Are you weird?

My blogging friend, THE one and only Jack B wrote a blog post. Or rather, he cheated and asked bloggers one question about blogging and tried to pass it off as a blog post. In fewer than 20 words. Slack and brilliant.

Stealing is an even better form of flattery

Well I’m already past 50 words at this point, barely through my pre-ramble. My wit is wordy, or so I keep saying… but I wanted to use that idea for myself. - You are weird..... but I like you that way
Why? 1) it makes for a shorter, easier post and 2) to get to know readers and let them get to know me. Or at least, a little something not always in the usual blog comments and Twitter chatter.

The Little Things

It’s the small things that can be great conversation starters or offer little insights; random has its place.

So my question is, “What don’t I know?” NO wait, that will get me into way too much trouble, as the easy answer is EVERYTHING.

“Are you weird?”

What’s one thing about you that others find different or peculiar? You know, that thing that has folks looking at you like you just grew a tail, two more heads, told them you were a Communist that hates oxygen and bathes in the blood of virgins on Sundays. Here’s mine:

I don’t like Oreos.

When you’ve recovered from the shock and can collect yourself, feel free to confess to an oddity you’d feel comfortable to share. Stealing a line from Marcus Sheridan, Your Turn.

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64 thoughts on “Are you weird?

  1. Okay, weirdnesses of mine:

    -I’m a grown woman–and somebody’s mother!–and I still eat pizza crust first.
    -Nails dragging across a chalkboard are nothing to the sound of nails dragging across paper to me. It’s all I can do not to flee the room.
    –Every day for the first 13 (or so) years of my life began with three neat little sneezes–choo!–choo!–choo!. That was how the world knew I was awake for the day. I hardly sneezed at all the rest of the day. It stopped years ago, though, and I sometimes miss that particular bit of weirdness :).

    These are fun, but it took me a minute to sort through all the “regular” weirdness for these.
    Shakirah Dawud recently posted..Wordbite: The Truth About “Very”

    1. OMG.. didn’t know this post would be so fun Shakirah. I don’t eat the crust at all; nails/chalkboard gets a lot of us; heh.

      Weirdness I’m finding is about context; being born in New Orleans, growing up on the Gulf Coast I have F&F who find it VERY odd I don’t like some seafood like oysters, clams.. (texture thing, the flavor is ok). Then of course other folks would consider crawfish to be ‘bait’ and think my eating those spicy little things weird. TEHO as they say. Thanks for your comments.

          1. Yeah, crawfish (or shrimp) can be quite versatile. I miss the ‘season’ and boils.. spicy good stuff. Some of my northern friends, it’s the one thing they miss most about LSU – crawfish (and the food in general).

  2. OK, so I just read all the comments to figure out what everyone said. What’s weird about me? I won’t try sushi. And, since I was a kid, I refuse to do something until I can do it. That’s why I spent hours in the Paris airport b/c I couldn’t speak French, although I tried, and I let everyone get on the stand by plane before me. So I won’t line dance or do aerobics in a huge room in fear of not being able to do it.

    P.s. Love the feature that lets you choose which blog post to add in.
    Jayme Soulati recently posted..Q&A With Daddy Blogger JackB

    1. Yes, the CommentLuv lets you pick from a few of your post recent posts. I will mix it up if it’s on topic with the current post.. or if I’ve commented a few times, so it’s not always the same link. Nice option.

      I’ve tried Sushi Jayme .. oysters, clams, etc.. all manor of foods to know that yes in fact, I do not like them. I get not wanting to try something until you know you can do it, but then.. I’d never try anything. Last cruise I got up and joined the group doing the Thriller dance, a few others… but hid sorta in the middle of a decent size crowd, lest my F&F tried to document such foolishness for posterity. – People with cameras cannot be trusted. 😉

    2. I’ve tried just the cooked shrimp one, which was good. I just can’t imagine enjoying the texture or flavor of raw fish. And wasabi–man, I’m almost afraid of that stuff, lol, it’s such an alien heat to me compared to even the hottest peppers. That said, I have tried and enjoyed calamari.

