you for your kind words, or question your judgement? I’ll say thanks, Jenn. 😉 AND give you total props for the CommentLuv you share with other bloggers; THAT puts the “social” in social media networking. Looking forward to seeing more from you in 2011.

    1. Mark, With all this idea stealing, our royalty checks should cross paths in the night, right? I tease of course as this is the point: exchanging ideas, chatting and talking to learn something new, share it with others. All good, thanks.

    1. Gini, It works, that’s for sure.. as do the funny graphics. Plus the cheat lets me showcase a post or two someone may have missed and I really could have done more, like the video post. Happy to make you laugh this morning, thanks.

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