Follow Friday: Thanks for Your Support

Always one to know steal a good idea when I see it, this post will do double-duty stealing two ideas: recognizing those who’ve left some comment love AND make Follow Friday recommendations.

Thanks for Your Support - Yes, you are awesome for reading my blog.
A blog without comments is so lonely and I’ll say it: I’m something of a comment whore. I want feedback, engagement, people telling me how awesome I am (or even calling me on my bullshit), all that jazz.

In the spirit of the holiday season, Ari Herzog recognized everyone who’d commented on his blog by name, with a trackback to their own blogs. Nicely done and such a good idea, I’m gonna keep running with it.

I’ll follow you anywhere

Michelle Quinn and I had a good little chat here about Follow Friday and getting it right. On Augie Ray’s post about social media peeves, there were some great suggestions for fixing Follow Friday in the comments. The biggest thing: say WHY you recommend following someone.

A few of my favorite names to see in comments and my Follow Friday picks this week:

Jenn Whinnem. She reads, she retweets, she offers feedback. And she’s not even pimping her own blog for the linkjuice, though she does make a great guest blogger and uses those posts for the CommentLuv links. Awesomesauce.

Shonali Burke. We’ve had some great conversations here and on her Waxing Unlyrical blog, which have inspired other posts. She thinks about her comments, her tweets, what she shares. What it’s all about. Wicked cool.

Mark W. Schaefer. He’s funny, has a great Business {Grow} blog and he engages there and on Twitter… when not ensconced in his English garden… or stealing my ideas. Evil genius.

Michelle Quillin. Sorta “new” to my blog and Twitter feed, we’ve swapped blog comments a few times now. Which has been awesome and shows how “social” can really work if you take the time to connect. Glad I’ve met her, found her New England Multimedia Blog. Good conversationalist, and I mean that in a nice way.. not a “setting you up on a bad blind date” kinda way.

There are a few repeats and I don’t care. If you’re interested in public relations, social media, marketing and genuine engagement.. these peeps are worth following.

Did I convince you? What do you look for in Follow Friday recommendations?

Photo credit: As great as the Someecards are, the user cards can be even worse, and therefore way better.

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12 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Thanks for Your Support

        1. See, it’s the Twitter effect maybe. Like you give someone 24 hours to reply to an email, but when it takes more than a few days.. it looks bad. So a comment reply taking a few days.. is that too long? Depends on the post and the action in the comments I guess. What’s the little emoticon for thinking? πŸ˜‰

  1. YOU are wicked cool, Davina. This was very kind; thank you! I have really enjoyed getting to know you, and I love love LOVE your 404 page (remember when we talked about that?). I love how you always respond and particularly how good you are about commenting; I have a long way to go to be a better commenter.

    A while back, I’d started doing FF posts such as this, and the ones that @ginidietrich does every Friday, and then I stopped… I used to try to pick a theme and then a few people. I ended up feeling really bad about folks who might felt left out, so I stopped. But it’s a very nice way of giving back, so I might have to follow in your footsteps and start again… we’ll see.

    Also, whenever I think of you, I think of “FWIW.” Love how you use that!
    Shonali Burke recently posted..And So I Dance Again

    1. Shonali, I get so much from reading, commenting and sharing the stuff. I tease Mark about stealing ideas, but really it’s how it works. You never know when this post or comment takes something in a whole other direction. Another thing I’ve noticed with some of my favorite bloggers: we can mix it up a bit, disagree, have a healthy, professional debate and for myself, I really learn from it.

      Gini’s one-person #FF is great, she gives a lot of detail to her recommendations. I have done themed #FF like humor and “outside PR/SM” people. Done “right” it is a nice way of giving back, something I need to do more often.

      BTW you’re the second person this week to mention my signature FWIW close. It’s my way of hedging my bet, that caveat that my comment or opinion may not be worth that much, so not to take it too seriously. πŸ˜‰

  2. Ahh, nothing like refreshing honesty on the blogosphere Davina, I’m digging your style already. And props to you for ‘giving back’ to those that have given to you. πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚


    1. Marcus, Hope you continue to find my brand of honesty refreshing, I’m not always so sure. “Giving back” is a part of social that I like, the part of the community that gets that helping others is not only good and fun, it helps yourself. Thanks and enjoy your weekend too.

    1. If this makes your day Mark, you need higher standards. πŸ˜‰ It’s a good idea to steal and one I hope to run with as I meet new people on Twitter, make recommendations, play matchmaker. Thanks.

  3. Wow, thanks for the shoutout, Davina! I’m honored! I love your blog – it’s funny, insightful, and full of links for me to read more. That’s why I RT your links. And you’re kind enough to come around and read what I’m excited about, too.

    When I make #FF lists on Twitter, I say why someone should follow. I often follow people in #FF lists..but rarely the ones that just list names, because I have no idea why those people are being endorsed!
    Jenn Whinnem recently posted..jennwhinnem- New to networking Here are some tips to get you started and if you havent- todays the day to start- http-bitly-fEwG4C

    1. Shoutout well deserved Jenn. Those #FF that just list names, that get a bunch of RTs don’t work for me. Even if via Twitter, a reason why to follow (or not) is all I ask.

      Thanks for the compliments on the blog. I am keen on links and sharing good stuff, recommending and rewarding other bloggers who’ve inspired me with their posts. It takes me a little longer to write a post that way, but I think it’s good for the community and helpful to the readers.

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