For Luv of Comments: WordPress Plugin pick

This will be a mini-post (if I can learn to keep it short). One of those blog posts about blogging for the sake of blogging, but what the hell.

WordPress plugin of the moment: CommentLuv

I like blog comments. I like the mixing it up, the engagement, the back and forth. There’s gold in them thar hills.

Right now one of my favorite WordPress plugins has to be CommentLuv. I loved seeing it on other sites, do not know what took me so long to add it to my own blog.

What it does: shares some link love with anyone who posts a comment on your blog, showing their most recent post or one of their choosing.

Who it’s for: Bloggers who are social, comment on other blogs. Bloggers who want to engage with their readers, give something back and see what they have written lately.

What’s so great about it: Discovery! As I read comments on my own blog or others, I see all these clever post titles. I get interested, I click, I read.. and THAT is how you meet bloggers, find different material, learn something new.

Cost: Free is good. There is a paid model for more URLs, featured status.

The downside: you drive content, links, page rank away from your own site maybe? I know SEO is important but the technical mumbo jumbo loses me.

How to use it:

  1. Go to CommentLuv, click Add Your Site and register your main URL and your blog feed.
  2. Set how many posts you want as options. Done.
  3. Either download it from CommentLuv directly or via WordPress plugin search. Install. Activate.
  4. Via the WordPress dashboard, select your preferences. I like the smaller little graphic image.

Obligatory disclaimer no one will read: I’m not an expert and any technical issues should go to them, starting with the unban URL thing. That said, it’s a nifty little plugin I thought I’d recommend. FWIW.

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8 thoughts on “For Luv of Comments: WordPress Plugin pick

  1. Hey Davina,
    I’m glad I’m following YOU. I had to click on all of the links to try and understand what you were talking about (self-confessed newbie!)Thanks for the information. Glad I found you here because somehow I missed putting your blog into my Reader!

    I’m still going in the opposite direction of you – looking for interesting people to follow and interact with! When I get to 2000 followers, I’ll come back here and know what to do!

    Do you you Lists for Twitter? I wonder if that makes it easier (go where you want to) or more time-consuming ( I have to check all my lists, rather than seeing all the tweets in the same stream). I’m not even completely sure that’s the way Lists work. What are your thoughts on them?


    1. Lori, Glad you found some of my links useful. I’ll confess to being bad about the LISTS part of Twitter; not 100% sure how to get the most out of it as many I’ve seen and followed are too big, too cluttered to make heads or tails of it.

      I use my TweetDeck columns to group folks via industry, their tweets, my interests, etc. I am ALSO looking for people to follow, for meaningful (and hopefully business building) interaction, all that. Gotta make the time, make the room so that means the feeds I ignore anyway, they’re gone. Appreciate you stopping by, thanks.

        1. Well Navya, the “this is good info comment” does not contribute to a discussion, is a standard tactic of spammers, to get a link. Your URL and email don’t match, the website URL you share doesn’t look like your own site and looks very commercial, not target w/ my readers. Just all the tale tell signs of comment spam.

          1. Davina,

            Seem to have derived spammers logic, I am not at all associated with it.
            There is an obvious possibility of having two websites and it is completely the members wish to promote anyone, right!
            You might be vexed with the spammers but interpreting everyone as a spammer doesn’t digest!
            Navya recently posted..Ebook Cover Sample – 34

            1. 1) I have not interpreted everyone as a spammer.
              2) Your comments have not been blocked or deleted.. yet.
              3) Your original comment had little to add of value. You wrote “it’s good to have commentluv” but didn’t mention why you liked the plugin, how you use it. A vague and unspecific remark, hallmark of comment spam.

              I welcome you, anyone to comment on my blog so long as we can have a nice, productive conversation on the topic at hand. Hopefully that settles this.

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