      “People with cameras cannot be trusted.” Love that one!
      Shakirah Dawud recently posted..Wordbite: The Truth About “Very”

  3. I’m pretty sure I have a few things that would put me in the weird category but I’ll go with just this one – for now lol ;).

    Bananas – I like to eat them smushed or mashed (whatever) so that they look like baby food (like Gerber’s lol) and then I add sugar to them. So there it is – mashed banana with sugar. Try it! I’m serious! It’s yummy!

    In college – my teammates rolled over laughing when they saw me do it for the first time and of course there were a few “ewwwww’s and wtf’s?!” to go along with the perplexed looks on their faces. By the end of my freshman year – most of them were eating bananas the same way as me hehe. Ahhhh the power of persuasion! Muwahaha

    You don’t like Oreos Davina? WOW! I love them. As for chocolate – love would be an understatement! Can’t live without my daily dose of a good bar of something!

    Fun post QATA and even funner replies ;).

    Hope you’re having a good Wednesday. I’ve been away a bit but hoping to get back into normal mode again very soon.


    1. We are all ‘weird’ about food aren’t we Ingrid? Put Oreos in a shake, as base for a pie crust.. fine. To eat with a glass of milk? No. For some I am sure it’s a little odd. Here’s another one: I like my food hot – heat hot. It’s my #1 peeve in restaurants and F&F just roll their eyes when I complain about something being lukewarm, but it annoys me. I also have questionable tastes in TV, movies, music.. but then, don’t we all? 😉

      1. My father’s like that about his food. He really does get irritated by something that’s not steaming on his plate. That is one thing I have never quite understood, because I don’t want to eat with the risk of scorching my tongue, lol! Yes, food is one of those things we all get funny over. I don’t like bananas except as something else, like in a shake, bread, or muffin. Love the flavor, but not the fruit.
        Shakirah Dawud recently posted..Wordbite: The Truth About “Very”

  4. Hi Davina,
    How did I miss this post? Crazy busy week last week – it’s like I wasn’t even here! Well AM I weird? Does it count if you have to preface many things you’ll say with , “I know this may sound weird but…”? I don’t know what my claim to fame is, though. I’m into energy work, Reiki, which, outside of that world, SOUNDS weird. I seem to find myself in places that require explanation often, Take blogging for instance! Yesterday I ran into an old friend and when I told her I’d started a blog she asked, “What’s that?” and here we go again!
    I guess I like it that way, though. Maybe the need to explain so much, rather the frequent request for explanation, is what makes me a writer.
    Is that weird? I could have led with that – I’m a writer who plans to make a living off her writing. How much more “out there” can you be?
    Lori Gosselin recently posted..Despair: How to Carry On

    1. Not sure I know what energy work is Lori, little things for everyone. Think the ‘weird’ about the Oreos is some people really like them and given my love of chocolate, they’d expect me to like them.. but IMO they ain’t chocolate. *shrugs*

      On the blogging, writing and SM, I can totally relate. It’s a battle for me to remind some folks that all this writing and blogging is yes fun and rewarding, but also part of what I do and you know, WORK. Flip side: I often see it presumed everyone is like this and I have to say NO! A LOT of people do NOT work at a computer all day; being online has little to do with their jobs and less to do with their lives. They Google what they need, book their trips, pay their bills, watch kitten vids once in a while .. and forget the rest. Thinking weird is like mileage, will vary. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Jambalaya, Crawfish Etouffee, and … coffee and chicory? Yes TEHO, but I
    should talk 🙂 Glad to stop by.

          1. Got me! Now that I actually look at your contact page and see Smyrna, GA 🙂 Just followed you on the Twitter Thingy.

  6. Love Lapsang Souchong tea. Some call it Chinese campfire tea, because it smells like a campfire. Wife and kids can’t understand how I like it, but I do. Some say it tastes like liquefied smoke. Tried this after I read Centennial. One of the characters drank the smoky tea.

    Oh, and I actually like meatloaf, at least the way Mom used to make it 🙂

    1. Being born in New Orleans, I’ve tried but don’t like the coffee with chicory, just don’t get how others can drink it. TEHO, right? Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you Craig.

