10 Reasons You Don’t Want Me to Comment on Your Blog

It’s been a wacky few weeks at this house of blogging horrors.
someecards.com - I'm working on more appropriate ways to make inappropriate comments.

  • I was the 1 millionth guest at McDon.. I posted the 10,000th comment at Mark W. Schaefer’s, part of his ongoing love affair with community.
  • Marcus Sheridan cheated and bested me for the top commenter over at Griddy’s place last month.
  • Paul Wolfe wrote a good comment, turned it into an even more gooder post on 5 styles of commenting strategies. Lucky for me, it’s not about grammar.
  • Stuart Mills picked me as one of 20 bloggers you want to comment on your blog and Jayme Soulati dubbed me Banter Queen of the Blogs.
  • I possibly offended a commenter elsewhere, with said banter and my off-topic links. Huh.

Why you DON’T want me to comment.

  1. I comment. Often. The more I like you, your blog, and/or your community, the more you see me and the longer my comments, as I’m quite fond of the sound of my own typing.
  2. I comment. A lot. I’m one of those ‘last word’ types, will reply to your reply. The cycle, it is Vicious!
  3. I joke. I quip. I share Despair links. None of which guarantees actual funny.
  4. I use odd words and post in coded acronyms, may have to issue a decoder ring soon.
  5. I see your ‘Like’ buttons and ain’t afraid to use them. Even if someone’s disagreeing with you.
  6. I like the community and will chat up other commenters, extend the courtesy of reading what they wrote about your wonderful or less than fantabulous blog post.
  7. My replies to you and others could be to debate, discuss, amuse or bewilder. Six to five and pick ’em.
  8. If you have CommentLuv enabled, I let it do its thing.. sometimes help it picking different posts.
  9. Danger, Will Robinson. I actually read your post, the comments and WILL tell you What. I. Think.

If this isn’t in your wheelhouse, then by all means: UNFOLLOW! BLOCK! REPORT! and otherwise blacklist me from your site. Your house, your rules.

Stacey Herbert, shared a control freaky comment policy with me. I have to remind myself there are reasons people don’t like Livefyre and engaged communities, just as there are those who do. Not everyone likes the fun on a blog and for that matter, one person’s fun is another’s Saturday afternoon torture.

The 10th reason you don’t want me comment bombing your blog: You tell me.

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88 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Don’t Want Me to Comment on Your Blog

  1. hey Davina
    the only problem is that i don’t have comments enabled
    however, i have a forum 😉 hehehe
    enjoyed reading your post 🙂

  2. To say that I’m late to this party would be a massive understatement! But regardless of time – I still want to share my thoughts on this cause I loved this piece when I first read it and I loved it again now after I read it again!

    It’s kinda cool how you and I are alike when it comes to commenting Davina. The only difference is that I don’t comment as much as I’d like to. I really try sometimes by keeping tabs open and all, but somehow I get taken away by life or something else. Damn ADD! haha 😉

    But I do leave longISH comments which kinda take me some time to write. But I don’t do it on purpose or to make a point – it just comes naturally to me – I start writing what I think and I can’t shut up!

    As for Mufasa robbing you from first place – Grrrrr…. and LOL 😉 – I gotta tell ya though – Bill is back with a vengeance this month haha. I think he installed some kind of radar to reply to every comment on my blog haha. I love it and his enthusiasm – much like yours and the lion’s.

    As for why I wouldn’t want you to comment on my blog…yeah, right haha! I would rather have 2 like you then a hundred drive-by’s my dear! You not only make it fun and strike up conversations with folks who are there already but you add your personal input and insights – which make it all the more pleasant to read!

    As to your points:

    1.) I comment. Not as often as I’d like but I try. My comments are novels but they generally are coherent and entertaining! Much like you, the more comfortable I am with you, your blog and your community – the more you’ll see me! But even if I’m not – if you said something that inspired me, that I agree with/disagree with, like/loved, whatever….I’ll be there with little bells on as soon as I get the chance.

    2.) I will fight you for the last word Davina haha! Or bow down gracefully with “like” ;).

