Now or Later? An iPhone buyer’s dilemma

It’s time dear readers, time my dumbphone went to the AT&T recycling box down the street.

Better late than never - Congratulations on getting or shrewdly deciding not to get the new iPhone

According to my upgrade eligibility status, I couldn’t buy iPhone 4 when it arrived. (Grr.. arrgh.) As of this month, I can now purchase a smart iToy of my very own without paying through the nose, ears and possibly lose only one pint of blood.

Current new model or the next newer one?

  • iPhone 4 has all the bells and whistles. I could have one in my hands tomorrow, LoJacked like crazy lest it travel on me as I’m always ‘misplacing’ my sunglasses, keys, wristlet.
  • iPhone 5 is going to have more better bells, more specialer whistles. According to these peeps who predict some cool new iPhone coolness. In. The. Fall.

Always a catch [stextbox id=”alert” float=”true” align=”right” width=”400″ bcolor=”3e2852″ bgcolor=”f9f8fb” image=”null”][poll id=”4″][/stextbox] Unlike the past few summers, summer of 2011 isn’t expected to get the iPhone update. Rumors persist we’re looking at a fall debut along time with the iPod announcements.

Bummer. I was all set to wait for 5, then camp out in line this summer. But now with rumblings of latish fall rollout, I cannot decide. Just one of the joys of shopping, owning Apple products.

Tie-breaker? Much as I want an iPad, which would serve my mobile connectivity needs, I NEED a new laptop more so that’s in the budget for later this year. Plus my sister has a new iPad and in a pinch, I can snag it in exchange for some family tech support.

And this is today’s pathetic excuse for a blog post. Looking for some technology fans; some enablers of my social media addictions; someone who knows whether or not there’s a disinformation campaign, and if there is HOPE there will be an iPhone 5 this summer. Purty please with sprinkles.

How’d you vote?

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36 thoughts on “Now or Later? An iPhone buyer’s dilemma

  1. I’m stuck w/ whatever our company decides to buy. I’m using a crackberry w/ T-Mobile (yuck) but our contract comes up in a couple of months and it looks like we are going back to Verizon (yay) and hopefully a neato mosquito phone.

    All I have is the crackberry and my office laptop; I wish I was making choices on more toys.

    Good luck w/ your decision.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Well- that was awkward…

    1. I’m closing in on it, that’s for sure Bill. When I discover that money-growing tree it’ll be a non-issue but for now, gotta think functionality, how I’ll manage it, how I don’t want my device to manage me, bang for the buck. Later dude.

  2. How dumb is the dumbphone Davina? I’m waiting for a new version of my current phone (Pre) to come out, but the phone I have is functional even though it gets slow sometimes (it’s 2 years old, after all). I voted ‘wait’ but if I had the choice between iPhone 4 and dumbphone, I’d pick iPhone4, not that I ever want to pick an Apple product, but don’t get me started.
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    1. Posting this has been a great idea Jenn b/c I hear from how folks actually use their devices for work. I had always leaned towards waiting but am so rethinking this, just in terms of how I work and play, when I’m out of the office vs. out of town, etc. Couple more people to talk to, few more votes to tabulate, then I’ll make a decision. Appreciate you weighing in.

  3. Davina,

    I am in the same situation. I have an iPhone 3Gs and have been holding out for the iPhone 5. My advice would be to continue waiting. The iPhone 4 is tempting, but you will get way more for your dollar with the iPhone 5.


    1. That’s where I’ve been for the longest time Jason, given what I know about the aftermarket for selling old phones .. wait it out for 5. I’ve also held out not wanting to be one of those people who can’t put their phones down and still don’t. I need to be reachable yes, but on my terms. IDK.

      Now.. thinking about functionality, it’s not like I can do more than simple tweets or blog replies on a phone, thinking about bang for the buck. I keep rethinking the laptop and maybe do next year’s refresh on that, get an iPad now and save the data charges for the phone. Maybe I’d get 4 when the price drops or maybe, if I’m doing ok with the iPad, keep that and the cheap dumbphone. Just cannot make up my mind.

  4. I waited to get the iPad2 and it took a LONG time. Now that I have one; I’m thrilled with it — entire kit, however is $1K with 3G charges. In fact, I’m using it now as my office floor goes in. Thiis thing is the bomb. So, I recco save your pennies for iPad NOW AND iPhone 4 NOW. Remember, we only stay with a device 2 years. You’ll be fine.

    1. See Jayme, I would not need the 3G with the iPad, fine with WiFi (already quite impressed with my sister’s). I don’t travel extensively, I’m not always in-and-out of the office pinging from one meeting to the next. And I’ve gone this long w/ out so I’m not sure if it’s want or need; the laptop is ancient, so I do need some mobile/travel solution, gotta figure out which one because really my iMac will still be the primary work device for another year or so. Of course if money were no object… alas it’s not, so I’m glad I posted this as it really is forcing me to think more strategically about it. Appreciate the help.

