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Reading Michael Hyatt’s take on writing, the discipline to just sit down and do it, I thought: I must blog. Today!

About what I had no idea, but then it hit me. Last week I let folks put a voice to my Twitter picture via a video. Except that video was all about my business so in a way, it was less personal and less social.

The Random Me

Work: I am a bad businesswoman, or at least there are times it feels that way. It’s the admin (accounting, billing, etc.) stuff I don’t like to do, as it takes away from the real marketing and PR work: writing, reading, pitching, designing.

Life: I don’t like putting away the laundry. Wash, dry, hang in the closet is fine, but fold and put in drawers seems to be an issue. And the fitted sheet gets rolled into a ball.

Mixology: I say “no” to mixing the personal and professional too much. Keeping Facebook for personal play and LinkedIn for professional networking helps me strike that balance. Twitter is where they sometimes collide.

Technology: I am a MAC user, but don’t consider myself a fangirl or geek, though family and friends do. When AT&T says I’m upgrade eligible, I’ll jettison my dumbphone for an iPhone.

Play: I don’t live to work, I work to live and play.

Entertainment: TV > Movies. Not sure why but each year, fewer movies seem worthy of $10 and a trip to the theater. Maybe it’s because I have overpriced cable, but I have bought fewer DVDs as most movies aren’t rewatch worthy.

Even with the DVR losing regulars like 24 and LOST, on TV I still can find plenty to really entertain. I still like vampires with True Blood and The Vampire Diaries — not that horrendous Twilight shit — replacing Buffy and AngelMad Men is on the Someday DVD marathon list.

Music: The strummy alt-rock noise that kinda all sounds the same dominates my iPod but it’s mixed with everything else: R&B, classic rock, soundtracks, cross-over country, hip-hop, oldies, classical, even showtunes like Wicked.

Hobbies: Time and money permitting, my go-to distractions are travel and food & wine.

Sports: Watching not playing. The Atlanta Braves, the Cotton Bowl bound LSU Tigers and by birth, the New Orleans Saints are my teams.

Dream Vacation: Paris. The one in France. Never been but it’s on the SOMEDAY Damnit! List.

That was a little attempt at walking the social talk. Do you know me better? Does reading about my human side make me seem more approachable, more hireable?

Photo credit: gets the snarky side of social media. That Random t-shirt is on sale.

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8 thoughts on “The Random Me blog post

  1. Hey Davina,

    So, like you, my Facebook profile is personal – I don’t like to mix it with business. But, I’d like to support my professional connections’ Facebook pages. How do YOU handle this? Did you make a separate account? Do you use Facebook lists? Please advise me, wise friend!


    1. Jenn, I have no problem “Liking” a professional page; there are plenty in my profile like HARO, Arment Dietrich, etc. I am part of a few groups that give me PR leads, etc. When a professional colleague posts something, I sometimes comment or “like.”

      That said, I do use lists. When friending a business connection, I jokingly warn them that they go on the business list, so they can forget seeing the wild and crazy pictures. If someone from school tags something that might be deemed inappropriate, I untag. Depending on how “close” the connection, I politely redirect them to LinkedIn vs. Facebook.

      IDK.. it’s just that my audiences are so different. So I don’t post my own stuff or anything I share via Twitter/LinkedIn. I’m just more comfortable keeping things balanced by keeping a little separation. Hope that answers your question.

  2. Reminds me of my own self, i too, do not mix personal social media accounts with business.

    I can’t stand irrelevant messages in my wall which i can actually filter which one are from my private friends/family and clients’s.


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  3. Hi Davina

    Firstly thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. Cos this is the first time on your blog; I found this post enlightening. Tells me a bit about you and your interests.

    Easier to know how to pitch the conversation when I know who I’m are talking to. That’s why I think ‘About Me’ pages are important on a blog. When I visit a new blog I like to know who I am talking to and something about the reasons for the blog. Just my 2 cents 😉

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavenderuses recently posted..Are You a Tweetheart-Commenter…or both!

    1. Patricia, You’ve been here once before and I appreciated your comment then. My blog is a little different, as it’s part of my company site. So the About Me page is more about me as a professional, and not just me as the blogger, if that makes sense.

      You’ve given me an idea though, I need to have something to let visitors know the WHYs and WHATFORs of my blogging approach, so thanks!

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