    3.) I’m sarcastic as hell! I’m funny and witty or I’d like to think so and I will laugh at my own silly jokes even if you don’t! hehe – see what I mean? Okay, now you may laugh 😉

    4.) I need a dictionary for when you stop by with your acronyms – but hey, IGTLSNETSIPC!
    Yeah, have fun with that one QATA! Muwahaha
    Crap, let me tell you what it is before I forget it myself – I get to learn something new every time so it’s pretty cool! hehe

    5.) I have OCD when it comes to the “like” button. I believe if I press it more than once – it will mean that I “love” haha. Seriously, I want a “love” button on some blogs!

    6.) Don’t get me started on community – you know what mine means to me and you know how I try my hardest to nurture it as best I can the way it nurtures me :). Basically, community is what it’s all about!

    7.) My replies to you will do the same thing you do Davina – and they will be in KIND! And I love that you do that Davina :). It always makes for a great thread and discussion!

    8.) Sigh 🙁 I don’t – yet!

    9.) Huh?!! lol
    Ingrid Abboud recently posted..Bring IT! Can You “Free Associate” and Say Something About Nothing

    1. We are very similar Ingrid… though I’ll concede that your #4 acronym has me stumped! “I get to like/laugh …” Yeah, cannot figure it out though to be fair mine are typically things you can Google, semi-common figures of speech. 😉

      You are a good one to ask: Do you read the comment policies as a 1st time visitor? Have you ever had another commenter not appreciate or like your sarcasm or jokes? Anyone not like the longish comments? I am really trying to be open-minded and see other sides of this, that there are more ‘serious’ biz blogs that don’t want the chatty banter and I do try to take mind of that. On more ‘personal’ biz blogs like yours, Danny’s, Gini’s and so many others, I know that such ‘social’ behavior is appropriate and very welcome.

      I am serious about the last word and new ‘love’ buttons Ingrid, have a post-semi drafted and hope to run it next week sometime.. some other things I’d do with comments. I am trying to comment less, let others enjoy their victories and stalker badges for a while.. but never fear, you are sure to see me lurking about. FWIW.

      1. Haha!
        See – that’s why I can find yours in the dictionary and why I gave you the anser to the one I made up ;).

        Great questions Davina – funny thing is that I’ve often thought of these things as well.

        I actually don’t read the comment policies much – unless they are on the home page – then yes – I do!

        So far, I haven’t had any problems with my comments – but then again – I try to remain appropriate with my tone or sarcasm and it always depends on who’s blog you’re on. You can usually get a feel for the tone and style in the comments and by reading others posts on the person’s blog – and in all honesty – I’d like to think that I know my limits. But I also – add the humor all while trying to provide something meaningful. So it’s not so much blabber or meaningless rambling as it is musings with a touch of fun or entertainment.

        As for the longish comments – like I said – I really don’t do it on purpose. And I don’t always leave them. But since I don’t comment that much and I don’t do it for the sake of commenting (only do so when I have something to say) – it seems they turn out longer than most as I have stuff to share that hopefully pertain to the topic at hand. I like relating the post to personal experiences as well – and sometimes those need some space to tell.

        But I know it’s time consuming to read them and sometimes reply (if you’re like me, you and others we know and like) so I am conscious of that factor while typing. I don’t want people to feel like my comment length is a burden to them, so I’m very aware but at the same time – I want to contribute with something that I believe can add value – whatever value may be. So although I don’t want to impose on people – I don’t want to simply say nothing or “hey great job I really liked this”…

        Can it be annoying sometimes to get a long comment? Maybe, sure…we’re not always in the right mood to read. So when we are – we just go back to them and reply.

        I think it’s generally easy to spot where you can be yourself and let go and where you can also be yourself but just be succinct and nothing more. I can do both – contrary to popular belief lol – and I do them.

        As long as it’s appropriate or not demeaning or offensive to anyone – “social” behavior will always be welcome on my blog – the same as the blogs you mentioned (I presume).

        I hope these answer your questions somehow. And you see what I mean? It’s not on purpose – I just tried to answer you to the best of my ability :).

