New Post Category: How Dumb Was I?

New category today: How dumb was I?

Looking at what got my really got my blog going  – the comments, the engagement – I’ve started revisiting some old posts.

Why? The game is changing almost daily. Marketing, public relations, social media are such dynamic fields, you can’t afford to become complacent or fall into any of the influence traps. - Doing stupid things is my way of making life interesting.

  1. I lurked for a long time. I really waited to start writing my own posts.
  2. I didn’t stay quiet for very long. If the old BackType profiles were still active, you’d see a ton of blog comments.
  3. When I did start really writing, it did not take me long to identify my niche, my voice. I take more chances with the purple prose and poison pen, the snark and the sass, the funny pictures.

First up, my thoughts on embracing social media, how to represent myself as a professional.

What I said then:

On joining social networks: It can be easy (and dangerous) to think social networking can take the place of other means of marketing or relationship building.. social networks can help build relationships, helping you engage your customers and your community, not just talk at them. Or so I’m learning.

On personal vs. professional: I’ve been honing my strategy for using social networking tools. The more I do this, the more I know I’m right to keep a little healthy separation between my personal and professional social networks.

What I think now:

I still think real world networking matters, made it one of my 2011 goals. I still believe in the divide between personal and professional, that it’s right for me. I joke and comment about it all the time, that yes this is the REAL me but not the WHOLE me. There are things I don’t share as a professional:

  • Private and/or Personal. I’m an introvert so there are things that even my BFFs don’t know, but anonymous Twitter “friends” do.
  • Irrelevant, Boring, Mundane. AKA my life. It’s why I don’t bombard my FB or Twitter status with lunch updates.
  • Mean, bitchy, inappropriate and ranty. That’s what secret Twitter accounts are for.

What you see: I’ve never hidden the fact that this is business, this is about networking, developing myself as a solo PR. What you get: Professional, with a side of boring. I drone on and on about PR and social media and marketing, and you’ve been warned.

How dumb was I? Not very. I was smart to finally, “officially” dive into social media. I’ve learned a lot, made some great friends and really grown as a professional communicator. FWIW.

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15 thoughts on “New Post Category: How Dumb Was I?

    1. Jenn, I think like a lot of people I’m introverted and shy.. until you get to know me and you’re like “it’s always the quiet one.” And then you run the other way. 😉 I took the social media plunge for business, for clients a while back.. but I did hold out for myself, my own business just not sure how comfortable I’d be putting myself out there. Glad I came around too, as I’ve learned a lot from folks such as yourself. Been a fun ride.

  1. Thanks for the link love, D. It would be interesting to know how long it took various bloggers to find their voice… though I wonder if it’s more a case of being comfortable with one’s voice and style, even if one knows it. I suppose that’s where confidence comes into play; being able to speak (write) in one’s own voice even if a hundred disagree. I’ve found that’s what I like about the blogs I gravitate towards – like yours.

    And I don’t think you have a poison pen. You’re definitely snarky, but that’s one of the reasons I read you. However, you’re not malicious. That’s a big plus in my book.
    Shonali Burke recently posted..Etsy’s PR Nightmare- Greeting Cards Making Light Of Rape

    1. Why thanks Shonali. I’m probably more cautious, conservative in comments on other blogs. Folks like you, Jayme, Gini, Danny.. I can bring the sass as I’m confident ya’ll will get my sense of humor. Someone new, not always sure so I do adjust my voice. That’s why I’m taking looks back; I’ve made mistakes, rethought positions, discovered there’s another way of doing things: mine. 😉

        1. We all adjust per our audiences: clients, colleagues, friends, family. I’m not the same way around my dad b/c he expects a certain behavior. And tone, humor, sass or snark aren’t always universally understood esp. in writing; I’ve read a few blog posts meant to be tongue-in-cheek that the author had to jump back in, add a disclaimer, really follow up in comments to explain that.

          Why we do it: because it’s you… or in my case, me. It works in some respects as my posts and comments do connect me with those who get me or appreciate my style. It hasn’t worked – yet! – in the business networking part of it. It will work – one way or another – in showing what I do.

            1. Agreed. It’s why I need to work on my website, make the blog more central so potential clients can get a sense of my personality, my approach. If they read something they don’t like, figure out we’re not a good match, saves everyone time and trouble.

    1. Thanks Marcus. It’s nice to be able to give someone a smile while making them think. I’ve decided that more than any white paper or case study, my blog IS my portfolio for writing, for PR, for social media. Better to be blunt, be myself sort of the WYSIWYG approach.

  2. Davina:

    OMG I love your style. You have your voice and I love it. I too lurked for awhile and then when I did start, I made plenty of mistakes. But I learned along the way and feel confident in my voice, vision and social interactions. As long as we keep learning, I feel we can all succeed.

    all the best,
    Lisa recently posted..Anchors Away! Your Link Said What

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think I found my style, my voice early on.. when I started writing more for myself than anything else, didn’t try to be too clever, too intellectual, etc.

      I’m for always learning, which is why I plan to look: to see if I actually have learned something or not. Did it a few weeks ago when I rethought one of my old positions on Twitter (scheduling/timing vs. automation) and it hit me that I should do so more often. Plus it’s a great cheat to get new posts by rehashing old ones. 😉

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