The Obligatory New Year’s Resolutions Post

Some great Twitter chat last week got me thinking about the New Year, resolutions, a few things I will do differently and the same.

Stick with what works - It may be the antidepressants talking, but I'm feeling somewhat optimistic about 2011

Twitter is my network of choice for a reason: it works. It works because my Twitter habits are pretty solid and I put it the time, effort. As a result there ARE results on my investment, and Twitter totally amps my business networking. For 2011 I’ll add:

  • Chats. I love the #soloPR chat, so I want to participate in more chats on integrated communications, small business marketing.
  • Conversations: Better tweeting to add to the mix of news, links and RTs I share.
  • Network: I’d like to expand on my already great network. Find more folks to follow, earn more followers.

More eggs, multiple baskets

I don’t want to spread myself too thin and yet, as a solo PR I can’t limit my options so I will see about adding and integrating other networks.

  • LinkedIn has brought me success and connections, so I plan to step up my networking via Answers, Updates, Marketing and PR Groups.
  • Amplify has a lot of potential, so I will see how best to use add to Twitter, LinkedIn and my blog.
  • YouTube and the power of its search engine can’t be overlooked. I made my first video a while back, will probably do more as well as curate and share my business channel.

Back to basics

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Looking at my own business practices, there is certainly room for improvement.

  • The business. I am my own boss and gotta do a better job of being a good leader, trying new things, making the hard choices and running my business.
  • The website IS my storefront and it’s due for an update. Still debating on the mix of RapidWeaver and WordPress or going all WordPress, but first up is streamlining the navigation, layout for a cleaner design. Second is making the content approachable for all readers and visitors.
  • My blog is my social media white paper, my public relations resume and has become the hub of marketing my business, so it needs to be front and center. Big blog goals for 2011:
    • Post better, shorter, smarter, more often.
    • Break out of my public relations and social media posts, as I wear other hats like design.
    • Write for potential clients as well as industry peers.
    • Pay attention to the technical hoo doo, analytics and SEO.
    • Promote my own blog more.

Get real. Social networking is great for me, but it’s time to make more real world connections. I enjoy my PRSA ICF and Smyrna Business Association meetings, so more meet-ups are on the list.

Exercise. There are some nice walking trails around Atlanta, maybe I’ll get off my ass and actually visit some.

Anything you think I should differently this year, or keep doing?

Photo credit: I could use a Someecard almost every post, they crack me up.

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12 thoughts on “The Obligatory New Year’s Resolutions Post

  1. Thanks for the link love and SORRY it took me so long to come here and comment, but you know I was doing the “take a break” thing and all…

    Hmm, I’d like to see more videos from you, and FWIW, I like the look of your blog/site. That’s something I’ve been thinking about for myself as well; right now I have separate URLs for my “official” site & blog… to integrate, not… ’tis a conundrum.

    As to chats, ahem, how about giving #measurePR a try?
    Shonali Burke recently posted..Mainstreaming Digital In The UK Public Sector

    1. Shonali, Thanks for the #measurePR suggestion, can you tell me when it is? I also want to find OTHER chats outside PR and marketing, connect with business owners/managers. Just want to mix it all up, see what happens.

      I agree about integrating the blog with the business site, I just want to clean up my look a little. My site has too many subpages and too much info, all needs to be streamlined. Plus I want to maybe make the blog part of the home page too. Lots of technical things for me to consider, esp. the jump to all WordPress.

      Videos. Every time I try a test, I sorta rant and ramble, then use it as a “draft” for a blog. IDK.. I am game to try, but then think my message and my perspective comes across better in writing?? We’ll see so thanks for the vote of confidence.

  2. Thanks for the pingback here, Davina. Your list is much like mine. Where I slack ridiculously is SEO/analytics for sure. It’s my goal in 2011 to force that analysis to write better.

    As for a PR peep’s blog, we know so much about verticals yet we’re writing on the social media and PR fronts. Time to expand beyond that more and show our expertise beyond our label.

    Maybe we should revisit your list in June and see how we’re all doing, eh?
    Jayme Soulati recently posted..Change Twitter Habits to Spiff a Boring Stream

    1. Jayme, Yeah, resolutions tend to be the same blah blah “do better at A, suck less at B; work work, clients clients, world domination” blah. 😉 Agree about the posts outside our “bread and butter” topics, I’ve already been kicking around some ideas to mix it up a bit. And now YOU have stolen my idea, as I was totally going to cheat come July 1st and revisit this post, see what’s changed, what hasn’t. Thanks.

  3. I voted! But I actually have great faith in you Davina! I bet you’ll get it all done.

    I was not aware of Amplify…so thank you! And Happy New Year to you. I’m so glad we’ve connected.

    1. Your faith flatters me, Jenn. Some may take longer.. like the website update. Just like anything else that I do for myself, I get picky and bogged down in details. Hope you have a great new year too. Is that a new gravatar I see, very nice.

    1. Cheater! LOVE it Mark, as I have stolen and will continue to steal your blog ideas for my own, the latest being the Top Posts Revisited. Thanks for the comments, have a great new year.

  4. Davina, I voted you’d drop the ball on the website and SEO (which includes video), because that’s usually where we fall short. And we’re in the website/Wordpress/SEO/video production business! We do it so well for everyone else, because they’re paying us. I realize we’re paying ourselves, too, inadvertently and indirectly, but still — when clients come first, they really do come first.

    Alas, the cobbler’s children need shoes, too! Perhaps this year, the cobbler will find time to dress his precious children, if for no other reason than the marketplace is checking out what’s on his kids’ feet.

    Happy New Year, and here’s to accomplishing ALL your 2011 goals!
    Michelle Quillin recently posted..Blazing a Social Media Trail for Health Care Professionals- Wellesley Dental Group

    1. Interesting pick Michelle. Knowing my inner slacker, I vote for the business management stuff as it’s the least fun, lowest reward.. like a cleaned out closet makes me that much more productive, profitable. LOL

      I know what you mean about the cobbler’s shoes! I HATE my own business card that I just designed, already want to change it. The work we do for ourselves is so much harder. I can get clients publicity, design their newsletters but when it’s me, meh. My networking (blogging, Twitter) has been an investment in myself and next year I’m hoping to maximize those returns. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck to you for 2011.

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