        Thanks Davina
        Ingrid Abboud recently posted..British Airways “Gets” Social Media!

        1. Excellent answers all, thanks. If I make up my own, then I’ll tell you what it means… usually it’s for ‘common’ sayings or what not, but it’s fun to try to decipher others.

          I’m bad about comment policies, should do a better job when reading and commenting on a new-to-me blog. Like you Ingrid, I read the post and other comments to get a sense of the host, the guests, the style and what those limits are. And yet it happens that things may go too far or someone just doesn’t appreciate my tone, my wit. Humor is so subjective anyway, think I really have to warm to a place before I wax silly.. or it’s a joke I think is so obvious and on point to the post. Plus the emoticons help, little winks to let folks know you are in fact joking. 😉

          Comment length: for me it depends on the post and usually it’s a serious subject that gets me going. I may add a few asides to others but then let it rip in my comment, often a mini-post in and of itself. Again I know from which blogs and bloggers do not mind, when the post itself CALLS for added insight and discussion. Don’t do it just to be long, just when I have something to say that’s worth reading.

  3. I don’t have the time to carpet bomb your comments, but I hear ya baby. I always like seein’ ya at my place as I know you visit many.

    Last week was crazy for me and got me all out of whack.

    Looks like you had good activity on this one; yay……….

    Hope you weekend was well and see you next wk.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Slow down- sharp curve ahead

    1. No pressure to comment, really Bill. For all the good natured ribbing I’ve been getting lately, there are as many blogs I have NOT commented upon as I have so I can relate to the out of whack a troll kind of weeks and needing to get things back on track. Appreciate the comments, anytime!

  4. Your post is a perfect example of how a short and seemingly simple post can have a great impact if it is well thought out and beautifully presented the way yours is Davina. I think I can sometimes lose the essence of a post by over elaborating and there is a lesson there for me.

    OK, that’s enough sucking up to you to get on your good side 🙂

    Loved reading all the great responses and it’s difficult to add anything meaningful but here goes.

    My reason number 10 – If you start to comment on my posts you might attract all of those other people in your commenting community to do the same, my Inbox will explode and I will have to start thinking of witty responses to you all!

    Tony Hastings recently posted..Does Your Blog Need An Oil Change

    1. Nice #10! I’ll let you in on a secret Tony (and Shakirah too) – I’ve stopped subscribing to comments. I’ll get the @me replies and I’ll check out what other people have said anyway, so I just stopped. Now Livefyre can blow things up, probably need to go in and make that notification ‘rarely’.

      I’m still thinking on this so the post and the splendiferous comments have been more rewarding than I imagined. Yes I realize that some of this could be overwhelming or look like a comment ‘love in’ to use Paul’s term, it’s real and for a newbie blogger hopefully it sets a tone: You are welcome here. Kinda like Brankica’s simple interview of bloggers that shows the human side, think the fun and the banter add to that. I hope (and now have the rumblings of another post in my head, so thanks again).

  5. Dear Comment Queen…

    You qualify as one very sound reason why I began to post and comment on posts in the very first place.

    At my place I have laid out the reason: start conversations… discover customers… and no matter what conversation I hope to be initiating if you choose to join in, I know I will have my best social welcome rolled out to greet you.

    I miss the sweet smell of the pine and the good people of the South. Reading some of your posts and their comments brings these things back to me. I see that plenty of folks enjoy what you bring too. It feels like a conversation is taking place with you. Best thing I can say really.

    Lived in Moblie Al, Pensacola Fl, and Sarasota off and on for years. My daughter was born in Mobile, so I call myself a Southerner from Belfast… he he! I get told that they ‘aint heard of that place aroun heeyah. I love it.
    Thank you for commenting on my recent post.
    Billy Delaney recently posted..Under The Influence- but still walking a straight line!

    1. Went to high school in Biloxi so I know that area well. I know people like to write, have things to say Billy. When it’s a blog and shared, comments and all that go with it are a part of it, to me the best part – taking that idea and making it more. Maybe it’s meeting others or discovering a new view, it’s in the comments that some good connections are made. I think banter and fun can play a part in that. Glad to have stopped by today, your post was another great example of the pros of commenting – you sometimes get new posts out it. FWIW.

