In Memoriam: The 9-to-5 Workday

Among the many losses of 2016, the perfunctory 9-to-5 workday bid its final farewell after an oft reported, slow death. Born of the Industrial and Intellectual ages, the 9-to-5 was a bygone reminder of simpler times. It prompted nightmare commutes, […]

Confession of an Internet, techno-junkie

As inspired by today’s SoloPR chat and my recent so-called Unplugged vacation, a few random thoughts on today’s hyper-connected world and what it all means. While my priorities are in check and I’m not so addicted to social media that […]

Gone in 60 minutes: There goes your day

What can you do in an hour? Sure you can get caught in the black hole time suck also known as YouTube. Or Twitter or Tumblr or your particular brand of social media vodka. Or you can set aside one […]