The Key to Small Business Success

The key to business success, whether large or small, may not be what you think. Marketing and there’s how many P’s now? Product (and/or Service). That’s what you’re making or selling. Price. What customers will pay and you’ll take in […]

Brand Advocacy: A Big Game Super Stunt Revisited

Brand advocacy. Not always what you think of when talking Super Bowl ads. These days advertising’s big game typically features big name celebs, crazy stunts and social media gimmicks. And big brands, asking for trouble. (Dodge, I can’t even. Waiting […]

Broadway Plays Marketing Moneyball. Hype Wins.

I’m fresh off the plane from NYC (fun!), tons of content at my fingertips. First up: the not original notions that New York City is 1) a wee filter bubble and 2) know how to market Hype. Now Showing: Perspective […]

Porter Beer Bar: Awareness, On Tap

Clueless That was me. Until I started Googling, hitting up Yelp and TripAdvisor, I hadn’t heard of the Porter Beer Bar – and it was top ranked all over the place. Mini review: Good service. Clever touches. Smart, value-driven pricing. Killer beer […]

Pork Chops with a side of Thanks

This is good! Smart, clever and fodder for (hopefully) a quick-and-easy blog post. Two Words. And a Gift in Return. It’s so simple right, “Thank You.” Maybe it’s a little note card or an email, could be a DM or […]