  6. Davina,
    You’re the type of person I wish were reading our blog! The cold data of Google Analytics showing how many people come by is better than just screaming one’s ideas into space. But it doesn’t hold a candle to someone reading, thinking, and extending the ideas in a post via a genuine comment. I hope you stop by our house sometime. On a related note, we’re moving to WordPress soon, so your link to the CommentLuv post was another eye opener.

    Cheers, Ken

    1. Thanks Ken, I’m sure to give your blog a visit someday… but don’t say you haven’t been warned. 😉

      If fun and banter makes folks feel comfortable commenting or just want to read the comments, great. If it gets them thinking and makes them feel safe to comment, share what they think and that extends the ideas.. it’s a total win.

  7. Great post Davina! It’s great to know what to expect, leaving the surprises to the comments and not whether there may or may not be a comment, per se

    1. Thanks David. I have a comment policy for this site, due for a refresh I am sure. Figured I am out there so much (I do plan to cut back) that I thought some disclosure was in order as well as seeing what others want in a commenter. I’m sure those answers will vary by the 1,000s … for all the different blogs and bloggers.

  8. 10th reason is you bring too many other people with you, and I have to pull out the “ugly chairs.” Lol, you can’t comment anywhere and not make a fan of at least half the other commenters (if they don’t already know you). As I mentioned before, we bloggers are grateful you exist. I’m sure you’ll figure a way to get plenty of that love back business-wise soon.
    Shakirah Dawud recently posted..Wet Jeans- Chrysler- and Brand Building

    1. Now that’s what I’m talking about Shakirah .. it’s a gang, we should get jackets made.

      Unlike some of the ‘commenting communities’ I’ve seen discussed (not a fan of that), there’s a solid core of bloggers (many industries) that enjoy writing, reading, talking to each other.. even to disagree, to think or just let off steam once in a while. It’s fun and a treat to be part of that, beyond just professional development and thought leadership.

  9. I must say Davina – you are BEAST (in the best way) in your commenting practices. I see you all over and love to read your point of view. I see your comments as raw (not scripted) and of course fully (because you DO JOKE)!

    They say (my peers) that I made a name for myself with my commenting. I tell you though, anymore I’m just trying my best to reply to comments on my blog. I guess it’s that time of the year where things are extremely busy in my life offline, so it is challenging – but I still try to get around here and there.

    You are a great example of not only a great blogger, but connector.

    Keep it up Davina!
    Jk Allen recently posted..Personal Branding- Self Promotion and the Art of Marketing Yourself

    1. Thanks Jk. Replying to comments on my posts is a top priority; if it ever got so crazy, I’d cut back a little.. do what it takes to make that time to be a good blog host and yes, connect others if I can.

      As for commenting elsewhere, it’s important too: networking, promoting myself (won’t pretend otherwise); learning from others; adding something; helping others by reading, commenting and sharing their posts be it via a clever tweet or quippy comment. It’s a gift to me, seeing my tweets RT and a blogger thanking me for the headline; double win that 1) I got to share something good w/ my readers AND 2) I helped out someone else.

      The ‘beast’ won’t retire anytime soon, but I am planning on shifting into ‘beast-lite’ mode so that I have more time for working more on my business, the offline life. Or at least that’s the plan (and why you may see a little less of me out there – in a good way.) We shall see.

  10. Well looky here,
    I read a comment on my blog from you, come to check your site out and the first damn link is “10 Reasons You Don’t Want Me to Comment on Your Blog”. What the hell is going on here? Is this some kind of twisted conspiracy enacted to prevent other bloggers from moving on your space? I’m so confused.

    1. Conspiracy! Sinister! Think it’s part of the evil CommentLuv plan Brad.. I read your headline elsewhere and HAD to click that action. Love it and glad to see you here.

  11. Hi Davina,
    It’s my first visit here…and look at this, I’m sucked right into the comments!! Ah, and the fun in here – I like fun!! (well, except for that guy Chuck and his cheese…we’re on the same page there, too!)

