DIY vs. Hiring a Professional: Ye Olde Debate, Revisited

“Where to invest?” A recent NY Times post asked that, a small business owner debating Google ads or maybe DIY social media for their marketing dollar investment. My response: invest in Help, Professional Help. Sigh.. here I go again. Rewiring your house. Fixing your transmission. A […]

What is YOUR Super Bowl?

Before the Big Game I was tweeting that it’s the Oscars for Advertising. Even more so in the Age of Social Media Madness, this one Sunday brings out marketing’s biggest and brightest. Ad Watching, Spectator Sport Everyone has their favorites, […]

Making Apple Mistakes

“Is that the iPad? So amazing. Don’t ya just love it?!” – asked my waiter the other day. Yes said I. Don’t know if he has iPhone or Mac, especially as you consider this the sans-PC (née post-PC) era, but it […]

DIY. At Your Own Risk.

Time IS Money. Period. You either have one or the other – and if you’re hella lucky, both. The problem is most people – especially small business owners, start-ups trying to launch – have neither. Something’s Gotta Give What usually gives […]

Trending Topics: Newsjackers Beware

The Olympics kicked off Friday night with the fun and spectacle of the Opening Ceremonies. Corgis and Mary Poppins, James Bond and Her Majesty, oh my. The Summer Games will be one of the dominant stories in news cycle, crossing […]