  5. Davina,

    You are hilarious, I just spit out my drink all over my computer laughing at, ” can now purchase a smart iToy of my very own without paying through the nose, ears and possibly lose only one pint of blood.” I have heard of paying an arm and a leg but are they really taking blood for payment. You don’t happen to watch South Park do you? If so I will follow up this comment with a more detailed quote from their recent episode.

    I have yet to take the plunge for the iToys because currently ibroke. 🙂 Good to know what the real cost is before I make a purchase. lol!
    Frank recently posted..Playing The Drum Beats of Life

    1. Right back at you Frank, LOL. You’ve discovered my problem… iBroke. 🙂 Can’t afford all the iToys I want, so it’s a case of deciding what I need. Looking at it .. not sure I can do that much tweeting and blogging from a smartphone, not like I can from an iPad.. which could serve some but not all of the power-intensive laptop needs. No idea if they’re accepting blood.. though I have watch some South Park so by all means, share your quote. Thanks.

      1. “Hey Mom, can we pull over and go get me something to eat….because I like to be wined and dined before I get F@#$%ed.” Cartman’s response to his mother when she didn’t by him an i pad. If you haven’t seen the apple episode it is a much watch. lol!

  6. I moved from a BB Curve to a DroidX and haven’t looked back. I did agonize for a while over whether I should invest a little bit more to get the Thunderbolt and chose not to for economic reasons.

    I love gadgets and phones and since I run a mobile office I can write these things off. All that being said two kids in private school made it easy to decide that I wanted proven tech and not something that would need to be tweaked once or twice.

    In your situation if it wasn’t really pressing I might wait a little bit longer to see what comes. Otherwise I would buy the 4 and not worry about the 5.
    Jack @ TheJackB recently posted..Tips and Tools for Writing

    1. That’s it Jack, it’s not pressing really… I’ve managed this long. I am looking at it, thinking about my mobile needs.. what will and won’t help me the most. Of course the latest phones and laptops and gadgets would all be helpful, but practically speaking not sure I need them all. So I gotta look past I want, do what I need, what will serve me best. Hmm.. Really appreciate all the input, it IS helping me think about this more strategically.

  7. Hi Davina,

    Here is my take on Ipad vs laptop from my limited experience. If you are working regularly with documents — word processing, spreadsheets, etc. — the Ipad just doesn’t cut it. File management and data entry are just far too cumbersome (even with an external keyboard, which defeats a bit of the portability).

    The Ipad is one of the coolest pieces of technology I have ever used, but after the first month, my usage dropped off significantly. As a Mac user, you might have better luck with syncing files. Being a Windows user, I found little easy overlap. The Ipad is now my fun device and the laptop my work device.

    As for the Iphone, Apple doesn’t really engage in planned obsolescence. They instead have perfected the art of perceived obsolescence. They just make you think you need a new version; you rarely do. I say buy it when you need it.

    Good luck!
    Adam Toporek recently posted..The Best Negotiator You Know

    1. LOVE the ‘perceived obsolescene’ line Adam, love it. So true and it makes me think that IF I go with a phone and by June if all the signs still point to FALL then I’d really consider 4 as I was all set to wait.

      The other big thing you mentioned, which echoes Shonali’s point is the iPad vs. laptop. I have an old Macbook and per her comment, it gathers dust so much of the time. Yes b/c it’s old but mostly b/c I have a desktop that still meets my needs. And those needs are shifting or rather, as I think about my mobile needs, that’s the wrench-tossing monkey.

      I’m not a power traveler, don’t need instant access in my pocket 24/7. IDK.. yes I was planning on a laptop for later this year, but now.. kicking around the idea of splitting iHairs and skipping the phone (for now), skipping the laptop (for now) and just an iPad. Still need to use it more, see what I can really do with it in terms of emailing, blogging, just how productive I could be for any length of time away from the office. Hmm.. Thanks so much for weighing in.

  8. Don’t send a cell phone posse after me: I have remained in the dark ages and will continue to stay there until I have economic justification for actually paying for a monthly cell plan and smartphone. (Have you read my post “My Spiral Notebook Can Kick Your Smartphone’s Butt”?) I have a pre-paid cell, a 2-year-old phone (yes, it has a qwerty keyboard), and I usually end up spending around $100…a YEAR! I have a home office, equipped with a fabulous land line and high-speed internet, and that’s how I keep in touch with the world.

    So, based on my experience, you can actually get by without any cool features at all! Go ahead and get the iPhone you want, today. No need to wait like me!
    Marianne Worley recently posted..The Curse of the Mid-Tweet Hashtag

    1. It’s real Marianne, that economic justification. That plus something Shonali wrote really hit me today, so I am rethinking this whole thing. I have not read the post, but I can give you my 2 pennies right here: if the technology really does it save me oodles of time and is so much easier and faster, it ain’t worth it. It’s gotta be LESS work to make me MORE efficient or productive, or it’s a pass. Ergo, I have a day planner. It is a question of want, but also a matter of need a practicality. Still pondering, thanks.

  9. I was finally able to upgrade in March! We thought about waiting for the 5, but my husband the developer thought there would not be too much bells & whistle changes due to current app platforms. So, we upgraded to the 4. I came of a 3g, hubby had a 3gs. My old 3g could not even upgrade software anymore.