    Creating an engaging community…that takes people who are open to be…engaging. You are!! How cool!
    Lance recently posted..Love- Where Does It Start

    1. Been years since I’ve visited Chuck’s horror house of cheese.. taken that long for the sound of shrieking to die down. And that’s just my own Lance, never mind the kids. 😉 Yes I find fun – and a lot of smarts – in comments. There are people who’ll write great comments, then carry it over to their own posts (looking at.. almost everyone in this thread). To me it’s so much better than “wow, that was great” or just repeating the post, makes it all worth reading. Sure I’ll see you around the blogs.

  12. Hahahahahaha I’ll have to come over here more often – you’re welcome to comment on my site any time. I love it when the commenters start chatting amongst themselves, especially when they start analysing the options of the last serial episode. Makes me feel like I have a little community buzzing about the place. I don’t understand when people don’t have commenting available (apart from the odd, understandable, exception). Comments are always open on my site. Apart from the one time I turned them off by accident. That was embarrassing.
    Anne-Mhairi Simpson recently posted..How Many Friends… – Elemental Races 6 What happens next

    1. I’ll make sure I don’t turn off comments Anne-Mhairi.. but it WOULD make a good gag. Hmmm… thanks. Happy to see you here and will make the time to visit your blog someday soonish. I like the community buzz, it makes me feel welcome, makes me want to visit a site and spend more time there. Hopefully it’ll always be that way here.

  13. HA! You are welcome to comment, recomment, and recomment again on the site! I’ll even put a little infrared laser on the target!

    Seriously, though, I do understand some people get a little intimidated. I have seen several folks that open up their commenting strictly on the basis that their ‘friends’ asked them to. People shy away from hot-button topics because they do not want to be engaged and argued with.

    I have been known to go back and comment on replies (I have actually gotten a comment ON that process.) I like the engagement. It helps people want to come back and be…um…SOCIAL? (What a concept!)

    Nice post!
    Brandon recently posted..The Quest- Part 2 of 7

    1. It is social Brandon, a fine concept indeed. Basic courtesy to read what others have written first before jumping in with my own comments.. that took on a life of its own, so I started replying to a few of the good ones. Now with more ‘like’ buttons and comment systems that let you @mention folks by name, I can do more mass replies. If someone comments, they probably have a good point to make.. which benefits me as well, just builds. Plus I find it fun .. and addictive, which is why I’m cutting back. Hmm.. I may have a blog post idea a-brewin’.. Thanks for stopping in today.

  14. Thou rocketh.

    May I suggest a follow-up post?

    “The business benefits of commenting.”

    Obviously there must be some for you to pursue it so ambitiously. Personally, I think you have single-handedly built a personal brand and web presence via your comments. A beautiful thing to watch.

    I know there has been a lot of joking and jabbing on this post but I want to sincerely thank you for commenting on {grow}. Each comment is a little gift. A present to unwrap as we enjoy your wit and wisdom. You have never ever had a comment on a blog that was “skippable.” When you see Davina pop up, it is a must read.

    Sorry to disappoint you by not skewering you (which would simply be returning a favor!!) but I think it is more appropriate to bow deeply and pay homage to the Comment Queen.

    You are much appreciated!!

    1. Didn’t you already do a biz benefits post, Mark? I’ve read a few posts on this, you.. Mack Collier, few others. I’d love to do a follow up and there is a reason I do it: I get a lot from it. I learn, I’ve made a network and helped establish myself in the community. All these good discussions, it’s been a lot of fun but I’ve also gotten hooked and over do it. I’ve been wanting and planning to cut back, focus efforts elsewhere… hopefully for more ‘business benefit’ as there is some X-factor component I’m missing. Work in progress.

      I’ll forgive the non-skewering – this time (you can return that favor later) – because damn UN-‘skippable’ comments, that is high praise indeed. I may have to put that on my business cards or something. 😉 That’s been part of the blogging/commenting plan, to write something that is worth reading and see what happens. Now for Phase 2. As soon as I make it up, I’ll let you know. FWIW.

