Follower Friday: PR and Social Media Pros on Twitter

Since I’m making my own Twitter rules, my first Follow Friday is .. A Follower Friday.

It’s humbling that the likes of @jasonfalls, @chrisbrogan and @bethharte follow me back on Twitter. Chances are you’re already following these smart PR and Social media folks, and rightly so: they got serious game.

So here is a big “No, Thank YOU!” to them and a few other people I enjoy following, and have been good enough to follow me in return.

I hope you can handle the pressures of a burgeoning Twitter following

@ginidietrich From what I’ve seen of her blog, tweets and social profiles Gini Dietrich is smart, savvy and engaged. We all follow up on comments on our blogs, but what about elsewhere? I’ve had occasion to link to Gini’s blog for other posts, and she’s quick to share the comment love. It’s so nice to have the support.

@augieray When Social Media Today picked his Twitter rules as a featured blog, Augie Ray had to do double duty, replying to comments there and back on his own blog, more than 100 total. Very engaged, nicely done sir.

@PRwise Roger Johnson has a professional style, which I like, he still responds and replies and shares some good stuff on PR and journalism. It’s the nice mix of business, personal and conversational that doesn’t clog up my Twitter stream.

@MarcieCasas Another person I’ve “met” on Twitter and LinkedIn who’s also great about commenting on blog posts, Marcie Casas doesn’t tweet 50 times a day, but when she does it’s usually something reading. It’s a less-is-more style I appreciate.

Count yourself lucky if these folks follow you. They are smart, creative and even though they may have 1,000s of followers, they really engage and interact with them. Even slackers like me.

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5 thoughts on “Follower Friday: PR and Social Media Pros on Twitter

  1. I’m so bummed I missed this on Friday (I was feeling very anti-social on Friday, but a good weekend, checking things off my to-do list, and a BEARS WIN made me feel better). What a nice compliment – thank you!

    I love the someecards visual AND I have two new friends to follow – Augie and Marcie.

    Thank you!!

  2. Thank you Davina! I’m humbled to be included among the likes of the PR and Social Media Pros listed here. What awesome company! And, here’s a secret. I’m a fan of yours too!


    1. Augie– Happy to include you in the blogroll–you share some good stuff.
      Marcie– I guess the secret’s out on our mutual admiration society.

      Thank you both for reading, commenting on my first Follow Friday. -Davina

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