  7. Like Marianne, I don’t like chocolate. And I mean REALLY don’t like it. I don’t know why that’s weird, but according to my friends, it is.

    Apparently, (according to my husband anyway), it’s weird that I’m not afraid of snakes. No, not the human kind: the real kind. I don’t know why he thinks that’s weird either.

    Cool question with groovy responses…now that’s just weird wording, isn’t it? 🙂 Cheers! Kaarina
    Kaarina Dillabough recently posted..Business Lessons from a 10 year old

    1. And someone like me, a total chocolate fiend, finds it a little odd Kaarina; just doesn’t occur to me to not like it. 😉 But then I get invited out to sushi and my friends sorta shake their heads when I get a tempura bento box or whatever. Food tastes are subjective and personal, like anything else. Thanks.

    2. Not afraid of snakes here, either, Kaarina. I’ll never forget the day we had a zoo field trip and the zookeeper brought out the snake for us kids to look at and touch. I popped right up to pat that gorgeous thing, but I was the only one. Would love to do it again one day.
      Shakirah Dawud recently posted..Wordbite: The Truth About “Very”

        1. Now, I don’t know that I’d go as far to say that snakes are “beautiful”, but I’m definitely not afraid of them. And a boa constrictor? Now that would make quite an addition to my garter snake’s hideout in our garden:) Cheers! Kaarina
          Kaarina Dillabough recently posted..Marketing Starts at the Curb

    1. I’ll side with Ameena, have you put those headphones on John. Sure some Cash and RF and a few other country songs have crossed over into my playlist, but they are the exception. And I’d suspect there are a few things that might seem normal in the States, but folks in the south of France shake their heads? Of course, that’d be true anywhere. Glad you stopped by.

      1. John and Davina,

        Have you heard Johnny Cash singing Nine Inch Nails’ song Hurt? Talk about sad. Well, that was Johnny Cash. Sometimes downright painful. Love me some Johnny Cash.

  8. Yup. Weirdness right here. In my spare time, I break stuff, namely glass, and put it back together again–a mosaic artist. And my entire basement is a dedicated studio space filled with bits and baubles, tile and mirror, stained glass and stone!

    1. You’re breaking mirrors? Wild one. Not sure I’d call mosaic art weird Rachel, just a different sort of hobby. I scrapbook on rare days with time and nothing to do online; there was one Thursday last year. 😉 Thanks for stopping by.

      1. Well, I don’t smash them, per se, but yes–there are plenty of mirror bits in my studio space. And while I don’t consider mosaic to be “weird” (sort of scrapbooking’s much heavier cousin), some people look at me as if I just sprouted a tail when I tell them. (shrugs) To each their own, I suppose. And some people REALLY think I’m weird if they are superstitious about the breaking mirrors on purpose part. 🙂

        1. See, some people are funny about inheriting someone else’s negative karma or bad juju. I’m not that superstitious I guess.. yet still relieved Rachel, to know you’re not the one breaking mirrors. I get the looks regarding blogging, tweeting, etc. from non-social types who don’t get that online is a part of my life, can be just as much fun. TETO indeed.

    1. Heee… personal tastes are subjective Mike and some of us might find them ‘weird.’ I rarely eat PopTarts and when I do, it’s just one with like 2 glasses of milk for that exact reason.

    1. I totally turn up and listen to that song when I hear it on the radio Marcus. Usually it’s patriotic holidays when it’s played a lot.. I like that one. Think my favorite of his though is “Sweet Caroline.” I bet, like your favorite movie being “Dirty Dancing,” your affinity for Neil Diamond is a surprise to some. I wouldn’t have thought that… and probably figured you more the country type. Hmm.. interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Am I weird? Yeah. I want to get a cat and name it Seth. (after Godin) what does that tell you? I am also a major Beatles nerd, like hardcore. 🙂 That alone qualifies me.

    I have done a 200 word blog post, yesterday’s was 240. I write short. My longest post is about 550 words.

    For someone that likes to talk I don’t always use a lot of words to say it.