    1. YOU win with that one Jenn, not sure about the decoder ring. Maybe w/ Google voice and you push the ring and ask.. “OK.. WTH does GMAB mean?” 😉

  15. Davina, your first comment on my blog was awesome! It only took me an hour to have my nephew translate all of the acronyms. 🙂

    Seriously, your comments are great! I agree with Paul that anyone who would not want you commenting on their blog is very into the sound of their own voice. I tend to read a lot blogs that you are actively engaged with, and you really have mastered the art of commenting like few others. You add true value wherever you go. I look forward to you next visit; I will download an acronym translation app in anticipation.
    Adam recently posted..One of My Guiding Principles

    1. I’m not a power texter/abbreviator Adam, I just pretend to be one on the Internet. 😉 BTW the blogger was cool, twas another commenter thought my waxing unclever. Whatever. As long as I do bring value and you’re ok w/ my telling you what I think – which may not always be what you want to read – then mission accomplished. FWIW.

  16. Ambassador Davina, I love how you brought this up. In fact, I’m going to do a follow up article to it very soon. You, single handedly, have in many ways revolutionized blog commenting on the web–It’s gone from people leaving one thought, to another level of interaction and discussion. You’re the ultimate party hostess, and you’ve taught me as much about commenting as anyone on the web ever—and I’m not kidding. So thanks for being dang awesome 🙂

    BTW, I’m going to be in Atlanta on Thurs/Fri June 2/3rd. We MUST catch up.

    Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion recently posted..Rumblings from the Lion’s Den- April 2011 Edition

    1. You’ve told me about the visit, Thursday June 2nd has your name on it Marcus. In pen! What’s your schedule?

      I love the interaction, would not have it any other way. Your comment then Danny’s reply or Gini or Ingrid or a cast of THOUSANDS.. it all adds value to my reading any post, so I reply to you. Sometimes in ‘bombs’ and sometimes just monster long replies.. always with the goal of giving back, even if it’s just banter. FWIW.

      1. What Marcus said so well. As I said over on Jayme’s blog, it was from you I learned just how social a blog really can be. I’ve seen blogs with hundreds of comments all saying the same thing, each person screaming into the ether (or at the previous commenter) to no effect. When I came over here, I was like, seriously? She responded with something that made me respond back? And she responded again? And she visited my blog? This is blogging level 10!
        Shakirah Dawud recently posted..Wet Jeans- Chrysler- and Brand Building

        1. Some want “all serious all the time” which is fine, maybe others mistake a little of this chatter as IDK.. offensive or cliquish, not that we mean to exclude others but we do kid around with those we ‘know’ well. And yet that does not mean that someone’s joke to your comment to my reply can’t ADD something more worth reading, bring the discussion full circle, or lead us in new wonderful directions.

          I really do mean the ‘different strokes’ Shakirah and I get that some bloggers aren’t for this. I am cool with it, respect it and will try to be a good guest in their houses. Same time… I gotta be myself so it also means, I may visit less often.

  17. Over the years I have had some regulars who commented with great frequency. A few of them tried to be funny but I don’t think that I ‘got’ the joke. It made me wonder if perhaps the same thing happened with my own comments.

    But really the only rule I have is that you can’t be funnier than me- at least on my own blog. Elsewhere, who cares……. 🙂
    Jack @ TheJackB recently posted..I Wish That I Could Start Over

    1. Snap! I now have to banish Bill and Howie (Marcus is on probation) lest they reveal how unfunny I really am. 😉

      I’ve not gotten jokes Jack, or comments.. just context and didn’t read something right. Happens.. and if you’re out here, gotta figure out how to react and deal with it. To me part of the fun of blogging is learning that, such a valuable communication skill.

  18. Hi Davina – personally, I’m here to learn. I do business. I like marketing and PR. I like to stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening on the social web and how to best leverage the benefits it offers for businesses.

    I like to connect with people, share in some laughs, shed some tears now and then and basically do things with my time that enhance’s my life experience while building value for myself, my family and my business aspirations.

