What makes the difference?

Thinking soon almost any restaurant that wants to compete will have to offer WiFi. It’s so often my deal breaker, especially for lunch. In fact I’m more surprised when someone doesn’t have it. Of course you’d want to be careful […]

Daily deals are dead; long live the deal?

My grandmother could walk out the front door, take a deep breath and smell a sale 20 miles yonder way. Someone had mis-priced refrigerators in the ad, she was there making them honor the deal. She saved my grandfather ‘millions’ […]

Captive Audience, meet Wasted Opportunity

Meetings. Events. Conferences. Presentations. What gathers us here? Whether it’s orientation for employees, introduction of new product lines, the national convention for franchisees, or a social media conference, meetings and events are developed to accomplish that most ‘basic’ of business […]

Does your business (cards) pass the WIIFM Test?

As a communications consultant, I collect business cards. Luncheons, evening mixers, business events. As a designer, I always toss a few into the “You’re Doing It Wrong” pile. WIIFM You want customers that stick, then you have to think like the […]

New Old Friends and Missed Connections: SoSlam 2012

Tom Webster learned about dealing with presentation failure. Rosemary O’Neill found several pearls of wisdom, and Jenn found many to be ‘profit agnositic.’ Kristen Daukus was impressed by the ladies at SoSlam – because they rocked. Social Slam 2012  Honestly, I […]