    We use facetime with the kids who have iPod 4’s.

    To me, anytime you upgrade, the next year will always bring a sparkly new model, so you can never really ever stay 100% current. I am happy with my 4, my vote is go for it!
    Jennifer Devitt recently posted..sydcon-mktg- Business exchange New Web Site Functions as Mercantile Matchmaker for Small Business Business News Daily http-owly-4SipU

    1. I hear you Jennifer. A summer release, then waiting is DUH. Fall really messed up my evil plans. BTW I just sold my sisters 3GS when she went to 4, so I do consider the aftermarket. I’m still going off of rumors not facts, and would kick myself if I bought today and then 5 is announced in. July for September sale. Not to mention totally digging on this iPad. 😉

    1. I am my office, so it makes a big diff. Playing with the iPad today has me really wondering what’s the best investment for me right now. See you later.

    1. If nothing else Marcus, hopefully you can count on me for the funny. I wonder if some clever AT&T rep will find this post and rig my poll. Who knows, I keep rethinking this.. What I need, how I’d get the most use.

  10. Some say it’s better to be on the leading edge vs. the bleading edge… I tend to agree with Gini. Go for the 4. BTW, love the little survey you snuck in your post! 😉

    1. Thanks Allison, glad you liked the poll.. I think I’m funny. Another vote for now… Interesting. My non-social friends are all for waiting. Thanks

  11. Don’t wait. Just go for the 4 now. Apple is constantly rolling out fancier, better, sexier upgrades, so there’s no point in sitting around and waiting for it.

    Personally, I’m an Android girl. You should look into the HTC phones offered through AT&T. I know several people with the new Thunderbolt and the new Inspire – and they LOVE them. The screens are literally the size of the iPhone itself, and they’re super sexy, IMO.

    1. It’s my bias Amanda, I see BB or Droid and just notice all the iPhone knockoffs. Plus I’m MAC so integration and setup would be just too easy with an iPhone. Aside from impatience, my other issue is money and I’m a bargain shopper. When iPhone 5 does come out, iPhone 4 price drops. If by some miracle AT&T went ahead and discounted the 4 w/out a 5 this summer, I’d go ahead and jump. IDK I just think waiting for a June announcement is smarter, and by then.. what’s waiting until Sept./Oct.? I’ve had many a friend caught by their contracts, been unable to upgrade with lost or damaged phones, etc. Just makes me nervous … but then, Gini is right (smarty pants) .. why not 4 now and 6 in a couple years? Thanks for your help.

  12. I don’t know. The iPhone 5 will come out and then you’ll want the iPhone 6. I know everyone talks about how much better the 4 is than the 3, but really, the only thing that’s cool about it is Facetime. And I’ve used it maybe twice. So, while the 5 will have more bells and whistles than the 4, having the 4 is still pretty cool.
    Gini Dietrich recently posted..Competing for Who Is Most Stressed

    1. I’m with Gini! There is ALWAYS going to be something better, newer, stronger, faster! I’m happy to have the iPod 4 at present – and I’ll enjoy having the latest version until it’s not the latest version anymore. (Please don’t tell me what iPod/Phone 5 will do!) I’m a pretty content person.
      And I do LOVE the facetime. I can call my daughter’s cell WITH MY IPOD! That’s just too cool for me!
      Lori Gosselin recently posted..Online- Offline- Are You the Same

      1. Ditto & Tritto! If you’re going to change your phone (is it not working properly, or is it that you’re eligible & are thinking of doing so because of that, regardless of the old phone?), get it now. You won’t regret it.

        I’ve been thinking about the iPad and almost pulled the trigger a couple of months ago, but I haven’t as yet been convinced that I will really use it. I love my MacBook, and as far as I can see, the only major advantage to having an iPad would be that it’s lighter to carry around to conferences, etc. But it’s not like I’m on the go all the time… and then, will I end up using the iPad only once or twice, leaving it to gather dust?

        Decisions, decisions.
        Shonali Burke recently posted..Robocall- Reverse the Favor

        1. Wow, another NOW vote. I want an iPad and I’d guess I’d be like most users and would use it much more than a laptop. I work from my iMac and the laptop does gather dust except when traveling. The ‘catch’ for that is the workcation, the longer trips when OF COURSE something will happen and I will need the full power of a laptop and not an iPad for something. Anyway back to the phone Shonali.. yes I know I’d like 4, no question there. It’s just I know 5 is coming. Eventually. “decisions, decisions” indeed.

      2. See Lori, I peaked. And have a good idea of what 5 will do… but it’s coming there is NO doubt. Either it’s announced in a month or the lack of announcement will tell me for sure it’s the fall. Then there’s that contract .. grr.

    2. I’m fine skipping generations Gini, I am usually a half-gen or more behind anyway… no need to always upgrade. I used Facetime yesterday setting up my sister’s iPad and know it’ll be a fun tool. Still it’s hard knowing that the next one is just around the corner.

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