    I have experienced many of the things I mention above interacting with you. You are welcome to home anytime; you always make solid contributions wherever you go and leave many smiles behind as a result — and that’s just plain awesome Davina 🙂
    Mark Harai recently posted..SMB’s- Forget The Website- Got Social Media Plus A Shout Out To @ginidietrich – You ROCK!

    1. I don’t get why business can’t be fun. Or clever or quippy. Who says? I like bloggers like you Mark because you write for real, not like it’s a lecture series to undergrads, not like you’re trying to impress the higher-ups.

      And IMO we have some kick-ass discussions that really do raise the level of debate, move things forward, that teaches and expands knowledge. Hell I learn a lot via my own posts, never you mind the rest. Smiles and humor are that special kind of bonus, makes my day when I get to do it all.

        1. Now I gotta tease that I have you SO fooled Mark. I can be a snarky little shit .. if I wanted to. Kidding.. just like going for the extra credit, funny and smart at the same time. 😉 And I see I gotta visit your blog manana, see your Gini shout-out.

  19. I am happy to have readers let alone comments! You can write a whole separate blog post and then see how many others comment. That would be fun IMO.

    I am the wacky woman who dared make fun of “twue” love a few days ago on my blog, and I announce that I bring my coffee mug on some blogs, and am still denying having any kind of tracksuit!

    So there!

    I think serious blogs need serious comments, and I do attempt to be serious sometimes. It would not be appropriate for some of the blogs I read to be as silly as I sometimes like to be.
    Nancy Davis recently posted..Won’t Let Go

    1. It does depend on the post Nancy. I’ve gone off on some pretty serious rants and comments, nary a banter in sight. Sometimes it’s just a by-product of the comment thread, what others have written and how the discussion builds. And now I gotta make a note, read your mockery of “Twu Wuv” and then ridicule my own TV selections. 🙂

  20. Hey Davina,

    FWIW, I think every blog, from the serious business blog to the personal journal blog, needs clever comments. That’s how real conversations progress, so why should the blog world be any different. When a blog is drawing in fun and banter, the blogger has made a real emotional connection with readers. And that’s always a good thing! Shoot, it’s only 9:10 and I’m already thinking about hamburgers and fries…

    Marianne Worley recently posted..Why Helping Someone Helps You

    1. Heh Marianne, I SO very enjoyed my fries the other night.. now I want more. 😉 I agree it’s a good thing, but I have to remind myself ‘not always’ or that a certain kind of comment/banter is not for ‘every’ blogger or other commenters. And it will vary per post, per topic, etc.

  21. Davina,
    You’re going to have to charge for visits! My comment count rises greatly when you come by.It was no surprise when your GP broke the comments record.
    I don’t know how you do it or when you do anything else, for that matter! But you’re certainly welcome anywhere as far as I can see! Whether or not it was your intention, you’ve established yourself as the Mad Commenter: honest, supportive and chatty!
    ~ smile ~
    Lori Gosselin recently posted..Happiness- Who’s in the Driver’s Seat

    1. Chatty is fine Lori, if that’s what you want. You have Livefyre so that’s a clear indicator of your approach. But what of a ‘serious’ business blog? Different strokes and I do get it to some extent, maybe think there are times and places where my comments are appropriate and others they are not. I’ve become so accustomed to the blogs I know that I behave the same in others’ homes, where I may not know it as well.

      Not saying I don’t try to add value beyond ‘banter’ and jokes in my comments; IMHO I really DO try add much more. Not saying I’m changing my approach as I think it’s important and courteous to engage others in comments, not reply solely to the blog owner; I’ll always read and reply to other comments, esp. those that make me THINK and compel me to reply. Perhaps this is just a warning should someone ‘invite’ me to come by and comment? Be careful who you ask to your party, I might just crash it. 😉

      1. Ah Davina, I knew the word “chatty” should have been deleted. Chatter is NOT what we aim for at Life,for instance. It’s not a serious business blog – it’s a social one – designed as a place for discussions on life itself. Sometime the discussions are deep and serious and sometime people start joking around with one another – kind of like at any social gathering. Livefyre keeps the conversation LIVE – no refreshing required. Yes, this enables a more lively (no pun intended) discussion, despite the challenge of visitors coming from different time zones. At least while they are on the site, if someone replies to their comment they will see it and be able to carry on the conversation.

