Best Present Ever.

Don’t remember if I got the uber Barbie penthouse with the deluxe sports car, or a G.I. Joe with Kung-fu grip. Always had a budget and a need for the practical, so presents were usually clothes, shoes, that kinda thing.

Thanks for the memories - Just wanted to help spread hope, peace, joy, and other marketing buzzwords
A few of the many things I remember:

  • My grandmother cooking the traditional feast and me helping with setting the table, the nice china, silver and crystal; all the work and hours that went into a meal.. only to be devoured in 34 minutes, cleaned up in time for presents and football. (Geaux Tigers!)
  • How great it was to have an evening cold enough for a roaring fire, a rarity for Biloxi and New Orleans. Or how cool it was to wear shorts Christmas day, when others spent their day shoveling snow.
  • Whenever someone get a new board game, we’d play Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Scatterogories for hours. (See also, now and the iPad versions.)
  • Decorating, baking, late night visits with this friend or that aunt.
  • Going to Disney World to ogle the pretty lights and playing ‘Dirty Santa’ – my family’s gift exchange game.
  • Food and treats and more food, with the bonus of eggnog and other potent libations when I came of age (even a few sips when I was younger).

So many moments that all share the same things: friends, family, food, fun. Playing cards, nice music, little wine. That’s all it takes, being together… even quality time with annoying relatives.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa. Whatever you celebrate this time of year, may you have lots of fun and easy gift returns. Enjoy these moments with those you love. Best present ever.

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4 thoughts on “Best Present Ever.

    1. Thanks Gini, thought I’d do something a little different for Christmas. Really, it’s been so long since I’ve had that ‘one’ thing I remember wanting and getting. Trips, time with my family and friends, those are the presents I’ve ended up enjoying the most. Hope you had a great time, and an even better 2012.

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