    Now for the real question, do you think I’m weird?
    Nancy Davis recently posted..A New Definition

    1. IDK.. do you WANT me to think you’re weird? 😉 I like to think I want a kitten and/or a puppy but have no interest in a cat or dog, so there. I like the Beatles but not hardcore. And this WAS my short, average is 500-600 words I think.. so someday Nancy we’ll have to break out the red pens, edit and see if we can limbo a post under the 100-word mark.

      1. Hehehe. Seth would start out as a kitten of course 🙂 Unless I get a girl kitten then it will be named Gini.

        Anyway, we should see if we can get under 100 words. Red pens for everyone!

        Right now I am writing copy for my company’s website and the bosses always complain it is too short and too simple. I guess I have a simple mind. Oh well…
        Nancy Davis recently posted..A New Definition

        1. Exactly. People look at me and go, ‘you know how puppies work right.. they grow into dogs?’ and that’s why I can’t get one. I need a red pen or red keyboard, something to keep things short and sweet. Simple is good, so long as the message is still clear. I like to think I put a lot into most 500-word posts, just wish I could do the same with just 100 once in a while.

  10. Ok, because this is your blog I will tell you but you CAN’T TELL A SOUL. I don’t download music, my iPod is loaded from my son’s file and I like it. No country, no classical but just about everything else………

    Yes, I’m scary weird (my wife just thinks I’m strange…….) but you can’t let that cat out of the bag either…………just sayin’………..

    Hola ma’am.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Don’t try this at home

    1. Your secrets are safe with me Bill. Does your son know you like his music? Just curious… and maybe you should sneak some country or classical in there, see if he notices. When we play cards with friends, their teenage kids totally jam to the classic rock we’ve dialed up online, it’s fun to see. 🙂

      1. Yes, he knows; if I’m in the car w/ him or he’s bringing his iPod in mine, we are listening to the same music. My wife knows too but she wants no part of it. She just wants me to grow up; but I’m afraid if I do that I will start growing old…:)
        Bill Dorman recently posted..Don’t try this at home

        1. Don’t do it! Don’t grow up, don’t grow old. I make pilgrimages to Disney World armed with that lovely excuse… just want to play, be a carefree kid. Also thinking of some of my TV viewing, aimed at younger demographics… hmm.

  11. Some folks already know about my genetic anomalies: I don’t like chocolate or coffee. Also, I love to watch reality cooking competitions even though I don’t cook. And, I can recite the names of all the US presidents, in order. So I guess you would have to categorize me as not just weird, but incredibly weird!
    Marianne Worley recently posted..When Priorities Go Out the Window

    1. I still sorta remember an old version of the preposition song learned in school, not sure it’s weird. Couldn’t tackle the presidents. Yes, I know your dislike of chocolate and coffee (as I haven’t acquired the taste for sushi either).. I’m one of those who don’t get NOT liking chocolate Marianne but of course, that’s what makes life interesting.

        1. I’m trying to like beer, but it ain’t working. Will try a little sushi but, still not my thing as I’m ‘weird’ on cold food (for example, cold soup = don’t get it.) Think the Oreo thing throws some people b/c they know I’m a chocoholic and I’m like, they ain’t really chocolate.

    2. Marianne, my supervisor doesn’t like chocolate, and I still sometimes make a mistake and go, “Couldn’t you use a nice, big, gooey slice of chocolate ca–… Oh. Sorry.” Lol. I can’t stand the smell or taste of coffee, either. I don’t know if it’s weird, though.
      Shakirah Dawud recently posted..Wordbite: The Truth About “Very”

    1. I just can’t lay off the keyboard Jack, can barely pull off a one-line comment most days. Not everyone likes everything, but I’ve met some folks that find my dislike of Oreos odd. *shrugs*

      1. Well those people are weird, sick and twisted. Brevity is not my friend so I understand the keyboard fetish. I have just been doing this long enough that I have been able to pull out a few one liners.

        I have written more than 10,000 posts but I bet that I don’t have more than 5 one liner posts among them.
        Jack @ TheJackB recently posted..Too Proud To Ask For Help

        1. Maybe someday I’ll fire off something super short, who knows? And I’m of course joking about the Oreos.. just gets a little double take once in while. 😉

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