        You’re always welcome Davina, serious, chatty, whatever. It’s always been our goal to be inclusive as no true community can be *exclusive*. Everyone is welcome, lurkers, commenters, philosophers – and chatterers!
        Lori Gosselin recently posted..Happiness- Who’s in the Driver’s Seat

        1. That’s so true Lori, you’ve had some SERIOUS throw-down, deep and introspective comments on your posts.. depends on the topic and whose moderating, who else visits the comments. Not knocking ‘chatter’ just maybe a little of the ‘mindless’ stuff, reminding myself to contribute more.

  22. Davina,

    I love the acronyms. In the beginning they use to take me hours to decipher, each letter would have endless words associated with it. Now I just choose one meaning and go with it. I have mastered Davina speak, so this is what I have come up with.
    FWIW – For Wine I Will
    IDK – I do karaoke

    Who wouldn’t want you on their blog?
    John Falchetto recently posted..The expat entrepreneur toolkit

    1. OMG John I LOVE the “For Wine I Will” and it’s flat out perfect!! I do not do karaoke and trust me, you would NOT want to be in the same time zone if ever I did enough wine to get out on stage. Oh and here’s a cheat sheet for the code: http://www.netlingo.com/acronyms.php

      I’m really not fishing for flattery so much as.. thinking about blogs and who comments on them and why, the reasons someone visits and comments on a post. I visit a variety of sites and have seen in a few places that while it was open to discussion, either the blog owner or a commenter didn’t want a certain type of ‘chit chat’ kind of reply to someone else’s reply. Something I’m thinking about and yet, I know ME and my approach so I felt I should issue this “warning.” FWIW. 😉

      1. Yay now I will be able to decipher your acronyms 😉 I love your input and the way you engage with other commenters when I’m sleeping. Wake up to a great conversation and can then join in 🙂

        Will write down that link as a couple of my friends have asked me what a few are that you have used on my blog. I have got most of them but not all LOL

        Patricia Perth Australia
        Patricia recently posted..Is This Lavender Pill Hard to Swallow

        1. My bad Patricia .. I thought everyone typed in texting, tweeting, message forum shorthand. 😉 Like speaks to like, so I gravitate towards those blogs that want community, appreciate the exchanges, are fueled by dissent and healthy debate. The fun and banter really is just a bonus and a nice one to have if it keeps ’em coming back for more.

  23. I only like you a teensy bit; it’s all a mirage…we’re imaginary friends. That said, you’re always welcome at my house; you now have royalty status and I know where you live if you offend me like you did that guy at Ari’s house. Some people have no humor.
    Jayme Soulati recently posted..Does Your Blog Banter

    1. IDK Jayme .. that was part of it but it’s just been something I’ve been thinking about my virtual friend: different styles of blogs and comments. 😉 If like Gini or Lori, you have Livefyre then it’s like you really want and encourage that kind of chat among everyone. I think it’s why Disqus added the @mention feature so people could group reply and invite others into the conversation, wherever it may lead. Even if to Bantersville.

  24. Davina

    You’re welcome to comment bomb One Spoon At A Time any day of the week! IN fact I’d go as far as to say that you’ve taken comment bombing to a new level – a level I’d call Carpet Comment Bombing.

    Anyone who doesn’t want your sassy banter on their website is only interested in the sound of their own voice. That’s the kind of blog you probably would only visit once or twice….although I like great information, I also like great debate and great learning. You need more than one side of a picture to see it in its entirety.


    PS – my wife and kids HATE the sound of my typing (on a roll, around 120 WPM) – but like you, I freaking love it!

    paul wolfe recently posted..Protected- How Bloggers and Content Marketers Can Create eBooks – Module 1

    1. Heh, ‘carpet comment bombing.’ I’d like to think I bring more than JUST banter Paul, but yeah. Just goes to your post about styles and maybe not all bloggers (or their readers) want that, like engaging with others in such a way.. want their own typing and voice out there. Which is fine, like you said some good info but not always for me.

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